Although Srl Boncos left Fontine and Burnap out of a room in the deepest part of the cave......

I wonder along the way and look back as I step on it.

The two of them haven't been able to come out, so I thought I'd get worried and come back and finally get out of the room.

"Shroom, shhroom. We have to hurry. This cave will collapse completely soon."

The three join together like a leading group of long-distance marathons, rushing through the aisle with all their might.

Not to mention Srl Boncos, a spiritual soldier (Pointman), and Fontine and Burnap are quite handsome.

Around half way back into the cave, I saw two backs, crossing a suspension bridge built over the valley.

Even though I'm so flirtatious that I'm dying now, its whipping and running on my body......

Needless to say, it is a brave combination of Boncrano and Stented.

They were fleeing first as the cave began to collapse.

In time, it was a long time before the Srl Boncos got off to a start, but they were already caught up.

Finished crossing the suspension bridge, Stented looks back without any concern as he breathes with his shoulders.

On that clap, I notice the next threesome.

"They're already here...!

He so twinkles, pulling the knife down from his hips.

Made of gorgeous smart, it was brand new, like the stained eye of today, gleaming like a ghost.

And what did you think......!

"Whoa, my hands are slipping!

... Spaaaa!

Turn off the rope on the suspension bridge...!?

A suspension bridge that has lost one support tilts to distort.

Srl Boncos, who was at the head of the succession, doubt my eyes.

"Shrew!? What are you doing, Mr. Stented?

But he licked the back of a knife with an evil look like a ghost in his heart.

"Whoa, once again, my hand slipped. Wow!

... Zubaaa!

Finally, I cut the ropes on both sides of the suspension bridge,

... ragged, ragged!

I turned down the only way to cross this valley...!

Like chicken racing, Srl Boncos brakes sharply on a cliff.

Followed by the back. Fontine and Burnap get hit by that back.

"What happened to stopping suddenly?!?

Srl Boncos Peeping over his back, Fontine raised her voice softly.

"Ah, the suspension bridge......!?

The lady is taking a breath across the shore, acknowledging the existence of a fat middle-aged man and perceiving everything.

"Mr. Stented, what have you done to me?!?

Then the fat middle-aged man gave his face with a muddled look.

"I'm missing something! This is why women say they're low brain! It wasn't Srl Boncos over there who cut off the suspension bridge!

Even in this period, you lie and impersonate people with sin.

He was no longer much more brave than a natural brave man.

But such a low degree of 'brave liar' doesn't work for a lady.

"You're lying! You must have cut the rope on the anchor on your shore!?

Then fat man, hun! And I snapped my nose.

"So don't say what! You forgot to say thank you to Lord Boncrano! 'A brave man, before he is a human being, be he a brave man'......! Even if it's only a temporary moment for a brave man like you to be inferior to trash like you, it must never be! That's why you kicked him down!

Fat man hoisting his sweaty face, Nichia......

"Have you seen Washi's true 'courage'! This is what I'm capable of! And now that we've finished you, it's time for this weasel to be a true brave man! No, no, no, no, no! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

After a high laugh, he turned his back and said, "Ah, wait, Master Bonclano ~!" and disappeared.

The leftover threesome stands flauntingly on the cliff.

The shaking of the cave becomes more and more intense, and the sand and dust begin to fall from the ceiling.

Srl Boncos kneels down disappointed.

"Fushiyuru... I'm done... I can't make it back and get out of another aisle..."

But the young lady looked to her without being killed.

Beyond the cliff.

And the future......!

"No, there's still got to be something there."

"Squirrel, Dear Fontine... even if you have any hands, you don't have time anymore... Whatever you do, it won't be worth it anymore..."

Shimmering sur boncos, as if they had been plucked to the soul.

The lady said, blind to the snake's loose shell.

"Mr. Srl Boncos. I have sworn to myself. 'Cry only once in your life, just before you die,' he said. But I ran out of it earlier."

As I tell myself, she puts her hands together.

"That's why I swore I wouldn't cry anymore! Whatever happens, whatever your predicament is, you're gonna have to lift it up to the end and let it survive! And then I hit the 'Golden Smile', back by that other one......!

The lady's golden curly hair turned upside down.

"That's the nascent Fontine. Wow! Ice knot, pierce him! Blizzard Blitz Pentatonic OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


A laser that cuts through the dim darkness is released from the fingertips that have moved the harp to snap.

It landed on the other shore, creating a scaffold of ice cubes one after the other.