Taking the blow of a moffmorph, the young girl's body was blown away like a leaf of a stormy tree and slammed against a rock wall.


Fontine rushes out without looking at us.

With a trace of blood on his wall, he punches his fingers toward a burnup that collapses as he drifts.

"It hurts. It hurts. Don't go back! Otherwise, I won't understand. Yikes!!

Then the injury disappeared, as he escaped from Burnap's body.

"It's going to hold on, burnup......!

Lady crouching to wake her up.

But the hand never touched the little body.

...... GO!

My body was exposed to the kind of impact that the avalanche had burst into, not long after I thought about it, and it was crashing against the wall.

In her red-dyed vision, she sees.

And where Moffmorph, who has forgotten me in anger, is about to unleash a todome blow at himself.

And in the meantime, look at Burnap trying to stand up and stop him.

But with that little body, there's no way you can take a blow like a giant's fist.

"To, escape...... Ha!

Instead of blood clogging my throat and screaming, I can't even breathe.

In a fading consciousness, unprecedented emotions begin to bud.

- Oh......

My life is finally about curtain calls too...

I have lived hard so far and at all times with all my might, so I have no regrets......

Just one, just one......

It's just heartbreaking that I didn't get the 'Golden Smile'......

All that is left of me is to wind up and blow through that other one...

Please... please be happy, please be...!

Even at the end, the girl who didn't lose her love, Fontine.

But Reaper still did not allow her to leave the world.

Instead, behind the moffmorphs, shadows like reapers hang.

"Don't move!

The Holy Beast is highly intelligent, so even monsters understand people's words to some extent.

Moffmorph looking back, what did he see......!?

The only one hatched from an egg left, a moffmorph chick......!

Peepy Ringing Hold It, Poke A Knife, Snakey Man......!

"Shroom, shhroom......! If you don't want your last child killed, you make it grown up......!

Srl Boncos had noticed that the leftover eggs cracked and just before the chicks were born.

During the battle with Moffmorph, he was multiplied by noise and dispersed in the laid straw, getting that chick...!

The otherwise gentle Moffmorph returns to sanity with just that.

pose of obedience, ooh ooh ooh ooh......! And it rang too loud.

There, the silly combination of examples interrupts.

"Yay, Bong! Srl Boncos!"

"This time I gave you a special, sloppy handle! Thank you! And what an evil monster to strip Boncrano of his fangs! Sa, Master Bonclano, do it Zuber!

Bonclano picks up the sword that was falling and joyfully heads towards his parent Moffmorph.

The lady squeezed her remaining strength and screamed as she crawled to them.

"Ya... stop...! Stop it! If you are going to fight and kill squarely, take the kid hostage, kill irresistible monsters, etc...!... ahhh!

But the suppression is also vain, and the murder blade is swung down.

Bonclano was laughing catchy, as if he were a kindergartner playing with a stick freshly poked in the clay.

"Stop it! Stop it! We won't do such cruel things, not even beasts. Yikes!? You, still brave so awesome!? That's awesome because that's how the brave fight!?

Bonclano is like playing with mud, while defiling his whole body with returning blood......

Respond with an open pupil and reopened attitude.

"Exactly, Bon! Bon's dad said it too, Bon! 'A brave man, before he is a human being, be he a brave man' and...! It's what weak people do to pity and forgive their enemies, Bon! But brave men must never lose, Bon! Whatever hands you use, you have to win, Bon! And that's the real 'courage' required of a brave man, Bon!

"Oh... that's not courage or anything! Obscene, brave......!

Fontine crawled to Bonclano's, but on the way,

... behey!

On my face, I was caught spitting.

"Dear Boncrano, you're right! No matter what hand you use, you just have to win, if you win! I'm going to tell you that now! Until now, I've been relieved, but if I'm serious, a woman like you, it's one shot!

...... GOON!

The last thing Fontine saw was a pig hoof-like leg, shaken up in our face.

Shortly after, consciousness flew away like a kicked soccer ball.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

... gogogogogogogogogogogogogogo.

Feeling a ground vibration, Fontine regains consciousness.

When I opened my eyes slightly, I met Srl Boncos.

"Squirrel, you seem to have noticed. They used the tiger child's elixir."

"Used...?" and Fontine returning it like every wow.

"Fushiyuru. Yeah, so could you tell me to stop it from coming out of your mouth?"

Fontine's sight was bonkers, but thanks to Elixir, he quickly became clear.

If you look closely, the knife was pressed against the neck of Srl Boncos.

Beyond that shoulder, there's a burnup with a ghostly look.

So, I understand the general situation.

Burnap threatened Srl Boncos to use Elixir.

By the way, Burnap can't read the letters.

As a result, the label of the potion cannot be discerned either.

Fontine woke her body after ordering Burnap to release Srl Boncos.

Looking around, I can see that where I am now is still a moffmorph's nest.

There are only three of us on this scene, and there's no such thing as a stupid combination.

And somehow the whole cave was shaking, and the shaking seemed to be getting more and more intense.

Before Fontine asks, Srl Boncos tells us.

"Shroom, shhroom. It looks like the cave is about to collapse, too, as Moffmorph, the nussi of this cave, is dead. There are rumors that when the Holy Beast disappears, so does the land, but apparently it's true."

Freed from the girl's blade, Srl Boncos, when he stood up, man,

"Then it's time to run away. Master Bonclano and Mr. Stented are just fleeing one toe. Mr. Fontine, you can move now, right? Okay, first. I'll see you outside the cave."

Srl Boncos couldn't wait to escape, like a snake crawling out of a sinking ship, Pyah! and went out of the moffmorph's nest.