"Slumdog Mart" and "Gorgeous Smart," the two factions finally set out on a quest to achieve the legend.

The party configuration on the 'Slumdog Mart' side is headed by a leader, Primla,

As spirits (point men), Lan and Chesna.

As avant-garde warriors, Kulalalaka and Charles Lunlot.

Serving an additional Holly Doll family, thirty knights.

Big Bang Love and Midnight Sugar as the Guardian's Wizard.

And as the Virgin, reincarnation.

As an omelet, pine pack and glass paleen.

Coverage squad and guardian of Glass Paleen, Glass Stone.

It was quite a large area, with a total of 42 people.

Still, if we are to deal with the Holy Beast, this is still as little as it is.

But this time, it's a special opponent called Unicorn, so it didn't mean we should gather power in the dark clouds.

Because, as Osama had also told Primla, unicorns only deal with certain people.

Yes, 'Clean Maiden' ONLY......!

Unicorns don't show up when a man smells a little.

Besides, the bad tachi says that if a unicorn decides that even a woman is not sober, she can be poked and killed in the corner.

Therefore, this selection of party members was carefully selected.

Forty-two thus chosen would be called, 'Even in a pure maiden, an even more pure maiden'.

Exactly, Maiden Daijin......!

If it was meant to be, this garden of pearl-like rice, nay maidens, was to be mixed with grain-like osama.

And I planned to expose my sharpened body at all costs...

Since Osama became non-participating, wearing bikini armor became nasty.

For the record, Miglare, the Great Demon Lady, was once about to be slaughtered when she carried out a quest for a unicorn crusade with the brave Crimson Teager.

At that time, Osama, who had accompanied him as a spiritual soldier (Point Man), stood up and helped him, so Miglare had gained nothing.

Just came up with the topic of the brave, so let's take a look at the party composition of the 'gorgeous smart' momentum.

The leader, of course, is the brave Bonclano.

As a spikesman, Srl Boncos.

And with the honor of the Boncos, fifty chosen ones.

As an avant-garde warrior, Burnap.

And when I heard about this one, I gathered like a fly on corpse meat, fifty brave elephants.

As the Guardian's Wizard, there are fifty Wizards serving the brave.

And as the Virgin and Magic Guide, Lady Fontine.

As an interview squad and drummer, Temporary Brave Stented.

Plus, 400 squires serving the brave.

What a total of 555 people, super and great place......!

This was no longer a level closer to the military than an adventurer party.

Incidentally, these people are scheduled to act individually in groups on a party-by-party basis.

One pair at the Bonclano, Srl Boncos, Burnap, Fontine and Stented parties.

There are fifty pairs of parties that combine the brave, the witch, the Virgin and the Spirit (Point Man).

At last, it's a 51-party crusade for Moffmorph.

Why this configuration is because the cave of having a moffmorph is a vast maze, so it is more efficient to find it by hand.

So not too many 400 squires, what do...

Just, enough......!

They come together in one group of eight, each attached to a brave party.

And to the cave of destination, take charge.

"" "is simply like a god (Mikoshi) where humans can ride inside.

What brave men don't even walk on their own feet...

Let those who descend, like God, take charge and adventure...!

In the first place, this adventure began to appeal to the warriors, the main customers of this country, for results.

They are all just an adventurer, so they will never head on their own feet to the ground and ride divinity or anything else.

Since then, it had been a rather uneven adventure from a common sense, but there was a reason for this.

Like the crimson teager once was, if you're a brave man of lower rank, you don't ride, but you walk on your own feet...

All the brave men who accompanied us this time were high on Heta...!

All the brave men gathered in the voice of the crane of Boncrano, no, precisely the voice of Buttaftotta, are of the rank of Lord Heaven.

When it comes to companies, they are the class of directors of large companies, and in brave men's organizations, they are the kind of people who stick a leg in the management.

They were also once adventurous on their own feet, many of them freshly medals......

For the most part, it's been a long time since the adventure itself......!

They're not as nervous as going to entertainment golf as going to kill each other from now on.

Let the Wizard and the Virgin peel in the midst of the battle, and play before the battle.

On the road, if it was also in a monster ambush, it was going to be tragic, but it didn't.

Because, fortunately, there are so many of them, and no one attacked them.

No one will be able to strike against a large army of 400 men.

Moreover, it would be all the more so if it became a group of eminent brave men.

The brave, the witch and the Virgin go into the secret of having a moffmorph, in the mood for the most part.

The hard part is the spirits (pointmen) who couldn't get me on board.

And he was the servant in charge.

They followed each other by eight men, taking turns, but exhausted by the deep woods and steep mountains on the road, they fell off one after the other.

One line of brave men scolded them like that: 'useless', 'garbage', 'die as is', and left them behind.

The squires were dumped when they slipped away, like car tires.

Had Fontine been among the great marches of this brave man, he would have been furious with the brave men and desperately saved his servants.

But Fontine was unaware of this cruel fact.

Because she and Burnap, and Srl Boncos, had arrived in a cave where there was a moffmorph ahead of me, and it was their role to welcome the Boncranos to arrive.