The girl's world was trembling like never before.

Suffice it to say I'm shaking.

Even though it is calm to blow through, it hisses with sweat flowing through his forehead.

A number of eyes looked at him as if, at any given time, he had taken a serious look and shot through.

The girl tries to move her thin lips and remembers.

Because the word 'disappointment' came to my chest.

- Now, if you say what I think...

I am sure that you will be frightened and disappointed in me.


What am I supposed to do......!?

"Hey, kid! What are you talking about, say something!

The girl turns back to me with a cheek-stricken voice.

And I was unwittingly speaking.

"Ma... wait, Mr. Run. This quest is not about stripping, but about hemming…. It must have been an operation to ask the unicorns to divide the corners."

"Haaaa? You're still saying those dreams in this situation! They're monsters!? You're not stupid to ask a monster opponent! Now that I'm asleep, there's no better chance to take the horns!

Means of stripping a unicorn horn include killing the unicorn.

But to kill a unicorn, if you think of a brave man as an example, you need fifty decent brave parties.

Although, of course, the precondition is attached that the presence of a brave man is a matomo, as the world imagines.

Either way, I'm pretty sure it's a difficult thing to do.

Lan is right, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

But the girl just says, "But..."

And I felt the frustration of my friends recruiting me with my skin.

- Oh...!

Again, everyone has let me down......!

After all, here, Mr. Lan is right, take Mr. Unicorn's horn...!

But it's not good to be forced...!


Really, what can I really do......!?

If you had an uncle by my side at a time like this...!

Uncle, Uncle...!

But no matter how much you scream in your heart, it just sounds vain.

Instead, a stabbing voice jumps into my chest like a chase.

"Hey kid! It's nice to be nice, but come on! You know how many people annoy you with your raw thoughts!? If you don't get a unicorn horn, you're gonna lose to Gorgeous Smart!? Then Rondowl's Slumdog Mart is a huge failure! Many employees will be lost on the streets and 'disappointed' in you!

... Guthagggggggggggggggg!

The faces of the clerks in Rondowl, their faces that I will never forget, become a knife of contempt and pierce the girl's heart.

"Ugh," the girl pushing her chest like a chest ache.

Realizing the effect, Run shrugged his shoulders, all the more unfortunately.

"Ahhh, now it will be time for Goldwolf to give his love too! Goldwolf never scolds the guy who worked so hard, but he scolds you for failing out of hand!

... Zubaaaaaaaaa...!

Osama's shaped machete filled the girl's body.


The girl squatts by accident, as if she had been judged in the stomach.

Right in front of you, the peaceful sleeping face of the unicorn, and the corners.

Just break this sleeping face and your uncle won't scold you.

- Uncle...

My uncle entrusted me with all the important shops….

No, it's not just your uncle.

My hands now depend on the lives of my employees….

If you can't get Mr. Unicorn's horn......

Everything about it, it breaks......!

Oh... Uncle...!

What was your uncle doing at a time like this......!?


Please excuse me, uncle...!

Uncle aahhhhhhhh!

I was pushed to the brink of despair, no, the girl who pushed herself.

In her head, memories with you, my dear, ran like a running lantern.

A certain sight aligns like a slot machine.

It sparkled in the girl, like a jackpot.


and the girl who gives you a face.

Eyes that moistened like water and lost light.

There was a faint voice coming out of my dry lips.

"Oh... Your uncle, you said... 'A merchant, before being a merchant, be it a human being' and...! Merchants' minds alone, when they treat customers, make the customer thing look like just money... That is why, at the root, we must keep the human heart and treat our customers as human beings, …!

Hot tears tell the cheeks.

A faint light like the moon returns to its shaking eyes as seen in the water.

"It is because we treat our customers as human beings that we can cherish them like family members and treat them in person...... I can recommend the product so that you can come back alive rather than getting more money......!

When the girl opened her eyes, she looked at her companions as if they were illuminating.

With sunny hot eyes, enough to evaporate tears as well.

"I want to be one person before I am a merchant, as your uncle said...! I also want to take care of Mr. Unicorn so that we can take care of our customers......! That's my, honest thoughts......!

She relaxes and shifts her gaze to the restful toddlers.

"Pine always sleeps if I don't put you to sleep, uncle or sister. Someone I just met...... no, it's the first time I've slept with Mr. Unicorn. I cannot grieve for such children."

Then, for some reason, the companions showed relief.

Only the run throws up "don't try," and drops the knife.

And... something incredible happened.

... swoop...!

And the unicorns got up off their knees at once...!