The man's world was trembling like never before.

Suffice it to say I'm shaking.

The shaking you feel becomes even more intense and your body gets bumpy.

In front of me, a falling kakera passed.

- You won't have that much time left until this cave collapses.

As soon as possible, I need to fly towards the ice bridge and run...!

But I don't have a good leg.

Even though I'm not dull with fear.

- What are you lost in, saying you don't need to get lost or anything.

Shiru is a famous spiritual soldier (Pointman) who has served the brave... because he is a Boncos person.

Anyway, if you're going to lose your life to protect Master Boncrano, you can't just leave Master Boncrano and die first.

And then I saw it.

Girls rolling at your feet.

That doesn't work like a corpse anymore......

Like an invisible shackle, I grabbed the man's heart and didn't let him go.

My first emotion.

The man suffers when he says it's Setouchi of life.

- Why, why don't you dump them and run away!?

It's not like Stented left the carpet!

I just abandoned you, and no one will blame you for what you did!

Plus they're dead already...!

I just brought them back, and I don't even know if they can be used as pawns as before!

In other words, if you hold them alone, you won't be able to fly to the ice bridge......!

So to speak, I just care about empty liquor bottles......!

Even if I feel good while drinking, there's nothing to feel sorry for the empty bottle of alcohol......!


That's right, so sooo...!

The man shakes his bald head and pulls his gaze off the girls.

Just look ahead, as you have decided.

- Shiru, we have to survive...!

And I have to go beyond it, so sooo...!

That (●), give me Osama...!!

Then there is only one answer…!!

The man spreads his thin arms like a urchin is running.

And when you open your little black eyes cuttingly,


Most importantly, I hugged the girls and put them on my shoulders......!

The curly haired girl groans, "Ugh..." and opens her thin eyes.

The eyes looked incredible.

No words, but obviously,

'There's no way you can hold us and fly this distance!

He complains.

The man shook his head left and right slowly.

"Shrew. That brave party that Osama accompanied as a spiritual soldier (Pointman) said he didn't let one of the dead out, although it was only a lot of quest failures. That (●) Osama has a very timid personality and may have just been interrupting the quest early...... Still, there must have been many situations like this."

The man loosens his cheeks so as to reassure the girls.

The face wasn't just a nagging smile, like he always did.

Not the smile of creation, like a serpent without facial expressions laughing...

A powerful, warm smile, as if the wolf had taken over......!

"I'm sure that Osama would have done the same thing at a time like this."

That's what the man says, he turns his heel back.

Return to the shaky path and leave the ice bridge.

I was already back to my usual condition.

Like a snake that physically hunts down its prey and catches up mentally......

What you want to keep within, though cruel and cunning...

Don't put them on the table at all, on a cold look.

And finally, let out the snake voice......!

"...... Yikes!!

Along with the mood for tearing, I got off to a start.

With slippery feet, follow the aid up to the cliff critical.

At the time of (kiwaki), the edges (crevices) that are likely to step off the foot are perceived as gushing at the ground level….


Let your body stretch like a spring and kick the ground, so that it hits prey from height......

The universe, I danced...!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Time returns a little.

That was when the Boncranos killed Moffmorphs, the caves began to collapse, and they were making a scene.

Just Primla and the others were surrounded by a quiet commotion.

"Ko... these kids, Mr. Unicorn...?

"Oh well, if you look closely, there's definitely a horn growing!

"I mean, Mother, I can't believe you're hooked on the robe all you want, but you don't realize it!?

"Hmm, you didn't even notice that kind of bar."

"Hehe...! This is the unicorn!? If you look closely, you look good!

"It's just called the legendary Holy Beast, and you look different sleeping!

"Wow! I thought you were a normal horse!

"Palm crook's."

The pine pack is also made of child unicorns and suyasuya.

Glasparine remained in a knee-pillow state and had passed out in shock.

And when it comes to runs...

"I heard unicorns are vigilant monsters, but I didn't think you'd miss them so much. In any case, this is a great opportunity......!

He was gently pulling out the knife on his hips.

This knife has been magically trained and specializes in cutting corners of unicorns.

In this quest, it is a specially crafted weapon.

At the dawn of quest success, of course, they were going to sell out significantly.

"Everybody ready?

Lan orders in turn, looking around at his companions with a sharp voice.

"Hey, Atai is going to cut off the corner of the unicorn sleeping on her knees now. It's not a spa, so you'll notice it along the way and you'll break out. When the other unicorns wake up, take the little unicorns there hostage... no, take them to horse quality"

Charles Lunlot and Kulalalaka, who were by the Son Unicorn, nodded back, pulling out their hips swords and standing ready to jump out at any time.

"Glass Pareen and Midnight Sugar cover Charlotte and Kulalalalaka with a mana shield. Is Glass Palin still asleep? Well, no, just Midnight Sugar, please."

Midnight sugar that rocks the red slopes slightly back and forth.

"The two Big Bang Loves are ready for attack magic as Atai begins to cut corners. If the unicorns were to come to resist, the big unicorns out there would cut the tantrum. He's probably the leader of the herd, so I'm gonna give him a beating."

Big Bang Luv takes his wand, a magic catalyst, as he looks at each other in the face.

Leader-like unicorns were just sleeping on Burning Love's lap.

With huge tits and squeaky thighs, the horseface is a sandwich.

Finally, Run takes Primla and Mother...

In particular, we looked to Primla.

"Mother prepare to heal in case you get into battle and the wounded come out. And kid, you, the leader, give the signal. At the same time as your signal, Atai cuts the corner of the unicorn"

The seriousness of the companions concentrated on one girl.