To the brave men who caved in to find Moffmorph, one per party, a magic device had been handed to them.

This is like a kind of transceiver, a conveying device that can be carried.

The receiver device becomes massive, but it is a very useful item because it can receive audio from a remote opponent.

A line of parties, including Bonclano, or faces that can also be called this' main unit ', were still outside the cave.

We were waiting for the advance team to contact us in front of a reception device set up in an open tent.

Instead of exploring with the advance team, Boncrano and the main team were supposed to rush to the spot with the advance team's discovery contact.

But what you can hear from the receiving device is:

"Ghaaaa!? Help me! Help me. Whoa! Osama, Osaaaaaa!!

"No! Die, die! Die!? Osama, Osaaaaaa!!

"Oh, my God! No, it's Osama! Help! Osama, Osaaaaaa!!

"Osama was a bummer! Help me! Osama, Osaaaaaaaaaa!!

Anger and screaming.

And mysterious, 'Osanchor'......!

It was unnatural for the valiant men who went into the cave to ask Osama for help with all 50 pairs.

Yet, like an expedition documentary full of yaraces......

And it was just creepy......!

Bonclano and the others shake their necks.

"Is it Osama, not Moffmorph, who's in the cave, Bon?

If there is an Osama who drives 200 adventurers into distress alone, it is plenty of predators.

"From the sound of your voice, you realize the importance of someone named Osama, and you sound like you regret it."

"Is that why! Why do 50 brave men ask one Osama for help! Think about it in common sense! A woman's brain miso is only about the size of a walnut, so shut up!

The brave men who rule this world ask for help from an unnamed Osama...?

Indeed, it was an unlikely story in common sense.

But Srl Boncos was trembling alone, as if they had heard the prophecy of world annihilation.

"Shroom, shhroom......! A selection of spirits (Pointman) from our Boncos family……. Fifty of them can't be inferior to Osama…!

He said with a bitter look, like a snake who had swallowed eggs far bigger than his own body.

"Fushirururururu...! Dear Bonclano, let's go to the cave too......! You can always find the Moffmorph in this carpet...! And what we need for brave men is not Osama or anything else... let us prove that we are the Boncos...! Shroom, shhroom......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

When the Bonclano line decided to enter the cave, the opposing Primla line had arrived in the woods with unicorns.

The forest of having unicorns is a forest to the east from the king's capital of the Rondowl small country.

It's huge enough forest to cover the western part of the Rondowl, but there's a national highway near it that connects it to its neighbor, Halbury.

The national highway is well maintained, so we could easily reach it by carriage to near the woods.

The woods are also explored by carriage and on foot from the way.

The march was far easier than the cave with the moffmorphs, but there were many strong monsters in this forest.

For this reason, the thirty knights proceed with caution, making sure to surround the primulas.

Since the monsters were there, many times they encountered each other, and many times there was a phase in which I thought it was a battle.

But when the monsters see the carriages of the Primuras, they run away as if they had come across the funeral of the Reapers.

They should have enough powerful monsters to lightly destroy one of the villages...

This is because "Rusty Wind" and "Sky Skeleton" were working together to put a Yakuza threat (Kunlok) in the forest monsters beforehand.

Thanks to this, the Primuras were able to arrive as light as an excursion to the area of having unicorns.

And when you reach that realm, the monster disappears in any way.

Because no evil monster can enter the Nawabari of Unicorn, the Holy Beast.

The forest was protected by nature, flooded with flowers, fruits, animals and spirits, breathtaking and beautiful.

"Wow......! Seriously, not super pretty. Say!?

"Hmm, that's not bad."

"Hey, the air feels so good too. Wow"

"It smells amazing, what flowers, here!?

"There's plenty of animals out there, too! Aren't we supposed to hunt?"

"Wow!? Forest animals are God's grasp!

"Wow, there's apples! Looks delicious!"

"It's definitely the poisonous apples that are in this place. Just touch it and you're dead."

"Hmmm, I thought I could ram one more than that, but there aren't any monsters at all!

The pine pack stays hugged by the primula, with no spare time in the sketch to explode the art.

A glass stone that also silently provides a true picture of the landscape and notes its feelings in the notebook.

One line goes on through the unicorn forest.

The forest was bright everywhere, even though it was covered with covered trees.

Filled with particles of light that dance fluffy as fluorescence, the flowers shine as the leaves glow themselves.

Moving on for a while, I went out to the big lake.

The water is very transparent and clearly reflects the view of the forest.

The view, as if another world were spreading on the water, was so clean and fantastic that it did not seem like it belonged in this world.

And then, the truth about the women leaks.

"Ugh... Wow! Take a look, uncle!

"Look, look, Gol!" "Gori-kun, mi-kun!

"Whoa! Wow, dude, look at that! Wouldn't it be great to have a drink here!

"Seriously, it doesn't suck. No!? Mr. Goldwolf!" "Hmm, this is Barr's boyfriend."

"Wow, Goldwolf! I want to see it better, so shoulder drive!" "Jahn, Jahn," "Jahn, I did it! I won!

"Become, what, everyone!? I'm not a goldwolf. Huh!?

When they realized, the women were physically attached to the coolaraka closest to Goldwolf.

And when you realize it's someone else,

"What, Kulalalaka (, honey)......"

One side disappoints and leaves.

Woohoo (oh)...!

What irony......!

They also realized, just like the brave ones...!

No, they had an unseen hand escort, so it's still better...

No, that's probably why I felt it, extra.

The adventure without Osama is tasteless, without coffee and coffee cream, as if it were coffee...!

Finally, just 'white water' eh......!