The finals of "War Brave Jihad" marked an unprecedented doomsday, with both of them dying after settling in farcical developments.

Since the tournament is a full-contact rule with serious use, it is not uncommon for a brave man to die during a match.

There are also discussions, so it is very beautiful, but they both die.

But this time, after the game was settled, it was like a spectacular death of a bombing, so the nail marks left on the audience would be immeasurable.

The folks thought they would blame Gungnir for messing with the tournament, but they didn't.

The vast majority of them are gunnils themselves, blaming Mr. Skye for his unpredictability.

Because many of the folks were put on Mister Sky's truck and invested heavily.

Blaming the dead brave won't even cost you $1 (ender).

Rather, it would be an impossible story for spears to turn to the living brave, who deceived themselves.

"Temee! What the hell did you do! I trusted you and deposited my entire fortune!

"What a gambling god! You're kidding me!

"Come out! We'll launch Temehe into the sky with this hand!

With a face full of anger, both the brave and the common people surround Mr. Skye's mansion.

In this country, brave people were made more important than anything else, so if the common people just get angry, state power will crack them down with power...

The fact that there are many brave men among the victims this time has become fatal.

Rather, the brave men took the initiative and stirred up the people.

Nor can the Guards, who are for the mob, just suppress the brave.

Then inevitably, the common people will be out of control.

Bitzrabbitz, the king, abandoned Mr. Skye and told the Guard Service not to mob down.

Because there were many brave men who had been victimized by fraud, they decided that it would be better to take their side, with a good impression on the upper brave men.

As a result, Mr. Skye fell from the seat of God, even though he only missed one prediction.

Hate me from all over the country at once, to the poor god......!

He is trampled into the mansion by the mob and lynched.

They strip away everything they are wearing and drag the country around.

At this point, Mr. Skye was a brave man because no disposition had been made of the upper brave men.

The brave killer is considered a felony, so only his life was not taken...

They wore me out and dumped me in the alley.

Even the homeless guys threw stones at me, Mr. Skye, and I'm no longer in a state of non-recurrence.

But the most painful thing for him was losing his bracelet.

The metal bracelet that covered him from wrist to elbow belonged to the 'High Rollers' he belonged to.

"High Rollers" was a group of gambling braves who tried to make expensive bets in card games.

The bracelet, which is a testament to this, is a type of magic device typical of arc gear and the like, with a set of cards in it.

Yes, Mr. Skye was using this device to flirt with card games.

If this bracelet had stayed, I would still have made a comeback in the card game......!

I even lost my last line of favors......!

All I had left was a newspaper published after the finals of "War Brave Jihad" and one notebook.

The newspaper has become a big deal for him now.

The notebook says opponents who have been squid gambling so far and the amount they wound up with.

And the names of those who solicited funding in "War Brave Jihad" and the amount of investment were written.

It is the only record of his past glory, arguably for him now.

Only this, nobody tried to take it away.

And I never even tried to let go of myself.

Because I haven't given up yet.

Carving glory days in this notebook again......!

While Mr. Skye lived every day without eating or eating, his mind was filled with those days.

"Why......!? Why is that? Was I fooled by Gungnir!? No, that's impossible! He blew it up! If you're cheating on me, you shouldn't be imitating yourself to death!

There was only one possible way to be.

"The mastermind, stay away... I was used to raise the odds of GUNGNIL......!?

When I think about it, there is a tsunami.

The mastermind knew the victory of Ortolos.

Though we know how many wins, when you build up wagers to make money, the odds drop.

But if you induce the losing side of Gungnir to even win and make someone bet......

The odds are balanced...!

When that happens, what can be considered as a mastermind...?

An opponent of Gungnir's finals, Ortolos......?

Or wagered on the opponent's brave, gambler brave...?

... right!

Mr. Skye, who flashed, stripped the newspaper of his clothes, naked and spread it to the ground.

This newspaper was issued shortly after the finals of The War Brave Jihad.

I thought there might be a tip for the mastermind.

And it was found right away.

Next to the final bombing article, there's an interview article about the gambler brave man who brilliantly centered his predictions......!

There, it said:

"I was worried about the fall of the odds in betting all my fortune, but thanks to some idiot who gambled money on my opponent, I made a lot of money! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

How dare you say that with a smile on your face...

Gambler brave, low ground eh......!

Besides, the person behind it is a decision maker.

Hooded deep, mysterious man......!

I only looked behind me when I made the deal, but no doubt about it.

Mr Skye is convinced.

The mastermind said he was once a rival brave man who had done nothing to himself...!

He said he set up this scam to avenge the loss of the card at that time...!