The cave of having a moffmorph was far west of the King's Capital of the 'Rondowl Small Country'.

Walk the long thoroughfares of the countryside, which are said to be secluded borders, through the great forest beast paths, which are not even close to the locals, and climb the pathless paths of spiritual peaks, like those not treading before them, and finally reach them.

But the brave, the wizard, and the Virgin were on board, so they were not at all tired.

The spirits (pointmen) who walked were tattooed, and the squires who were in charge of them were dead.

The braves do not give one word of gratitude to those who have guided us so far.

On the contrary, rocking a sloppy body like a mass-produced stained,

"From now on, I have something to say to you, Master Boncrano! Why don't you just align it, you trash!

It was the end of spitting on those who were falling, and kicking them up as bare horses.

After a while, towards a brave party aligned in front of the cave, Bonclano shouts his voice up with an echelon.

"Now let's start exploring the cave that there's a moffmorph, Bon! Split up on a brave basis, Bon looking for Moffmorphs! Note that Moffmorphs are nocturnal, so they should be sleeping now, Bon! If I find him, I'll call him with the magic device I just handed out! This is a portable voice transfer device bong that uses the latest sound transfer technology! Although it's still from exam operations, it's what my dad gave me, so I'm sure it'll help Bon! All right, let's go, Bong!

In keeping with Boncrano's decree, he intentionally jumps into the cave, the veteran braves.

Where it worked here, it's visible that all the handles are taken by the fucker......

They were sticking around sometime.

Even if you get your moffmorph crusade manners sidelined by a motherfucker, because if you like it with that, you can get close to his father, Buttaftotta.

If a pipe is to be obtained with a person who can also be considered number two of the brave organization, it is one or two of the holy beasts, a cheap one.

The curtain of a quest filled with greed, laziness, evil and conspiracy was finally cut and dropped......!

The braves, if skittish, were plotting to kick down rival braves...

Such, ugliest hell paintings never unfolded.


Because they were problems before that and had more problems than that......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Ahhh!? Let's not get stuck and mess around! Hey Spirit Man! Why aren't you paying attention!?

"What!? I can't believe you're paying attention to that in such a dark cave!?

"This, useless! When I was adventurous, the Spirits (Pointman) used to bury it all and make it easier to walk!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Hey, hey!? Dirty droplets dripped from the ceiling, and you stuck them in your robe! Why are you taking water droplets?!? This robe was expensive!

"What!? It's hard to get a drop of water dripping from the cave ceiling!

"Isn't that Bakka that you can't even do just that!? Osama, who served the brave before you, didn't add a drop of water to his balls!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"I'm tired! I can't walk anymore! Hey, Spirit Man!

"What!? You haven't walked 100 meters into a cave yet!? Besides, the work of the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) is almost done..."

"Ha!? That's not true! Osama, who had an adventure with me a long time ago, was exploring the cave with me! You made me sick, Osama, and you can't! I can't use it!

... There were about two things in common at this brave party I accompanied.

One is that since its birth, it has ceased to be in any way a self-adventure.

I was on an adventure today, but as I rode, I instructed the party members to do nothing with my chin.

So I only made the fruits of my adventures my own and kept them face to face as warriors.

And the other thing we have in common......

My last adventure on foot was a long time ago......

That the Spirit Soldier (Point Man) was Osama at that time...!


The fifty brave parties in this cave are all...

It was "Osama Childrens"......!

Any adventure will be a packed tour if it comes to Osama, so it remains a feeling then.

If that's the time to explore, it's still good......

If you run into a monster, the hurdle of demand will be even higher......!

"Whoa, there's a giant skeleton! Let me show you my sword moves!

"No, we will not let the brave out! With this great magic of mine......!

"No, the Wizard would be old enough already!? With this great purification of mine......!

At the same time, a trio of brave men, witches and virgins begin to prepare for the activation of a great skill.

He had received Giant Skeleton's twisted away, all aligned and slammed against the wall.

A spiritual soldier (pointman), who escaped only one of his difficulties, rushes to pull out of the wall.

"Hey, you okay?!? Why don't you avoid it!?

"" "" You, why aren't you Otri?!?!?

"What!? You're telling me to play shield!? If a light-dressed spikesman does that, he'll die in one blow!?

"" "Osama, Osama is ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

"Gu......! Guru! Got it! To the honor of the Boncos, I will prove to you that I am better than Osama! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!


◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Ugh... Ugh, yeah, somehow, knock it down, dude, dude..."

"Huh? Why aren't you doing anything, and what are you saying, 'I could take you down' or something? It's silly. And I can't believe you're dying alone."

"Do something about that injury yourself. I don't have a prayer for you just playing."

"Oh, no! I became Otri because of my life!?

"Osama didn't get hurt like this, did he?

"Hey, more than that, I'm new again! Not three giant skeletons this time!

"Oh, and brave! Now let's all kick ass, flashy!

…… …… ……

"" "What, no more magic (mana), good, good, good, good!?!?

"Spirit Man, why didn't you tell me!?

"That's right! Managing our mana would be your job too!?

"Damn it!? Fix the road, pay for the droplets, mumble, untap the trap, alert the monsters and be otri... and then even manage the mana. I can't believe you can't do that unless you're a superhuman!?!?