The unicorns rested in peace with the girls' knees on their pillows.

But as soon as Primla decides to stop stripping the corners, she rises simultaneously.

And I was looking down at the girls.

Exactly with tough faces and unclean eyes, such as the Holy Beast.

A strong wind blew through the dazzling girls.

...... TMM!

The girls' hair is numb and the trees shudder.

After that, silence.

Only the sleeping breath of the child unicorn and pine pack stood still.

The unicorns' gaze gathers in primula.

She immediately guessed the meaning of the gaze.

"... have you been awake for a long time?

Then, like a leader, a large unicorn of a single body shook his head, blurring.

"Horses are animals that wake up intermittently, even when they lie down and sleep. Probably slept on the way there."

As Midnight Sugar says, the unicorn moves its neck vertically, as it nods.

Then, the girls' emotions were overwritten with amazement and they all started talking like they had cut a weir.

"Also, maybe...... Ah Shira, do you understand human language? Impossible.

"Hmm, you're smart."

"Uhm......! When it comes to horses, that's the Holy Beast!

"Oh, well, even the animals, if they talk properly, will understand the language. The kids in our garden will listen to your mum, won't they?

"Well, you're just unusual."

"So, but I think I know! Mary, the landlord, would sneak me out if I was crying!

But only one girl, she was biting her teeth.

"These, horse bastards......! I just woke up on the way over and you listened to the Atai's interaction......!? They tried the Atai guys...!

Then the leader's unicorn approaches the run in slow steps.

Bring your head and poke at the corner.

"Become!? What the heck!? Are you trying to poke and kill Atai!? Ji...... superior! Try it, motherfucker!

Run was temperamental, but his voice was trembling.

The unicorn stays pointing at the corner, lifting the forefoot,

Con, con......!

and at the tip of his hoof, let him slap his own horn.

"Do you mean... give me the horn...?

To the question of the run, a unicorn rings back with its face down.

It was an incredible offer.

What a unicorn himself gave me a horn and said "cut".

This is exactly what Primla was suggesting, "hemming" eh......!?

The run was also half-hearted at first, but the unicorn doesn't move with the corners pointing.

Pick up the knife you dropped and try to put it up on the corner once in a while, but you won't resist anything.

"Hey, are you sure about this?!? Shh... wow! Hey, hey!

Run finally gets on with it and begins to giggle the corners with a knife.

The party members I was watching around also stood colored.

You really get a unicorn horn...! and......!

But only one, a girl with a contemplative look.

As she decides, when she bites her lips off all the time,

"Ma...... wait, Mr. Run!!

The squeezed out voice was so inverted that it didn't seem like it belonged to the girl.

It's like the hem of the robe is turning up. I don't mind, I'm running over.

For a girl who was entertained with the Holy Girl and was always cautious, a word that is not to be confused, as "must be"......!

And the next thing I was released was a shocking word that everyone doubted their ears......!

"The corner... I can't get it!!

...... TMM!

Also, a strong wind blew.

Hands that move the knife, a run that stops the knife perfectly.

"Kid... now what?

This is the second time I've been stopped from Primla.

The short-tempered run stares at the primula as he floats his blues.

I only grew up on the street, and my eyes on the brink of magic were faint.

For a greenhouse-raised primula, the hatred of others he receives for the first time.

Primla accidentally stifles her body, as if she had been hit by a knife on her neck muscle.

But the bully fighting back. Thus, the girl squeezed her courage.

"Also... if Mr. Unicorn had given me a corner... Many adventurers will be pushing against this forest!

"Ah? That's right! You found out there was a unicorn!

"If that happens, these kids will be targeted for their lives by many adventurers!

"You bet, because they're monsters!

"Wow... I have always thought that monsters are all beings that do harm to humans! But... these kids were different! So gentle, so innocent......! It's no different from the animals in the woods!

This was not mercy as a holy girl.

It was her feelings as a human being, without falsehood.

And that's...

It's also the first time for a girl, 'choice'......!

"This forest is so peaceful right now! But when the adventurers arrive, these kids won't be able to hang out or take a nap! And of course, that could be human discretion! And I know what I'm saying is very selfish!

Until now, there's a girl who's done everything...

Until now, a girl who was laughing calmly one step away......

For the first time of my own volition, the moment I made the 'claim'......!

Whatever lies ahead, be it a 'failure'......!

Even if it would be 'Great Disappointment' waiting for you to fly ahead......!

"I'm so sorry to have gotten you all involved! But... Still...! I want to keep these kids calm! I want to soothe you!!

Don't be afraid to fly, I gave it a shot...!

"I want to calm down! I want to calm down!! I want to soften............!!! I want to soften up!!!!

... it was, oddly enough, happening at the same time.

Srl Boncos took on two girls and camouflaged a generation of big jumps and......

It was at exactly the same time that Primla barked to fly into the sky......!