The Slumdog Mart ceremony finally entered the "Introduction to the Spirit Soldier (Pointman)," which is the main event at the Grand Tri.

The stage is carried in a large box covered in curtains like a dressing box, which increases expectations even if no.

Of course the interviewers and the audience, but the tension was rising......

I was no other, I was on stage, I was a party member.

"Mom, Gol and I were so happy to go on an adventure, we made lunch full! And I bought a bikini armor! In the carriage, I'm going to get dressed!

"Ha, ha, ha! Mother, what are you doing! I'm not even a warrior, but I can't believe I'm wearing a bikini armor!? To tell you the truth, you also bought ahh and burritos! Ah Shiragana, get dressed in the carriage!

"Hmm, but there's Mr. Goldwolf in the carriage..."

"Yeah, right. Mom, this is the first time I've worn a bikini armor, so I thought Gol would tell me."

"Oh, that's not super good!? Ah, Shira-San will have Mr. Goldwolf put them on!

"Hey, you guys, not warriors or knights, don't wear bikini armor. Yikes!

"Our Knights bikini armor project has been dazzling before the army of sexy beauties. If this happens, we're gonna have to put out a hidden ball."

"What, I'm like this swimsuit too, are you going to wear it!?

"Wow, it's my first time wearing a swimsuit even though it's not the ocean!

"What the hell, bring out all the bikini armor! What, the Knights of the Mansion who accompany them also say they will all change into bikini armor when they get to the woods!?

A primula that shrinks even to a bunch of cute and exuberant women.

I don't care if my sister shakes the subject. "Yeah, yeah..." reply.

Yes, Primla hadn't even informed the party members.

Osama said no...

No longer does anyone doubt that beyond this curtain box is my beloved Osama.

Osama is not a person to be seen in the press, so he won't be covered in newspapers much, but I don't care about that for the women.

Instead, he was going to jump at the same time as the curtains opened, get a shot of the decisive moment he was holding on to, and tell the whole country he was full of love.

Before a generation of shutter opportunities, the women surround and fit the curtain boxes.

And finally, drum rolls flow.

... dallalalalalalalalalalalalalala...!

... Thank you!

and his throat rang simultaneously, making a loud noise.

The heartbeat of those there strikes an early bell to match the drum roll.

And finally......

Like a hero who came late......

Whoever waits, looks into the day...!

...... jarrrrrrrrrrrr!!

The curtains shatter open along with the magnificent impact sound.


"Goldwolf, come on."


Reincarnation, Burning Love and Charles Loot were the ones who made the start dash to cut off the car (flying).

Dancing the Universe (Flying) like a runaway train jumping out of the end of a track......!

But as soon as I saw the person who came out of the dressing box at first sight, as if the Galactic Railroad had a morning, it plummeted down......!


"Run, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!


All three of you! And he stumbled and slipped to the foot of the run.

On a stage that gets cold all at once, the runs raise their voices to the reverse guile.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Not a jerk! Come on! You can't take a man on a unicorn crusade! Besides, Atai asked me to...!

Primla apologizes flat next door.

"Sooo... sorry! Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me! I don't know you can't take a man to Mr. Unicorn's...! Gentlemen, I am so sorry!!

"Ki... I don't care, Primla. Ma... Su, I'm just so sorry... Zan, hey, so..."

"Oh... yeah! Nothing to worry about, Primley! Ah Shira, I can't believe I canceled so much work for this day...!

"Oh, even Atashi, stick...! I haven't seen Goldwolf in a long time, so I didn't join him...! Or don't get me wrong!

"Hmm, we all look so sorry to die"

"of dissolution." "What, are you going to stop now?!?" "Wow, I'd like to see Mr. Unicorn!

"Yes, just because the Spirit (Pointman) has changed from Goldwolf to Run doesn't mean what!

Those who sneer like dead continue, and on stage they become like overnight stays.

But from the unexpected, a single light was brought.

'Oh, I was. One last thing, I forgot to mention the members'

MC, who was moderating this event, said that.

This was water for Primla as well as for her sleeping ears.

Lives and expectations fill again among the women who were like zombies.

What, this was a performance......!

Surprise me, I knew it at the end......!

I knew heroes would come at the end......!!

And it was told pale from the mouth of the MC that

'As a dedicated reporter, I would like to thank you for accompanying this me, too'

... Aaaaaah!

Now all the women, including Primla, were stuck in a grand way.