It is not impossible for the women to ask for Osama Kazame.

Because they had been imposing a ban on men for a week on unicorn challenges.

Because the unicorn has the nature of reacting sensitively to even the slightest leftover incense of a man, so it needed to be completely erased.

Members who participated in this one were not very interested in the man in the first place, so that in itself did not pose much of a problem.

But above all, the problem was......

Forced to 'Ban Osama'......!

Reincarnation held onto Osama on a daily basis.

Usually, they hold my shoulder close to me and stop me, but this time,

"Will Mother go on a unicorn quest? If so, do not make contact with men."

Instead of holding his shoulder for me, Osama was pushing his mother back with "Gold You Magic Hand," which he sells at Slumdog Mart.

That's an unprecedented sight.

No, even in the Dog Leg countries, the Grand Virgin is considered the number one......

A pervert attacked by an elementary school student glanced at Sasmata like he had been exposed to the crowd day after day.

She wasn't the only one driven back by magic hands.

Wow Knights and Big Bang Love, all......

From Osama, he was rejected...!

Primla had always seen how thirsty the participating members were for Osama this time around.

As a result, I get more depressed when I see them superimposing Osama on Kulalalaka.

All the more bright said the fellows who saw the primla in their eyes.

"Oh, well. What's wrong, Primura? You're in such a nice place because of this, so don't look like that, hey?

"Plump, knock, knock!

"Oh... yeah, kid! You're in such a good place, you're not shitty!

"Yes, yes! Mr. Goldwolf's gone, and, uh, I'm fine! Hey, burrito!

"Hmm, sometimes this is a good idea"

"It's not sloppy. Hey, Primla! Are you still the exclusive health guard of my" Wow Knights "? Say our Knights Charter, Glass Palin! Why is my belly bug ringing!?

"Hih...! I'm sorry!

"Wow! Wow, I'm starving! It's the same on the right.

"Oh, well. Shall we make lunch first, then? When it comes to picnics, it's a delicious lunch box!

Then the girls pound their tongues on Mother's handmade lunch box.

After I was hungry, I played in the meadow in front of the lake.

Play ball, dance, paint...

And as I was playing around, I noticed that a bunch of white horses were watching it far-flung.

"Oh, well, you have a horse. Guys, stay here! Join the moms for a treat!

With the addition of horse tendencies approaching at Mother's call, the venue becomes even more lively.

"Wow - a bright white horse, I've never seen a white horse like this!

"Wow! I'm not even in the mountains of Kamisama, such a white horse!

"Ugh, it's so cute!

"Ha, ha, ha! It's totally the usual prick already! If I prick it, I'm not an animal lover!?

"Every horse is pretty hairy! Not as good as my Wow Knights pony, but there's a sight for it!

"Hiaaaaaa! Please don't lick me. No!

"Licking is a sign that we're about to eat."

"Oumata! Oh, my God!

"Oh, this pony looks like she loves Pine, maybe, she's the same age?

A glass stone that silently tells Pasha and Shin that the girls can play with white horses.

After playing alone, rest in the shade of a tree.

The white horses also followed to rub off and put their heads on their knees to sweeten the girls.

"Ugh, guys, sweetheart and cum. That's okay, let's take a nap on the moms' knees."

The girls become mothers and stroke the white horse on their knees.

Only when did the white horses fall asleep with a restful look on their face.

Primla crushes as she strokes her tenderness to mercy.

"Ugh. Pine, too, sleeps with your horse. When you do this, you look like sisters."

"I guess being in a herd means being a horse living in this forest."

"Wow! It's unusual to miss horses so much in the woods!

"I've never had a knee pillow on a horse! That's a wild horse too!? Seriously, not too bad!?

"Bar, I need to be quiet because I'm asleep"

"Still, you've got a great nerve demanding a knee pillow for this one."

"When I wake up, I'm a horse prick."

"Are you going to eat these horses!?

White horses sleep on the knees not only of them, but also of Kulalalaka and the accompanying female knights.

Everyone was perfectly mellow for its adorability and nostalgia.

But then, until then, the silent and thoroughly shadowed glass stone pinches his mouth.

"Um... hey, excuse me. You guys haven't been moved, so I thought it would be just fine at first...... I thought maybe you hadn't noticed."

She also keeps taking cleverly true photographs, while keeping her knees occupied by white horses and making it difficult to move.

On behalf of everyone, her sister, Glasparene, visits back.

"What's up, Stone? Is something wrong?

In that word of my sister, Glassstone is convinced.

"Um, you guys need to calm down and listen. Especially your sister, don't make a loud noise when you hear what I'm about to say"

"What? What's wrong, Stone? It's okay, because your sister doesn't make loud noises."

"Then never be surprised to hear it. I'm on your knees, it's a unicorn."

"What...? Mugguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

Glasparene's scream didn't resonate thanks to Midnight Sugar blocking my mouth, which was right next door.