The two factions announced quest challenges through the media and began to move toward achieving the legend in earnest.

Although it happened to be an announcement of the same day, we can say that it gave each other a good stimulus.

Fontine switched Moffmorph's crusade to 'stripping honey'.

But this was not made public to the press.

To stop the Primla side from confronting and challenging any more legends with the announcement of 'The Stripping of Honey'.

They were looking for a surprise: to leave the crusade on the surface and bring back honey as a trophy.

Fontine secretly collects information on the moffmorph and refines the calculations for obtaining honey.

As part of its preparation, it was inoculated with 'biomagic'.

"Biomagic inoculation" is a combination of medical and magic technology in this world.

Perform blood sampling, give magic to the blood collected, and return it to the body again.

Doing so can have a magical effect on the human body.

Although there are limits to the magic that can be hung, chanting makes it more effective and lasts considerably longer than hanging it against the human body.

This time, we used the technology to prepare for the poison of Moffmorph.

Moffmorph's poison, "Seven Years of Killing," cannot be detoxified after it has been committed.

However, if "Biomagic" has the power of "Poison Resistance (Resist Poison)", it is possible to deal with even normal poison removal.

Because 'biomagic' technology is not common, costs, etc., are expensive.

Few receive it for economic reasons among adventurers.

There are other shortcomings, and 'biomagic' is too powerful. It weakens the effects of other 'normal magic'.

For example, if you become paralyzed when you are gaining the power of "Poison Resistance," the magic of healing paralysis may not work.

Moreover, the persistence of the effects of 'biomagic' can span decades when done poorly.

If the opponent is always a menacing monster exclusively, there is no problem….

For adventurers who have to fight different monsters, that's not the case.

For this reason, I'm glad that 'biomagic' is just limited to defeating a special monster in the Holy Beast class.

Incidentally, "biomagic" in the body can be overridden by overriding "biomagic" in "Unmagic (Dispel)".

In this quest, Fontine prepares a specially customized "Biomagic" to withstand Moffmorph's "Seven Years of Killing".

All party members were made to be required to be inoculated.

In addition, there is no shortage of equipment.

The lady has the most sophisticated weapon available, crafted using magic technology.

It's a new creation for this time, but at the dawn of the quest, it was also something that I would sell significantly as a new Gorgeous Smart product.

The 'Gorgeous Smart' side is ready, both adventurous and merchant......!

All I had to do was go on a quest and finish without backwards......!

And back then, the 'Slumdog Mart' side said......

Both 'good news' and 'bad news' had arrived at the originator, Primla.

The "good news" is that there has been a slight increase in the number of customers to the store.

I just recently gave a legendary challenge announcement in a newspaper magazine......

The presence of Slumdog Mart has become recognized among its customers, the warriors.

This would be due to the fact that it went with the gorgeous smart announcement.

Because, normally, newspapers don't handle it to a large extent, such as announcing quest challenges.

Whatever you accomplish, because it's only a picturesque cake, such as a declaration of challenge.

Only this time, however, it was treated as an obsession between the Holly Dolls and the Passion Flowers.

Plus, if there was a radical microphone performance, such as buzzing your ass, all the more so......!

And this, for a well-raised primula, was a culture shock-like concept.

"On my butt, stabbing...... Huh!?

Unknown realm at the point where for a girl who has never even been butt penned, she does something to her butt.

Such an act is a level of torture beyond intelligence, conceived by the crazy ultimate sadist.

I just imagined what would happen if I stabbed him in the butt, and Primla's body would tighten like a cold bristle.

This is the 'bad news' for Primla...?

No, no, that's not true.

This time, "bad news" was the worst thing for Primla, like being penned off her ass after something stabbed her.

What the hell is that...

'I haven't told the most important one about the quest challenge yet'......!

'The Most Important One' would go without saying.

Yes, 'Uncle'......!

Your uncle will already know about the quest challenge because he should be looking through the paper every day.

But the crux is not, it's not.

'Um... Uncle... Could you be my spikesman?

I haven't been able to say this one yet...!

If it were meant to be, we'd have to be the first to do it, this solicitation...

Primla, behind me, was...!

Because soliciting your uncle to a party is for her...

Because it was an act of a generation that required the same courage as proposing......!

In other words, she was preparing for the wedding without their consent.

This is what she looked like day after day.

"Uncle, I need you to be Mr. Pointman. Speaking of which, I'm going out today."

"I don't have much time anymore, so today is the day I have to ask your uncle. Oh, and Miss Mistress, how can I help your uncle? Okay, go ahead. Oh, no... Wow, I just asked the public..."

"Today is the day I have to tell my uncle...! Oh, but Mr. Crow has beeped, tomorrow..."

etc and to cheat and postpone......!

She was originally going to announce the quest challenge to the press after obtaining your uncle's permission.

However, by virtue of the example, the intent collapses even brittle.

As a result, the girl...

Even though they don't have one, they announced an electric marriage, as do the entertainers......!

Holy Girl Primla...... Biggest ever, pinch......!?