Mr. Skye is a leader of the Lord's Heavenly Class.

A brave person is generally a person who is in a position to develop a brave person backwards.

In the broad sense, however, the roles are diverse, and MCs of brave events and so on are also referred to as brave leaders.

And in the case of a gambler brave man, and in the sense of leading people to good fortune, he was a category of brave men.

Like any other brave man, the gambler leader is supposed to win and is not allowed to lose.

Mr. Sky never lost at the time of the biggest battle here.

You saw as much of his strength in battle as you did earlier...

Actually, all of them were squid samas, winning cards switching.

Or if you blah blah...

Mr. Skye was a squid brave man, rising in squid.

But I haven't found out, so everyone worships him as a 'brave man of strong luck'.

And the trend was also aimed at popular attention.

Because there were a lot of things that I thought would spill if I became him and fought.

When it comes to the type of gambling that can be kept in spills, is it typical of horse racing or something that requires forecasting?

If you bet on the same thing Mr. Skye expected, you should be able to make one money......

Mr. Sky never did predictive gambling such as horse racing.

The surroundings were very strange and unfortunate.

No matter how much he was pleaded with from around him, Mr. Skye tried his best not to even get close to the track.

The reason for this would no longer be obvious.

Yes, because I can't tick...!

And that was also the source of concern for Mr. Skye.

For the brave, promotion from the Lord's Heavenly to the Seating Rank is said to be one mountain yard.

Every category of brave men is asked for a 'big breakthrough'.

For Mr. Skye, that would open up new frontiers.

Had he been very successful in predictive gambling, I wouldn't have dreamed of becoming a Seating Class...

But I couldn't......!

I'm scared of losing...!

He was no longer a body that could not gamble without an inch...!

As a result, Mr. Skye was stuffy these days, even though he made a fortune of 400 million yen (ender).

One letter arrives at his mansion like that.

In that letter, the sender is unknown, it said:

I am a squire who serves a certain war brave man.

Beginning tomorrow, The War Brave Jihad will be held.

In that first round, the brave 'Zangan Zion' wins.

"War Brave Jihad" is a festival of fighting braves that takes place every four years in the Coliseum of Sevenlux.

More than a thousand participants gather there, betting on the strongest braves to scatter the sparks.

There are two eligibilities.

Being a warrior and being below the rank of Lord Heaven.

The winner will be honored to be a Seating Class at once, regardless of the rank at the moment.

It was a breakthrough for the warriors.

There's no way the people won't pay attention to a tournament where such a fierce battle is expected.

The tournament is tournament format and takes place over the course of a month, but the viewing tickets are in premium condition all day.

Furthermore, the newspapers during this period will all be filled with the results of yesterday's tournament and the expectations for the future.

Because you can bet on wins and losses.

Moreover, since Sevenlux is giving and subsidizing the country, the odds are better than normal colloquia, and huge sums of money move throughout the period.

Therefore, it is also time for gambler guides to enter.

It was a break-through place for them as well, as it could be featured heavily in the newspapers if they misled the predictions......!

One letter sent to Mr. Skye the day before that great festival.

That was anticipating a brave man to win tomorrow's game.

But Mister Sky gets it on his nose and throws it in the trash.

I can't help it.

No idiot would bet on such suspicious documents.

Mr. Skye did not go to the Coliseum again this year and was only going to check the results in the paper.

And in the tournament table of The War Brave Jihad, which was published in the newspaper that arrived the next day......

Zangan, the brave man in the case, was winning World War II.

That letter arrives again that evening.

In the second round, the brave 'Stronghold' wins.

Just because you were hitting your first prediction, of course, does not make that suspicious document more credible.

It's just because yesterday's predictions may just have come by chance.

But Mr. Skye did not dump the letter in the trash today.

Furthermore, in the newspaper that arrived the day after that, the brave 'Stronghold' won brilliantly......!

No, it wasn't just the next day.

The next day, the next day, the next day, the next day... the anticipation of the suspicious documents is a big win...!

Oh, my God, five in a row...!

When you get here, that's Mr. Skye, too, changing the way you look at suspicious documents.

I was wondering if "War Brave Jihad" was a race to be made...

And someone is trying to reward themselves with that fact...!

But even if it did...

Who, what the hell, for...!?

So much thought, behind his brain, came a sentence written in the first letter.

I am a squire who serves a certain war brave man.

Its master, the War Brave, is high enough brave to manipulate the results of the 'War Brave Jihad'......!?

No, maybe...

That War Brave is the winner of this "War Brave Jihad"......!?

In any case, there was only one way to be sure.

Next tournament.............

In WW6, I bet as I was told......!

If I threw him a stone named Betting, I'm sure something would move, Mr. Skye would stare...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day, that man was decorating one side of the newspaper in the Seven-Lux kingdom.

"Mr. Skye, the Brave Leader, is finally available as an audience for" War Brave Jihad "!

"Oh, my God, bet as much as $100 million (ender)!

"What's the loose end of the undefeated brave man's debut?

"Exclusive interview with Master Skye as to why he debuted now!

Mr. Skye was answering this to the reporters gathered.

"It's not like I was cowering that I didn't do predictive gambling such as horse racing until now. Unlike card games that go face-to-face, there was just not enough excitement to fly into the sky. When you hang enough gold to ruin in a card game or something, people stop having feet on the ground and feel like they're floating through the universe. You're going to need that much 'wind' and that much 'wing' to climb up to that much sky in predictive gambling"

He spreads his hands wide, as he wings to further realms.

"But the wind has come......! A great breeze, named" War Brave Jihad "......! And some wings for wings......! Yes, I've been saving up with other gambling so far, the golden wings......! Now it's time for me to sit down and look down at everything in the gambling world...

Where the gambler brave bet how much money, it will never be in the paper.

Only when they are in the middle will they be entertained.

But this time, the reporters were all on one side by saying that the undefeated gambler brave man embarked on his first predictive gambling.

Fulfilling, what are the consequences...?