The legendary quest challenges of "Slumdog Mart" and "Gorgeous Smart" were oddly similar in many places.

And ironically, it was the same until the method of getting legendary items.

Both factions have the stance of getting along and getting separated rather than killing and taking away the subject Holy Beast.

However, there are slight differences at the root of the idea.

For the reason that the 'Slumdog Mart' side is pathetic to take the unicorn horn by force.

For the reason that the 'gorgeous smart' side can't help but poison the honey of the purpose if you piss off Moffmorph.

And there was a greater difference between the two factions.

It is the character of the companions surrounding the Virgin.

The party members who accompanied Primla were in favor of an operation whereby everyone would get along with Unicorn.

But I accompanied Fontine, no men......

Maneuvers and such, do whatever you want......!

Since arriving at the Moffmorph's nest, Fontine, Burnapp and Srl Boncos have been preparing for a welcoming party......

Bonclano and Stented were playing around without even helping.

"Whoa, laying straw in this nest, very pleasant bong! Bon's fuzzier than the bet he's sleeping on, Bon!

"You've never had a monster sleep on such a stunning laid straw! What do you think? Take this straw with you, why don't you bring it back!?

"Whoa, that's a good idea, Bon! Just gather the straw, Bon!

"Ha ha! Hey, the mutts there! What are you going to do? I don't know. Stop decorating and collect straw for Bonclano!

Three people, called miscellaneous fish, continue to prepare for the welcome party by ignoring Stented's call.

But that wasn't good.

On the arrow tip where Stented dug up the straw, he finds something outrageous.


"Ooh!? Dear Bonclano, take a look! We have eggs!

"Whoa!? That's Moffmorph's egg bong!

"Does a moffmorph come from an egg! That's right, Master Bonclano, you're an expert! Yes, if I could take these eggs home, wouldn't that be more than honey!?

"Exactly, Bon! Stented is in love, Bon! I'm just gonna take the eggs. Bong!

"Now let's take a true look at the bravery of Boncrano, who holds an egg!

Stented retrieves the record balls as he recalls.

Bonclano was lifting an egg with about a pickle stone, but it was heavy and I let go of my hand on the way, and it fell on my leg.

...... gosha!

Lift up one leg and jump around like you hit Tans' cad with your little toe.

I don't know what you thought, pulling out the sword that was on your hips,

"Oh, my eggs are peeling my fangs at Bong! I can't forgive you, Bong!

I want to swing it down with passion......!

...... Gushaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Eggs that take a blow from the big upper section and splash in shatters.

Moffmorph eggs are inherently harder than stone.

I can't scratch one by force to the point of being a fucking boy, but thanks to Gorgeous Smart's finest magic sword, I could easily crush it like a hen egg.

"Whoa, this is hilarious bong! Stiff eggs can be easily broken Bon!

The fucker is half playing and crushing the lives he was about to be born one after the other.

Stented put that in a true photograph.

"Whoa! That's fantastic, Master Bonclano! The legendary Holy Beast, too, sounds like rubbish to Master Boncrano's righteous blow! No, no, no, no, no!

Two, Lord Idiot and Minister Idiot, are overshadowed by a great shadow.


The roar alone causes a slight vibration and feels a lot of pressure.

No way......!? And the silly combination I looked back at, what I saw......!

Black flame......!

It was a moffmorph, rebelling his whole body to burn...!

Of course, it is not actually burning, but the austere heat emitted from the body was enough to cause a mirage and distort the landscape around it.


Until then, the Fontines were obsessed with decorating and turning their backs on Moffmorphs.

The sound of a sudden explosion almost burst my heart out of my mouth.

Looking back to get strung up, there...

Stupid combing blown away by a roar like an explosion was rolling at my feet.

"" Hih... Hih!?!?

Stupid combing crawls away with a dead man's face and hides in the shadows of a rock.

They're both already incontinent, leaving behind the muscles of dirty trajectory.

Fontine immediately guessed when she saw Moffmorphs burning in anger and the gucha eggs that were by her side.

I'm filled with the desire to yell at you, but not now.

toward the hidden rock of the silly combination, and when I put my hands together,

"... Un du trois!

A triple mana shield appeared to protect every rock.

Mana Shield is usually the only thing you can tension, but such common sense doesn't work for a lady who is a good wizard.

- This shield is hard to maintain, and I won't be able to do anything else...

No matter how many holy beasts, they shouldn't break......!

I need to calm that kid down...!

But the lady's hopeful observation is broken in an instant.

... do-on!

When Moffmorph leaves it to anger and slaps his hands on the ground,


The earthen smoke rose as if a dragon were crawling in the ground and headed toward the rock where the silly combination was hiding.

And I tore all three mana shields like paper, and every rock,



I was dancing a silly combination up into the universe.

The lady is breathtaking.

- Been!? My Trois Shield in one shot......!?

If your shield doesn't work, you're not going to want a peaceful solution!

I'm sorry for that kid, but with my great magic......!

And, Fontine, who looked more at Moffmorph.

For further impact deployment, I'm going to hold my breath.

Oh, my God, Moffmorph was about to release a second wave towards Fontine.

But Burnap dived into his pocket and was about to get slapped, taking the bear hand with the Chalkan Blade...!

"Burnap!? What are you doing?

"To... Run... Run... Run...! Dear Fontine...!

"There's no way I can leave you and run away! You're the one who's getting away from it! Otherwise......!

The next moment, Moffmorph's marutai-like arm roars.

Each one had a sickle-sharp nail that gently moaned the little body.