Mr. Skye, shit! I thought so, but it's too late.

Desperately elucidates himself as he flees with his buttocks on to the low ground that leans over.

"Chi... no! I thought you were a good competitor! That's why I never had squids only for you! It's true! Trust me!

"Who would believe that! Plus, I just realized...! That you know about the man in the hood... You manipulated him to set me up...!?

"Oh... there's no way! Take it easy and think about it, Mr. Lowground! We were both fooled by someone! I've lost a sentence, too, and it looks like this!?

"Did you think I wouldn't suspect if I pretended to fall like that......!? You were going to draw sympathy and plunge me further from here, weren't you? Ugh!?

"Chi... no! Do it...... stop it! Stop it, please! Knock... Knock it off!

Gaffbeloha gabebab johaba!!

Under the bridge, rubbing together like a cat fight, two brave men.

He also forgot that he was no longer a gambler, going up and down and pointlessly hurting each other.

In its tragedy, which is not even close to the homeless, there is a great shadow.

"If you're a gambler, why don't you settle for gambling?

Speak louder, huh!? and stare like a cat flanked with bonito, Mr. Sky and Low Ground.

There was...... a man in a mask who stood to carry the sunset.

The mask is the most hated 'wild dog' in this country right now.

Is your voice changing with weird voice magic, or is it tall as a kink?

And even though it was such a fancy nari, my body was crummy and scratchy, so it was creepy instead.

"I am, 'Wild Dog Mask' …. He who, like you, invites the brave men near the Fallen Heaven, or those who have already fallen into the Fallen Heaven, to a certain event."

"" Invite to the event, "he said...!?," said the Hammered Braves.

"Yep. This festival of gambling, organized by me, for the Fallen Heavenly Braves...... to" Brave Must Die "where the Braves will surely die. This time, funds have been saved for the event, so let me invite you as its first brave men. If you win, you'll get as much as $10 billion (ender) in big money, for the best gambling in the world......!

... bah!

When I opened the vest full of pockets, worn by the wild dog mask, it was there......

So much so that the bundle of bills......!

"Whoa... whoa whoa whoa!?

Stop fighting, brave men crawling at the feet of wild dog masks, like domesticated dogs.

They had just been deceived, but now they were about to be deceived again.

Normally, if a more suspicious man called me after The Mysterious Man, I should be suspicious......

They didn't do it blindly in the bundle of bills.


They were already assholes, even if they didn't have to multiply by three...!.

"Well, with all that money, I can start over as a gambler brave man! Besides, if you're gambling, I'm confident no one can beat you! Let me in!

"Me too, me too!

They have no reason to know.

that the 'show' of the wild dog mask was originally their gold.

But I didn't even let that happen every time, and the wild dog mask nodded.

"Okay. But no matter how many fallen ones come together, it is a festival of the brave. So I have trouble with that identity. You will not be allowed to participate unless you are dressed like a brave man."

"Oh, no...! Instead of a sentence, we're in a lot of debt! There's no place for money to fix your identity...!

Then, after the wild dog mask did the thinking trick.

"Now let me give you a special payment. One thousand dollars (ender) apiece. With that, you'll get the minimum look. It just can't be free. Right... what about what you have now, in exchange for a notebook?

Mr. Skye has shown his memorabilia-packed leather notebook in exchange terms.

I didn't even let go of my skin during the fight. I didn't mean to let go of that no matter what...

"Ko, this is all no good! So, but... This could be a message from God: abandon the past and open up a new future......! Guru...! Wow, okay, let's sell this notebook...!

What a mere $2,000 (ender), Mr. Skye let go of the glory of the past.

Now what shows that he was a gambler brave man is gone?

When the wild dog mask pays the promised money, it turns its back on the braves.

"Then, when the date of the event is set, we will follow up with you."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then, a few days later......

The disposition from the upper brave men was decided, with Mr. Sky fallen to heaven and Low Ground demoted.

But the low ground no longer had a former hand as a gambling brave man, nor was it able to be active again, so it became a fallen disposition after a while.

Though they despaired, living together under the bridge, they entrust their last hope to "The Brave Must Die," which will surely die.

But then months later, the wild dog mask never showed up before them again.

Incidentally, the damage of the brave man deceived by Mr Skye's fraud had been compensated by the King of Sevenlux, or the State.

There was no salvation for the deceitful folk...

The people had received an envelope with an illustration of a wild dog with a "wild dog mask" from the sender.

The contents were cash, he said, and the amount invested in Mr. Skye and the same amount were enclosed.

Now here, do you ever wonder?

of the wild dog mask, for this purpose.

Firstly, it will certainly be more than just bailing out the people from Mr Skye's fraudulent victimization.

Because if the Wild Dog Mask hadn't sent a letter, Mr. Skye wouldn't have worked the scam either.

then for the purpose of a wild dog mask......

Indiscriminate attack on gambling braves......?

It will also be obvious from the fact that all the people who sent the letter are gambling braves.

And thinking about it, one assumption is made.

Gambling braves are all scumbags......!

Everyone is dyeing their hands at some squid sama, tormenting the people, saying they are scum gamblers......!

If it's a way like this one, you can ruin a ton of scum gamblers.

Because Mr. Sky and Lowground weren't the only ones who were bankrupt this time.

The gamblers who believed early in the letter of prediction of the winner from the mysterious man and threw their personal possessions at him are numerous (again) ……!

That's when you flip a river plain stone, like a bug snagging behind you, goodbye...!

Plus, the wild dogs left luxurious military funds at hand.

That amount, 200 billion yuan (ender) Huh...!

With all this, the holding may not be a dream either.

Fallen ugly bugs stab each other in the todome, a festival of forced poisoning......

"The Brave Must Die" will surely die...!

I didn't expect you to use the money you squeezed from the insects to kill each other further...

Is there anything more delightful about the Wild Dog Festival (Jamboree)...!?

Nice work...!