Brilliant, targeted...!

Besides, that was the unpopular player, so with a five-fold odd, I got $500 million (ender)...!

In just one game, I earned more than I once had a big game of card games......!

He said he hit a big hole in his debut, and the reporters have since covered Mister Sky's trends.

"Dear Mr. Skye, the next seventh round is also in the middle! Now it's double the odds, doubling 500 million (ender) even more!

"Dear Mr. Sky, WW8 is also in the middle again! Despite buying one point, the accuracy of divine predictions!

"Dear Mr. Skye, Game 9 is once again in the middle! That's four in a row! The god of card games was also the god who foresees the future!

"Next week, finally, the finals! Out or Mr. Skye's" Invitation to the Big Sky "!

Mr. Skye kept buying one point, as per the letter he was sent.

The original hand, which was 100 million, had already increased to one billion.

For him, it's the first time that gambling has been so easy and so much more.

Anyway, if it's a card, you have to make them care.

If we continue to lose, if we don't have any luck today, they'll cut us up early, so we need to get our opponents to win some.

And the opponent, where he thought he was twisted today, takes on a huge battle and uses squid sama to win.

Still, it doesn't make sense for a critical and opponent to come down, and no matter how rich the opponent was, there are limits to the stakes personally.

But this time, public gambling as well......!

No matter how much you bet, you can take it, and no matter how much you win, you can't take it...!

Besides, I don't even need to think about it......!

Just bet as directed in the letter, a hundred shots and a hundred...!

Mr. Skye believed completely in the Lord of the Letter.

And next week, finally, the final.

Here he was going to go into a big battle where he threw all his fortune.

That way, the birth to the Seating Class will be assured.

There was not a single thing on my mind, such as coming off anymore.

But the letter I've been waiting for contained an unexpected word.

I'll see you and tell you what the finals predict.

In exchange for a five billion yuan (ender) brave vote.

And after the finals, you'll get another 10 billion yuan (ender) of brave votes.

A "Brave Vote" is a security that can only be issued by a brave man and can be redeemed if taken to a bank.

Finally, it is like a check, with the credit of a brave man as collateral.

"Ooh, five billion......!? Isn't that my whole fortune...! Oh, and a billion after it's over...!?

Mr. Skye could have turned down this offer, but he decides it's not a good idea.

Because if you pay 5 billion as an arrangement first, you get the prediction to hit for sure......

Because if you bet on more debt than that, you can easily get it back.

And if you even get a dividend that exceeds the 10 billion you pay after the finals, that's in your own interest.

I'm sure the mastermind brave thinks this.

If you're not the one who can raise that much money, you don't deserve to work together in the future.

Yes, this was imposed on Mister Sky, to join his eight hundred fellow men, a trial......!

That was quite a challenge, but also out of standard in return.

First of all, the fact that you 'meddled the final of the War Brave Jihad' is to be obtained.

Regardless of the final income and expenditure, if it is obtained, it will be certain to emerge to the Seating Class.

Besides, above all......

If you can connect with the higher brave enough to keep the results of the "War Brave Jihad" as you wish......!

In predictive gambling, it's cheap for life......!

On the contrary, if you stop betting here, you may touch the inverse scales of that great place.

It was no longer Mr. Skye's choice.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Designated as the meeting point was the midday street corner.

Mr. Skye was sitting on the bench amid a lot of people going out.

Second, there's a voice coming from behind.

"Don't look behind you. I'm sitting right behind you."

"Are you the squire who wrote to me?

"Yes, I am a member of the Ride Boy clan who will compete in this final"

When it comes to rideboys competing in the finals of "War Brave Jihad," there's only one.

...... Ride Boy Gungnil......!

As a brave man, the rank is now that of Lord Heaven, but it was once the rank of Ji Tian.

They demoted me after a failed adventure.

But if you are a brave man in the Ride Boy clan, and if you were brave enough to represent the clan, this race to do it is also convincing.

Because if you are a former Ji Tian brave man, it's not as strange to be able to manipulate the results of the War Brave Jihad.

Mr. Skye said to his back, "Why were you telling me the results of the tournament?" Ask.

"That's for fundraising. We could bet, of course, but then they suspect eight hundred. But if you're a gambler brave man, making expensive bets doesn't make anyone suspicious."

"That's understandable, but couldn't it be any other gambler brave? You didn't know I wouldn't do predictive gambling, did you?

"No, rather, it had to be you. If you were to be the first to be gambled with anticipation, you'd be featured in the paper."

"I see. Did I bet as the letter says, because trends can be easily explored?"

"Yes, and you have to pay five billion dollars (ender) more than you know the names of those I serve. It's the same thing you told the winner."

"Absolutely. I'm not going to go down (drop) out of this relationship. Come on, take it."

Mr. Skye gives the five billion yuan (ender) brave vote he has prepared to the mysterious man with his back hand.

The mysterious man gets up when he receives it, and gets up in his pants pocket, while he gets up with a shitty.

"The remaining 10 billion will be picked up after the final refund."

Mr. Skye had dropped off that back, which was deeply covered in hood, as it became cluttered.

He, of course, hasn't noticed.

There's already another one in that mysterious man's pocket......

Five billion yuan (ender) brave votes were in...!