And finally, the day of legendary challenge has arrived.

Various coincidences have overlapped in this case, but strange coincidences persist to the end.

My God, the "Unicorn Challenge" listed in "Slumdog Mart" and the "Challenge the Moffmorph" listed in "Gorgeous Smart" went off on the same day as a quest.

From the microphone performance of both stores beforehand, the media described this challenge as "Holy Beast Jihad of the Virgins" ….

It was abbreviated as "Three Saints," and was greatly covered on paper.

It even brings up the results of the last 'Joint New Products Presentation' draw in the Gankpflu small countries, and goes so far as to put that settlement on this quest.

The winner grabs the hearts and minds of the adventurers of this' Rondowl Small Country '......

There will be a settlement to the commercial battle between the two stores scattered with sparks...!


While this is a battle to clear up the causes of the past, a battle that bets our outlook on the future......!

The winner was driven by the name of 'Sales Growth' and feathered heavily into the sky….

The loser gets the opposite wind in the name of 'sales stall' and crashes......


I get slapped on the ground and crawl, which is it......!?

Incidentally, the way to settle a victory or defeat will be 'the side that has accomplished the declared quest'.

If both fail, it is a draw, but if both succeed, it is judged by the various conditions that led to the achievement.

As for the biggest, 'loot'.

It would be more valuable to bring back more treasure, which would be advantageous in judgment.

And then, 'degree of damage'.

It would be more advantageous in the judgment to achieve fewer wounded.

Other examples include Frequency of Use of Items and Time Taken to Achieve.

Adventurers are supposed to excel in this country by minimizing their investment in quests.

Fontine, one of the initiators of this one case, was very pleased with this rather yuki.

Because the more noise the media makes, the greater the publicity effect.

And it can also be another initiator, Primla...

It was outrageous and regrettable.

Anyway, she wanted to try a quest...

Of course, I decided it was effective in promoting wild dog stores...

But that was only half the purpose.

The other half, needless to say.

"A walk with a wild dog" eh......!


Osama and I haven't been out in a long time, we've been exploring...!

If you open the lid, 'not accompanied'......!

Besides, Osama himself didn't say no, he missed the choice of hatred that the quest subject was' men forbidden '......!

As a result, 'Osama unplugged' eh......!

Now it's like drinking a cafe ole without coffee......!

Now it's like taking a headache pill, without gentleness......!


Even a servant holy girl, even if she regrets it, is stiff......!!

If so, it may seem like we should make it another quest, but it's too late.

An announcement had already been made to the press, and when I realized it, even the day of departure had been decided.

... and today, on the day of departure.

A stage was set up in front of Slumdog Mart Rondo Crow Shop 1, the starting point.

A ceremony was held to mark the departure of the quest.

It is not uncommon for these events to take place before the departure of the quest.

But normally, it is what a noble royalty or brave man would do.

Although prestigious, it was unusual for the Virgin family to hold such an event.

But the attention is dantoz, busy in many audiences and the media.

Similar ceremonies were held on the 'gorgeous smart' side, and there was a huge event there...

The proportion of those gathered was higher on the 'Slumdog Mart' side.

Because at the same stage event, the last party member, Spirit Man, will be announced.

The legendary challenge members on Slumdog Mart's side became apparent in the newspaper.

As an avant-garde warrior, he is an executive of the store, Kulalalaka.

And the Wow Knights, who won the swordsmanship tournament in Halbury.

To the Guardian Wizard, Big Bang Love, the image character of the store.

The Virgin, of course, is the Holly Doll family's three sisters.

How dare you accompany Pine Pack this time, and the topicality is even better.

Each newspaper was greatly boiled by the participation of his youngest son, even known as "The Hidden Character of the Holly Doll Family".

But only "Spirit Man" was not announced until the end.

The Spirit Soldier (Pointman) is a disposable part of the Adventurer Party, so no one is chosen to talk about it.

Although it is first published in the press, it is normal that it is not even on the corners of the paper.

But for some reason, only the Saint Girl Party spirits (Pointman) were top secret contestants in the year-end singing contest.

All media companies write this down.

I'm sure there's a horrible person we can't even imagine, who's been recruited...!

But you already know what's inside.

It is simply that Primla was not able to make an announcement.

Because she was cheating and postponing soliciting her uncle...

You don't have to weigh the hurdle of expectations around who the Spirit (Point Man) is...

It just didn't reach the universe, but it was bald...!

The only way I can live up to this expectation is if the queen of this country pulls it off, too.

In the legendary challenge, the primula that Osama turned me down......

Who the hell did you choose to be the Spirit Man?!?