"Whoa, what's going on, kid, look like you're dying. Did you even eat rotten pudding?

"Ah, Mr. Run. Jeez, actually... Um... the... uh... mmm..."

"What are you talking about like a squid stuck in your back teeth! If you have something to say, just say it. Eh!

"Yikes......! Ha, ha, sorry......!

Primla finally discloses the stuff she was getting into.

But that was a baby-like confession that clogged his throat, so each time Run slapped Primla on the back and made him spit it out.

"What no!? Didn't you tell him yet!?

"Ha, ha, sorry...... I was so upset..."

"You're lying, there's no such thing as a whack!

"Hey, why?

"You were a bridesmaid when I told you to ask for a spikesman! Who would forget what you said? If I were you, I'd be about your sister!


"Anyway, you don't have a hippo who's already messed up, let's go!

"What? To which?

"Why does that question arise in the course of this story?!? You've got a plan for me!

"Oh, no, it's not a good day..."

"I don't know what you're talking about. It's cancer! Gosh!"

"Ahhh!? Mr. Run!? Ahhh!?"

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, Goldwolf was in a separate room in the same office where Primla and the others were, looking through the paperwork.

"Here or fuck you!

... Zubarung!

Without even knocking, the momentum to kick through the door, a run breaking into the room.

On its shoulders, like the village daughter to be exposed, there is a primula on its shoulders.

That was more like a break-in robbery than an employee.

But Osama responds flatly.

"Yes, what is it?

"Oyaji! This kid said he needed to talk to me a minute ago! Listen to me!

When Lan unilaterally tells him what to do, he unloads his primula like a package and lets him sit on the couch with Posan.

"Well, say it right! If you run away on the way, you won't understand!

After I gritted Primla's head in a tone that threatened the kidnapped child... I just left the room.

But even when Osama and I are alone, Primla remains shrunk, like another loaned kitten.

Osama, who he saw, rose from his desk and sat on the couch opposite him.

"The egg grill that was in today's lunch box, it tasted different than usual. That was made by Mr. Primla, wasn't it?

To someone who finds himself nervous, starting with public discourse is one of Osama's ways.

Primla leaves her face down and replies, "Ha, ha..."

Primla makes sure to look them in the eye when she talks because she's rude to them...

Now, it was so agitated that I couldn't do it either.

"It was delicious. What, did you use a special seasoning?

"Ah, ha-ha...! Mr Fontine gave me an exotic seasoning, so I put it in..."

Happy to be praised, Primla trembling like a kitten licked by a parent cat.

Then as we interact without other love, Primla's tension is also lifted.

His face was still bright red, but he could finally look into his eyes and talk.

Osama puts in a sensitive topic at this time.

"I saw the paper. You're going to try a quest to get a unicorn horn."

Moment after moment, Primla stiffened herself, but gulped.

"Yes. Um, sorry, after I talked to your uncle, I was going to announce..."

"No, there's no problem with ex-post reporting. I leave everything to Mr. Primura."

Seems to have been thrust away when they say so, and Primla always remembers a touch of drizzle......

"But if it means adventure, I'll work with you too. If there's anything I can do with advice or anything, just say anything."

I got an unexpected suggestion this time.

Because while this was about business, it was about adventure.

In "Talk of Business," Osama kept it to a minimum...

If it were to be "Talk of Adventure," it would also be life-threatening, so Osama was increasing his degree of backup to Primla.

But in any case, this is for Primla, a brilliantly decorated squid fishing boat….

No, no, it was a luxury ship class, a help ship...!

"Look, really... May I use your uncle's help?

When asked unbelievably yet, your uncle nodded back forcefully, "Yes, of course".

This was also true already with the consent of 'dating assuming marriage'.

It's rare for a chubby girl, she cares enough to hear her snort, and she's frowned upon.

"So...! Please accompany me on the quest, as Spirit Soldier (Pointman)......!?

- Yes, I could say...!

That's all the girl's vision takes, and her body is wrapped up in feelings like she's not here.

My heart stays so fuzzy that my soul is going to leak out of my mouth and rise straight to heaven.

But the feeling was all turned down with a word like the blade on the truncator coming down.

"No, you can't do that"

...... Zdbaaaaaaahhhh!!

Like a corpse, a rigid primula.

All emotions are gone, as if they are no longer up from their necks.

Primla had put off soliciting Osama for a reason.

That's right...

... If they say no, what do we do...!?

Because one of those things was so heavy...!

Being turned down by Osama was close to a death sentence for a girl.

If they say no, let's live shellfish, and so much more.

If Osama's words after this were just a little behind......

The girl could have really, really closed her mind.

What is that one word that led to the girl's heart, like a grilled clam, being puckered open......!?

"Unicorns only show up before a clean maiden. Even if only slightly, if there are signs of dealing with men, they will not come out. I would have liked to accompany you if I could too...... Even halfway, if I accompany you, your quest will fail."