Once again, the story is now back to the Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters.

"... so Bon knocked out Moffmorph with one snort, ate that muzzled meat and dumped it in the trash just like my dad did, Bon"

Kill the creature you know is a muzzle, deliberately dismantle it until you eat its meat and throw it in the trash...

I have never acted more humane or more.

But Bonclano, who was talking about it, was a doya face like a drinker's jerk who would tease the martial arts tradition of his youth.

Fontine and Srl Boncos were donned when asked, but only Stented was surprised by exaggeration.

"Shh... wow...! Dear Bonclano, I can't believe you knocked 'Moffmorph' out with your nose! But I was feeling thin! That Master Boncrano's nose is filled with unbelievable madness! Even this good eagle is afraid, so it would be an evil monster or something!

Finally, the beginning and end of sending it to the applause.

Srl Boncos initially thought Bonclano was talking about bogus martial arts.

However, the details of the story were subtle and detailed, so regardless of the foot color, I was rethinking the idea that it might be true.

But I'm not convinced.

He even conceives.

- Speaking of 'moffmorphs', the legendary Holy Beast is also said to be comparable to 'unicorns'......

Its combat power is immeasurable, and even if it is the best warrior (Seiyusha), Dear Din Dingil, can it be defeated...

Such as Master Boncrano, who is not even a warrior (Seiyusha), will be paying back just by the snort of a moffmorph.

If you knocked it down, it was a pretty good topic at the time......

Srl Boncos coming up with something fuzzy there.

Ask Bonclano, who is in a good mood because he has been deceived.

"Fushiyuuuuuuuuu. I had no idea Master Boncrano was accomplishing such a feat before serving. If so, at the time, it must have been covered by newspapers and so on."

Then you hit it and it sounds like, "That's right, Bon!" He returns.

Bonclano had taken two books from his study desk drawer.

One is a scrapbook of newspaper articles when Bonclano played 'The Moffmorph Crusade'.

The other book was a picture book titled 'Dear Bonclano, Defeat Moffmorph'.

It is common in this world for a brave man to become a theatre, a novel, and a picture book when he achieves greatness.

And the unexpected appearance of evidence.

When the picture books and scrapbooks were spread out on the desk, my men peered into us first.

The picture book did depict the whole story of how Bonclano defeated Moffmorph.

But I can see with one eye how much foot color this one has.

Anyway, Bonclano, the Wizard and the Virgin, because they're challenging Moffmorphs at just three parties.

Besides, the Wizard and the Virgin have not been very helpful, the single altar of Boncrano.

At the end of the page is an over-beautified Bonclano throat up, kissed on the cheek by the Wizard and the Virgin.

If there's anything you don't like about it, roll over to the carpet and ramble around, it was a far cry from what Bonclano is today.

But newspapers have limitations on footprinting.

Every newspaper had a true photograph of Bonclano's bravery.

I thought you were still trampling Moffmorph's body, eating meat and throwing up, and dunking him into the trash can...!

It was a creature, and a blasphemy for food, unseen.

The lady has a blatant face.

And Srl Boncos is......

It was in the true picture, nailed to a certain person.

"Shroom, shhroom...... When Bonclano took the 'Moffmorph Crusade'... Could it be that the man in this true photograph was accompanied by a spiritual soldier (Pointman)?

Srl Boncos pointing to a figure who, with his dead tree-like fingers, is out in the corner of a true photograph.

"Which one," peered the boy, as soon as he gave him his face,

"That's right, Bon! Osama, who doesn't even know his name, was the Spirit (Pointman) during the Crusade! Or Bon, who was Bon's entourage at the time! But this Osama, he was so useless! I was first tired and down while I was on the move, and I can't believe I was with Moffmorph, Bong, who was leaking his cock and crying!

Stented also said, "Oh!" He roared.

"If it's him, I know who he is! He's the one who tried to pull this weasel, the brave one, into a third-rate store called 'Mart'! The name, I don't know what it was, yeah...... But, well, it's not useless like Master Bonclano said, so I don't care about him!

The brave basically don't remember other people's names or anything.

Regardless of the Wizard or Virgin at the party, the Spirit Soldier (Point Man) is disposable, so you can't help remembering his name.

If it's not even Osama, all the more so......!

But then again, it's a strange story that Stented, who just met with this Osama, can't remember his name.

It was as if, when he became a brave man, only this Osama's name would disappear from his head.

In any case, for the brave, this Osama is a 'I don't care' being.

Similar to a strange wild dog, if you like.

Wild dogs don't have names, and starving or wild drooling is the same thing that doesn't bother them.

But Srl Boncos was different.

I grew up in a family of spirits (pointmen) serving the brave for generations, for him...

This (●) Osama is so engraved in the gene….

Enemies enough not to let the club catch heaven...!

"... let's do it, Dear Bonclano...! With your hands, you accomplish greatness......! More than" The Moffmorph Crusade, "a feat......! Shroom, Shroom, Shroom...!

That voice, which should normally be deposited, was trembling.

Its body, which always didn't even move at the end of its sleeve, was shaking.

Hot air was rising from the head like a serpent, as if fire had burned in the inner part, too.

As for his position, he was "against," and he was figuring out how to make me give up Bonclano.

But it was different now.

Overwhelming, 'yes'......!

This led to the decision to promote Fontine's proposed 'gorgeous smart' in the small Rondowl countries.


"Achieve the legendary quest and appeal to our customers, the warriors, for the superiority of the weapon" …!

Remotely transcend the bumps of primula and runs….

An overly distorted (snoring) adventurer party has just been born here...!