When the primulas were experiencing shock expansion in the woods......

Lady Fontine was going through the cave that there was a moffmorph.

Bonclano and Stented lead the spikesman Srl Boncos.

To Shingeri, Fontine and Burnap.

Inside the cave, the screams of the leading party, the Brave Party, were echoed.

Driven by monsters, trapped, trying to avoid their screaming lost in the way to move on.

"Shiru, the direction in which their voices speak may be seen as dangerous and explored. If you continue in a silent direction, you will reach the deepest point where the Moffmorphs are located."

"You haven't, Bong! Bong is tired. Bong!

"Also, no more, no more, no more limits, then...!

"Not even a hundred meters have gone by yet...... Shhhhhhhh!?

Looking back, Srl Boncos faces off.

Because you said you were in the middle of a dangerous cave, and your little shit was sleeping like a waste of money.

Besides, next to it, Stented lay low, like an ex-Licensen who failed miserably in an overall martial arts game.

"Wake up, both of you! Sleeping in here, it's dangerous!

But the fucker didn't try to move hard on all the crying kids and the strongest troublemakers adding to the vault.

"It's your job to do something about it, Bon! Thirsty bong, burnup! I need some water, Bon!

But Burnap ignores cancer.

"Burnap, we're going to give Boncrano some water."

Burnap was finally prompted by Fontine to get the water bottle out of the backpack and throw it at the fucking kid.

This time, Burnap is attending a party as an avant-garde and luggage man.

Having her, the youngest within the party and an elementary school girl with all her luggage, was an outrage that seemed to conflict with the Child Welfare Act......

Thanks to the fact that the backpack was hung by a magical training in capacity expansion and weight reduction and a very easy structure to carry, there was little strain on her.

This, by the way, is not a gorgeous smart item.

The lady's standpoint meant that the Gorgeous Smart backpack was not of good quality, so it was bought at Slumdog Mart.

But when I found out, it was a hassle later, so I was falling for it wearing a gorgeous smart cover.

Having drank all the water out of the water bottle, the fucker says something outrageous along with the gep.

"Whoo! When I drank a lot of water, I kind of stopped wanting to walk, Bon! From here on out, Bon, go ahead with Bon!

"Shrew!? If you mumble in a cave or something, you'll find it harder to get around. That would endanger not only those carrying it, but even Master Boncrano. Please don't be selfish and walk on your own feet."

But instead of being convinced, the fucker said, "What is selfishness, bong!?," said Srl Boncos, throwing a water bottle at him.

... Gassssssss!

He takes a blow to the forehead and blood flows from his snake-like head.

Srl Boncos just about got pretty on this, too.

"I can't believe you give people opinions on useless scumbags like that (●) Osama! But that Osama carried Bon and took him all the way to Moffmorph's. Bon! You're less than that, Bon!

In one word, the wrath of Srl Boncos increases even further.

But the spear goes to another person...!

"Shh, shh, shh...! It's impossible that Osama or less...! Ok, let me show you to Moffmorph with this carpet on your back, no, shoulder car...!

Osama inspires his rivals. Not really, Srl Boncos shouldered Bonclano.

Because of the childish idea that shoulder cars are in a higher position than Obu, they are greater.

He remembers me no matter what, he is a sober snake man by the time he is cunning...

When Osama got involved, that intelligence seemed to fall to the blemish level.

But it was more of a blemish brain than it was originally. Most popular with Bonclano.

"Whoa, it's expensive and it feels good Bon! Keep this shoulder car on, I'll take out the Moffmorph. Bong! Shr Bonkos, you're a lot better than that Osama!

"Shroom......! Have you finally figured it out? The Boncos, the famous family of spirits, are no better than Osama."

Fucking boy and mite man restarting in a spirit.

But in that first step, the mite man's foot was taken by the stabbing of the floor,

...... zhhhhhh!

Together, they were being pounded to the ground with momentum.

This brave party has not yet progressed a hundred meters into the cave and has not even met a monster......

It had already unfolded a hell of a picture, as if it were the deepest part of the cave.

"Ugh......" he groans and crawls to the ground, Bonclano and Srl Boncos.

"But no more, no more...!" and a sea of sweat without blood, gagged and sinking stented.

Even the lady can't help but feel anxious about this body.

"At this rate...... how can you find a moffmorph?

From there onwards, Fontine takes the lead, leading the sloppy men.

Then the good fortune of the lady's time was demonstrated, without even letting a single shepherd out, although there was some trouble......

Finally, we reach the moffmorph's nest.

There was a side of straw laid down, but the straw was shiny and glowing as if it were a rich wheat field.

The straw is also fluffy, as if walking on the clouds.

It is filled with a very aromatic fragrance, perhaps a smell of honey.

In the back, on a very high pile of straw, a giant black hairball.

It's like a big bear. It's like a big rock.

But now he's asleep, inflating his body slightly, and repeating regular movements like going back.

The lady looked around the nest one by one to make sure it was safe, and then invited the followers.

"Moffmorph seems to be asleep. Get ready for a welcome party while you're asleep"

Here's what the lady thought, Operation Moffmorph's Honey Gets.

While Moffmorph sleeps, decorate the nest and arrange Moffmorph's favorites and any toys he may like around.

And when Moffmorph wakes up, he treats him in an extremely friendly manner.

It was about getting along and having the honey divided...