Mr. Skye wears the newspaper all over again and when he picks up the iron bars from the garbage dump, he jumps out of the alley.

"I'll kill you......! Took everything away from me, kill that man...!

Mr. Skye searches for a low ground that fits himself.

In those blood-running eyes, gentlemen had no room for fine dust, like they were flying eagles through the great sky.

It's like crawling out of hell, the vengeful ghost itself......!

The low ground was found unexpectedly light and in an unexpected way, in an unusual way.

He lives under the bridge, he was homeless...!

Mr. Skye, who stood before him, couldn't stop trembling like a crocodile.

"Why......!? Didn't you just meddle in the finals of" War Brave Jihad "and get promoted to the Seating Class!?

Then Low Ground gives him a sneaky look and shows Mr. Skye in his lightless eyes.

"I did get promoted... but that was clear. I originally had no talent for gambling. Because the cards weren't as strong as yours... In no time, you son of a bitch."

"There's no way! You should have known all about the results of The War Brave Jihad! What happened to the money you made there!?

Then, to the eyes of the low ground, the light returns slightly.

"How do you know that...? But, well, I don't care about that. The money I made was almost taken by a man who calls himself a valiant Ortolos squire."

"... what...? Could that man be talking about him!?

Mr. Skye shows the true picture of the newspaper, which was just on his chest.

There was a low ground and hood guy showing.

"Oh...... yes. This is the man. At this time, I gave this man a 10 billion yuan (ender) brave vote. Thanks to you, I'm speechless. And that was clear...... and your relationship with Master Ortolos. Well, he's dead, so I can't help it..."

... Well, you've already noticed.

That this one case was all a grand scam, orchestrated by The Mysterious Man.

All of the "War Brave Jihad" matches are played in bees, and no eight hundred men exist.

So how did 'Mysterious Man' predict in advance the winning side?

Divination or a tremendous gambling talent?

No, no, I'm not making any predictions.

Because he was sending letters to over a thousand gambler braves...!

The total number of participants in the "War Brave Jihad" is 1024.

Send those 1024, all winning pattern letters to 1024 gambler braves.

The tournament is a tournament ceremony, so half the 512 will win.

The letter I sent to the gambler brave will also have been misled by 512 people.

I will not send any more letters to the gambler brave man who sent the hazed predictions.

Only against the gambler brave man who sent the median letter, this time sending a pattern letter in which everyone in WW2 wins.

Doing so will narrow the numbers down more and more and the rest will be just the two finals.

From these two perspectives, what would the letter sent by the mysterious man look like?


It centered all predictions from the first round to the ninth round of the semifinals, the divine letter......!

The last remaining text of the letter to the two gambler braves was such a kanji.

I'll see you and tell you what the finals predict.

In exchange for a five billion yuan (ender) brave vote.

And after the finals, you'll get another 10 billion yuan (ender) of brave votes.


"The Mysterious Man" was not only Mr. Sky, but also from the low ground, at the expense of $5 billion (ender), which is a deposit...!

Needless to say, it may no longer be true, but the mysterious man called himself, the valiant squire, is a liar.

But as for the recipient of the letter, you'll believe it.

The presence of a great brave man, like the hand of God, who can freely manipulate the results of the 'War Brave Jihad'...!

After spending $5 billion (ender) from the two gambling braves, after the finals, they will visit the gambling braves on the winner's side and receive the remaining $10 billion (ender).

The mysterious man was in the newspaper only to see the moment he received that 10 billion yuan (ender) from the low ground.

Mr. Skye was wrong about that.

The mastermind was in the low ground, and he manipulated the mysterious man to set himself up...

But the mysterious man was nobody's squire.

Exactly like a wild dog, the disgraced, the man...

You fool the two gambling braves so hard, what a big $20 billion (ender) you get......!

The only thing that helped me do that was the paper I used for the letter...

Exactly, make a whole lot of money......!

And one of the victims, Mr. Skye, was finally getting to this answer.

When he removed the iron rod he had in his hand, it patterned......

It collapses from your knees as if to chase you backwards...


Done... Done...!

They did it, they did it, they did it, they want to do it...!

They did it. Ahhhhhhh!

Holy shit... you bastard!

So many fools so far! So many gambler braves so far!

He invited me into the sky and knocked me down, you bastard...!

On the contrary, I can't believe they're supposed to slap me. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

What a brilliant trick...!

And easy, risky and necessary ex-handers, most of them say......!

So the returns you get are tremendous......!!

Come... regret it...! Regret, repent, repent! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

What was the tick on my stack of cards every day?

Get into 'High Rollers' and practice card switching with bracelets awarded and blood seeping effort......!

To make many fools and gambler braves care about it, play nervous and outright rush......

My golden wings piled up little by little to fly through the sky......!

It was easy, I took it away...!

That, too, is rooted...!

Besides, I can't even find out who that person is...!

Totally, I was being jerked off with his hands, clown......!

Ugh...! Uhhhhhhh!

Mr. Skye falls seven times.

He is struck by remorse. He reveals too much, even extraneous things.

When I realized it, I was overlooked.

Gripping a piece of glass, in the low ground......!

"Mr. Skye......! Didn't all the victories so far have been squid......!? All the cards you've ever competed with me...!?