This is the kingdom of the brave, Sevenlux.

In one casino, there was a big battle.

That's a sense of scale that can also be called war.

A pile of purple smoke that looms like nitrous smoke and chips piled up on the floor like earthworms.

And tension, which can also be called a battlefield.

Two gamblers head to the table like a single hit.

The surrounding audience, like a miscellaneous soldier, watches the generals cut together.

Further raises dug and twitching.

"Shh, wow...! Finally over $100 million (ender)......!

"Neither step back means you've got a pretty good hand in both...!

"But now that we've been at this casino for a long time, brave wars are finally settled...!

"It's better to win, you casino-ish gambler brave......! Better lose...... you'll never be able to gamble in this casino again......!

"Look at Master Lowground, the brave man who did the raise! You're supposed to be attacking me, you're sweating!

"That's right, what a hundred million! You bet your life on the same thing!

"But... the brave man who takes it and stands is not sweating!

"Shh, wow...! If we lose here, we lose 100 million... even if we drop it, we lose a hell of a lot of money...!

"For that other guy, even a hundred million raise-calls is no different than a change of wine!

It was both well-dressed gentlemen who were across the street at the table.

They were gentlemen, and also brave men.

The difference is, are you thin or fat?

I said I'd rather be skinny.

"100 million... that's a distant height. Like the alpine mountain before you."

Fatter responds, shaking his hand holding the card.

"Oh... you're right! We are oh, we have never reached anyone, we are at a height...! Hehe, is he freaking you out, too!?

"But no matter how high you climb, you won't have flown through the sky. So we're still on the same level as them."

The skinny gentleman looked around at the audience around the table looking down at the foot from the top.

And when you look back at the fat gentleman in person,

"... Mr. Lowground. Don't you want to try flying in the sky?

"Hey, what?

Skinny gentleman, bah! and hands up, pointing to the ceiling.

Then, as if it were the starting baton, the surrounding area starts playing a stunning concerto (Konzert).

"What... What!?

"Oh, alle ha......!?

"Oh... yes...! When that brave man is in a big battle, he signals all bets (teppen)...!

"Whoa!? 100 million. But it's not Teppen yet. Did you just...!?

"Oh, and when that pose comes out, seriously, the other guy goes bankrupt (tons)......! Together, it's going to be on the other side of the sky...!

"So this is what they call you...!

"Mr. Sky" and......!

A gentleman called Mr. Skye, no, the brave man, declares not to move a single eyebrow.

"Another hundred million, it is...!

And I invite you with a serene expression, like an angel floating in the sky one day ahead.

"At last when we get here, people can say they flew. Come on, Mr. Lowground. Come with me, let's fly the big sky......!

Mr. Skye said it was too far-fetched, so everyone forgot to play and quieted down.

And then the other person, Lowground, will take this 200 million offer or go down.

Most people were normal to decline this invitation.

I can't help it.

One game of cards alone is 200 million yen (ender), because it's not a very sane shack.

With just one fateful fling, you lose everything you've piled up until then.

Just 53 pieces of paper doesn't accumulate being cut off all the way to your life.

But tonight's opponent was different.

"of... ridden...! Cole, it's...! Mr. Skye, I know how you do it...! That's how you take a hell of a forehead bet, freak them out, get them down......! But unfortunately...! Tonight I have a goddess of victory...!

Sweat on the table. A low ground that creates a festive look, but also a proud look.

Mr. Skye laughs back by lifting the corner of his mouth slightly.

"Apparently there are not only angels but goddesses on this occasion right now. Tonight, then, I'm sure, you'll be able to fly.... Great, the bet is made. Now, open up from you, Lowground."

When he offered his hand and recommended it, Lowground put up the card he had in his hand as though it were still this, slamming it against the table.

...... zdahhhhhhhhhh!

There are four painting tag goddesses and a king of hearts......!

'Goddess Full House' is my strongest hand in this card game......!

"I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Skye...! The only thing that flew was your neck......!

That was exactly the blow of a revamping, like flying the opponent's neck heavenly with a machete......!

"Ugh...... whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!?!?

Casino Ju boils down to the settlement of the great battles of the century.

But I have no particular sentiment from the brave man whose defeat is exactly what should have been decided now.

Just fine wine, only damp your throat.

He waited for the commotion to subside before finally opening his mouth.

"'Goddess Full House' is a worthy hand for a flying wing. Now let me show you my wings."

"Mr. Skye, we've already got a fight, so you won't have to show us your hand tags! Or did you lose so much, you lost your mind?

Low ground to tell you to fool around.

The surroundings, too, nodding and endorsing, yeah.

Mr. Skye shrugged his shoulder.

"You seem to have forgotten. One of the most important rules on this card."

That's what they say, the audience looks at each other.

The first thing I noticed was the low ground I was face-to-face with.

"No way...... no way!? My only hand is to outdo 'Goddess Full House'......!?

Mr. Skye strokes the hand on the table, fluttering, as he flickers his wings.

The audience had forgotten to blink and see the cards as they were turned upside down to be led.

And the fantasy (rhapsody) is good.

"Oops... Godsmile Samaaaaaaa!?!?

There, there was... four painting tag goddesses and...

A golden card depicting the honorable face of "Godsmile", a God-class brave man...!

The world's cards consist of 54 pieces.

Fifty-two bills with numbers on them, and one Godsmile billboard.

While Godsmile cards are considered wild cards, exceptionally if added to "Goddess Full House," they will outperform "Goddess Full House," the strongest handler.

The name is "GOD SMILE"......!

"Well... well..."

A low ground that collapses from a chair and lays low in the sweat of the floor.

Mr. Skye spoke to him as he then ordered a change of wine.

"Mr. Lowground, I thought you were replacing the wine. If you win Dear God Smile, you know you can get double your bet, right? So get me another $200 million."