Mr. Skye, who broke up with the mysterious man, starts a capital flow.

He collected as much money as he could for the finals of The War Brave Jihad, which will be held in a few days' time.

First, sell everything around you and turn it into gold, mortgage the mansion and owe money from the bank.

That's about $1 billion (ender), but it's still not enough.

So we decide to solicit investors.

He called out to the brave man from one end and held on to it precisely because he would "double and give it back".

Normally, no one can lend an ear to such a bedtime speech.

But when it came to Mr. Skye, he was now more than enough of a person to be called the god of gambling.

For this reason, the brave men who were told the story, without such a good story, put a purse string...

No, he loosened his vault mouth and made a huge 'investment'.

On the contrary, Mr. Skye starts calling on the common people, standing on the corner.

"Everyone! Don't you want to fly with me!? To the sky, named gambling......! Anyone's first flight is scary! But there's nothing to show you! Deposit your body with me and I will take you to heights without falling!

To that charismatic speech, everyone feels like rising to heaven, offering gold without.

No one doubted the words of a brave man called the god of gambling.

And the assembled forehead, what...

Ten billion enders eh......!

Mr. Skye gave the money in full….

To Ride Boy Gungnil, punch in...!

This has been the highest forehead bet since the start of the 'War Brave Jihad'.

But usually if you buy one point for this much, the odds are something that goes down to the extreme......

That didn't happen because rival gambling braves were buying and supporting opponents.

As a result, the odds are exactly double......!

If you win, 20 billion enders eh......!

With all that money, I'd still have more than 10 billion to pay for Gungnir.

There's also a portion to return to the investor, so it's almost zero as income and expenditure, but that's trivial.

Because you'll be able to make as much money as you want with the forecasts you're going to be offered.

I no longer need to take the risk of playing squid card, etc.

And if you let predictive gambling get in the way, your name as a gambling brave man will also be a nagging climber.

In that case, instead of the Great Sky, named Seating Class….

I can really cut off all at once to the realm where God lives......!

Mr. Skye had an unprecedented sense of flotation.

"Soon... Soon...! Soon I will be ruler of the sky...!

And we're finally here, what's the outcome of the finals...?

Oh my...! I mean, I knew it...! Or,

Big, miserable, defeated......!!

The cards for the finals are Ride Boy Gungnil the Brave, and Ortros the Brave of Shinsengumi.

Shortly after the game started, I just took a lighter blow like an Ortros jab to a place that wasn't even a steep point......

There was the figure of Gungnir, falling to the ground in misery.

In a way, it suits the brave, soggy ending.

Just stir it up, soggy ending.

It was a farce, the word dragon-head hetale fits perfectly...!

But the person in question was serious.

Gungnir crawls with his immobile body like he's paralyzed and leads to his opponent's brave men.

And now he's dying, and he's screaming like this.

... Ya... Finally, I found Gunil...!

There's that (●) Osama at your place, Gunir......!

Otherwise, you can't beat this me, Gunil!

I can't believe you poked Arc Gear's weakness, making our Ride Boy incapable of combat with one blow...!

... Was that a coincidence? You're lying, Gunil!

I already know you have that (●) Osama in your second, Gunil!

I competed in this' War Brave Jihad 'to find Osama, Gunil!

"War Brave Jihad" is an event that other countries have also noted, so the winners are featured in newspapers in other countries, Gunil!

That's where I was going to call on Osama, Gunil!

... come back, and...!

That's why I'm giving Osama back, Gunil!

Finally... I finally figured it out, Gunil!

This is me... No, Ride Boy needs Osama!

The Ride Boy clan is in great danger now, Gunil!

The only thing that can save it is that (●) Osama!

So, so... please, Gunil!

Give me Osama...... give me Osama back GNILL OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Osama......! Osama, Osama, Osama...! Ossahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Gungnil cries down for Osama, as if he were a chick seeking a parent bird.

That was unintelligible to the other brave man and to the packed audience.

Within a quiet colloquium, a single ray of light shines.

Suddenly, Gungnir's body began to glow like a red fever.

It is not salvation from heaven, stretched out by the gunnil......

Flames of ruin, from hell......!

Ugh......!? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!?!?

Shit... help...! Help Gunil!!

Help me, Osama! Osama! Osama!

How come... how come you're not here to help me, Gunil?!?

Since Osama was gone, I've been a series of falls and despairs, Gunil!

The fact that you dumped Osama is already reflecting on you all the time, Gunil!

So help me! Help...! Help me, hey, hey!


...... zdowwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Gungnir, along with Osanchor again......

And also involve your opponent Ortolos......

There was no trace, and it blew up.