"What? Huh!? Guru, guru!? What the fuck! What are you doing?

Stanted with his throat poked and unable to breathe, wandering around with a bright red face.

The twin-tailed girl, who was a poisoned kind of reaction, but pushed into such a state, was a pitiless look.

It's like looking down at a miscellaneous fish monster, in a light way, telling the kids who were watching the game.

"Some of the monsters are for subcutaneous fat. Orcs, for example, like this."

The girl pokes at Stented's belly with a wooden knife, as if touching a dirty thing.

"This belly can absorb blows if you hit it with a stick or something, and piercing a sword can't even reach your gut. In that case, you just have to aim for his throat. Your throat is limited even if you get fat, and you can do a lot of damage in one blow, like this."

The girl pokes Stented in the face with a wooden knife, like touching an even dirtier thing.

When he jerked around his dripping cheeks like a bulldog and looked weird, more and more laughter arose from among the children.

Stented screamed as he was lifted his nose like a pig's nose.

"Heh heh heh heh heh! Wow, I didn't do anything wrong with you! And yet, stay on track!

"Yeah, really? So, isn't it time to get serious? You won't be shy until you make me look like this."


Stented grabs the sand on the ground and tries to throw it at the girl's face.

But a wooden knife flashed like a lightning bolt, striking down its unreachable hand.

... Gatsung!

Stented who punches his own face in the bare sand.

"Uhhhh!? Eye!? Eyes ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Now keep your face down and fall seven times.

This pitiful reaction after they were both in return, keeping it unintentional twice......

The kids were already laughing with their bellies.

Stented screams with half a cry.

"Wow, don't laugh! Don't laugh. Huh! Who the hell do you think you are? I'm brave......!

But I do manage to swallow the rest of the words.

If we reveal ourselves to be brave here, the women and children here will fall down.

I might have been able to be disrespectful to a female kid who cries and begs forgiveness...

No, it can't even be done, but at least that's what he assumed.

But it would be a good disgrace if you could see the brave man in sight like this.

Stented was deceitful.

"I'm brave......! You're not a brave adventurer! We were about to embark on a monster crusade! Holy beast enough to be in the papers! Don't laugh at me like that and think it's free!? If I get a newspaper interview, I'll answer you guys first! You're rude enough to crusade the Holy Beast! Then you're not Oshimai anymore!

Because of the sand in my eyes, I can't stop crying.

The voice was also in tears, and it was an invitation to pity.

The kids just felt sorry for you, too, quietly.

Their expression was as if to see the homeless fishing for leftovers.

"I don't want to be such an adult"...!

Stented mistook the silence.

"Looks like you finally realized how awesome you are! It's too late for me to be a disciple! The courage that is named for this country... regret the sin that made the brave adventurer wander!

And then I realized the presence of the Virgin, who stood as if struck by lightning.

Stented, who, I'm sure, would have realized her greatness, invites the Virgin.

"Whoa, there's the woman! You're the Virgin, aren't you? I'm in a place like this, so I must be the Virgin at the end of the place...... Well, no! Come here, kneel in the eagle! And heal your wounds! If you look closely, you'll look cute, so only you can do it specially, even with your eyes...!

But the Virgin was no longer in her ears, such as the words of Stented.

Because in her head, she was spinning like a computer, doing some calculations.

Crusade the Holy Beast

It's in the papers.

Become a shop peer......!

The flowchart that was raised sounded like a hand in resurrection against a girl who continued to fail in measures in this small Rondowl country.

But even that is so sweet that the Book continues after this.

I'm going to crusade the Holy Beast.

Gather your people.

The warrior is Mr. Kulalalaka.

The Wizard Lady is the two of Big Bang Love.

The Virgin is me.

Remaining, Mr. Spike...

Who should I ask, Mr. Spirit Man?

The answer was among the girls, and there was only one.


Oh, jeez, ma...!!

To tell the truth, she is yesterday......

Only the answer is decided, and the part of the formula seems to solve the blank computational problem......

I kept thinking backwards, with answers.

Next to that equation is always the same keyword.


Oh, jeez, ma...!!

She hasn't had much time with her uncle since she became Slam Dog Mart's Dog Leg Country Representative.

Still, I managed to twist my time and do my job as a secretary.

"The secretary's business is fine. Focus more on Slumdog Mart roll-out than that."

The beginning and end of what they say.

I still couldn't give up, and for some reason I went to your uncle to report it.

"I'm reading the report, so you can make an oral report."

and so on, and the beginning and end of even being turned down a few Uncle Time (TIME)......!

Then the thought began to look naturally and for excuses to meet my uncle.

She is now suffering from the terminal symptoms.

I broke the egg and the twin eggs just came out, so seriously that I thought I could snag them as a reason to meet my uncle...!

But come here. She comes up with an excellent plan.

No, a stranger, a stranger, had given me what could be called the answer to that.

Primla, in her heart, hands together on the stented.

- Crusade of the Holy Beast......!

What a great idea......!

Crusade the Holy Beast and the reporters will come to interview you......!

That way you can make a great appeal to the warriors of this country 'Slumdog Mart'......!

Hopefully, your uncle will be happy......!

Besides, and...!

Ask your uncle for a spikesman...!

Together, adventure......!

It's been a long time, by your uncle's side, we can stay......!

This is exactly...!

One stone, two uncles, a plan...!

I can't believe you're giving me such dreamy wisdom...!

I don't know who it is, but even though I appreciate it, I can't...!

The 'benefactor of my heart' is still crying for help...

She's already full of things about one hall, not even in the corner of her sight.

It's always unusual for a sophisticated girl to turn her heel back with so much momentum that the hem of the robe flips.

Turning his back on "The Benefactor of the Heart," he ran out on a scale, with the momentum of those who completely abandoned him.