The story goes back to Rondcrow.

Both the 'Slumdog Mart' and 'Gorgeous Smart' factions came up with the same promotions in the country's commercial warfare.


"Achieve the quest of the Crusade of the Holy Beast and, through the media, appeal to the excellence of our equipment"......!

This is oddly...... or if Stented doesn't attend Slumdog Mart's sword art class......

Or something that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't talked about the extra.

Finally, just 'tipping off'......!

But no one noticed the Butterfly Effect.

The two factions move on, unaware that each other is looking to crusade the Holy Beast.

And coincidences overlap even more.

Two examples of monsters crowned 'Holy Beast' were sent simultaneously in the Rondowl Small States.

The first is the 'moffmorph' that he was seen in a certain mountain of secrecy.

And the second is the 'unicorn' that it was seen in a certain mysterious forest.

This, for both factions, was precisely 'boats on the crossing'.

If each had targeted the same monster, the takeover of the bargain venue was imperative, but it was not.

On the gorgeous smart side, select 'Moffmorph'.

The reason is obvious, because Boncrano has a track record of crusading in the past.

Slumdog Mart side selects' Unicorn '.

But this one, the situation was a little special.

Now let's look at the operation meeting, where the circumstances were to be told.

Inside the Slumdog Mart conference room, there's a whole bunch of women who deserve to be called exactly the Golden Members.

It filled the room with the scent of ideal flowers, like The Girls' School of Man's Thinking.

"… the above will be the proposed new promotion in the small Rondowl countries. So, as for the subject of the pivotal quest, recently there was a sighting in the newspaper, and I thought Unicorn would be good."

To explain Primla, the first person to hit her knee was HQ Director Kulalaka.

She was being called as a warrior to a crusade party in this case.

"I see! That's Master Primla! If you're a unicorn, you're a good opponent!

Plus, the two Big Bang Loves go on.

Needless to say, they are the magic frame of the party.

"Heh, unicorn!? It's not seriously awesome to fight the Holy Beast!?

"Hmm, you're a mighty enemy"

And from here on out, unplanned members.

Those who jumped in when they heard rumors.

First, the Wow Knights.

"Nice! The arm of the swordsmanship tournament that I refrained from after this. Just in time!

"Speaking of unicorns, I have horns that pierce everything. Like a dumpling, we all get poked and killed together."

"Heh heh...! I hate to be a dough......! I don't like to eat dough because the skewers sting in my mouth..."

"Wow! Then you can take it off the skewer!

"Dumplings and grilled chickens are found guilty of stabbing skewers to remove anything they serve."

And an assistant run.

"I can't believe you fucked a unicorn, kid! But don't you waste your life!?

Primla confirmed the participant's reaction as one, then sifted and shook her neck left and right.

"No, I'm not. I'm sorry, guys. I will not fight Mr. Unicorn. I was wondering if you and Mr. Unicorn could split the corners."

Yes. Primla, the founder of Slumdog Mart's side, although he tried to envisage the 'Crusade of the Holy Beast'...

I had reconsidered that killing to promote the store was not a good thing.

So change your perspective to 'stripping' instead of 'crusading'.

When it comes to horns grown by unicorns, they are the finest rare items.

If it's a corner, you can earn it without killing a unicorn......

If I could bring it back, I thought it would be a legendary achievement.

By the way, if you strip material from a monster, the quickest thing to do is kill it.

But Primla didn't do it and was only trying to get horns alive.

Well, that's not impossible either.

Because all you have to do is capture it with a net or use the magic of hypnosis or paralysis to make it immobile and then break the corner.

But Primla didn't even do it, and she talked to Unicorn and asked him to divide the corners.

This is not even 'stripping'.

Just 'hemming' eh......!

It goes without saying that everyone was subtle as to the reaction of the participants who were asked about the idea.

But about two of them, clapping their hands with their titties, are in big favor.

"Primla's maneuver, Mom, I think it's sooo good. Wow! Mom, I was hoping to talk to you about the unicorn!


In the end, instead of a single voice of a crane, two voices of a sister crane, this operation was to be employed.

And this was a complete coincidence...

"Slam Dogmart" and "Gorgeous Smart", at the same time, announce the Holy Beast Crusade to the press.

It was published in the newspaper on the same day so that I could understand the paper...!

"Dear Fontine, I declare the crusade of the Holy Beast" Moffmorph "who is currently making a scene in this country!

"" It's a yarn ball in front of a kitten, such as the legendary Holy Beast if it's on me!, "and intent on crusading!

"" Mr. Primla! I hope you're watching my wings in the nest!, "criticized in the name of Master Primla!

"And Master Primla is also bold to announce! What a" unicorn horn "stripping announcement!

"" About the corner of a unicorn, about the corn of an ice cream, easy to get. Hey! ♪ And this one's confident!

"" Hey Fontine bastard! When you get the horn, just give it to Temei's ass and do it, then wash your ass and wait! "and provoke Master Fontine intensely!

... By the way, this newspaper announcement, the announcement on the gorgeous smart side, was intended by Fontine.

Primla, however, had a 'certain problem' at this time, so she intended to refrain from publishing the newspaper until the problem was resolved.

But one of the people involved 'took a leak'...!

Needless to say who leaked it no longer......

Now Primla can't pull back later.