After the claim of a primula like a thunderbolt rushes through, the forest is engulfed in silence.

The first to break it was a girl who could now be her partner.

"... it's splendid to have only the horn of this horse bastard, the leader of the herd. I've never seen such a dequette horn. If I take it home and decorate the store, people will push it from neighboring countries. The Rondowl Slumdog Mart, who had trouble not coming, said he could reverse it all at once... and let it go, huh?

The words seemed solitary, but were clearly directed at Primla.

Primla answers yes with straight eyes.

"Uncle, let me explain to you. Let us also consider alternative measures. I haven't figured it out right now, but as soon as I get back from this quest,"

The voice was as withered as it was earlier by screaming, but the feeling put in was sincere and polite, as always.

Ha, and the sigh returns.

After a while,

"... uh, don't try it"

The partner girl looks out of her mind and releases the knife that was raised on the corner of the unicorn.

But the knife didn't fall out of his hand, it was in the sheath of his hips.

Pattin, after a naked knife, gave him a refreshing look,

"Hey kid, you're starting to say a lot too, aren't you? Only this time, pull it off!

Put your usual nickely smile on Primla.

That was it, already, tears flooded out of Primla's eyes.

"Ah... thank you very much! Mr. Run!

A primula that bows its head deeply so that it sits down.

The strained air unwinded and the place soothed at once.

Here finally my sister gives a gorgeous voice in her usual pose where she tangles her fingers together in front of her big chest.

"Primla's thoughts, Mom, I think it's sooo good. Wow!

There is nothing else that has ever pierced her silence, which is inherently hyperbolic.

I thought now was the time for Primla's trials, and I didn't want to blunt her decision.

Then, my colleagues agree one after the other.


"Wow, I agree! I want animals. I want animals!

"You're gonna scratch my Wow Knights sign, but I can't help it."


"Ha, ha, ha! Unicorns give me horns. I can't believe it! And I can't believe you turned that down! Seriously, it's not like a fairy tale. Say!?

"Hmm, Merchant."

"Ugh......! Dear Primla, what a gentle heart bearer......! This coolaraka will follow you for the rest of your life!

But there is one who disagrees.

"Don't be happy."

In a way, this forest was the best suited, redneck girl.

She makes the opposite of a lovely cliche, all the more stubborn look.

Charles Lunlot, who was next door, bared his voice like hell.

"What, you're wasting your horns!?

"It's not. It's unnatural to be happy."

"Why shouldn't I be happy!?

Then the red slope moved slowly and looked in a certain direction.

There's a glass stone with a true-photo machine.

"If it's to preserve the peace in the woods, just because you don't bring back the horns is a one-handed fall. It's best to say," There was no unicorn in the woods. "

The first to understand it was the redneck and the good battle cool girl.

"Hmm, I see. It's unnatural to smile because the quest will also fail."

"Nah! But come on, I don't have any real photos I've ever taken!?

Then this time, attention is drawn to the glass stone's true photographer.

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Glassstone. Could you please erase all the true photos of Mr. Unicorn I've taken so far?

When Primla asked, Glassstone looked back at the cold glass ladder, Primla.

"... you're telling me to do a lie story on this me? I have been a reporter on my mission to tell the truth at all times. Even if he was threatened by a brave man, he has never erased his true photograph."

She is a beautiful reporter, so many brave men have been allowed to join her so far.

At the same time, I've made a lot of scandals...

The brave man stopped and tried to erase the scandal.

Even if there was no scandal, there were times when I was forced to fabricate my own handles.

And she herself never succumbed to the pressure of the brave, but the upper echelons were through with the brave, and the articles were revoked or tampered with more than once.

I was bitter about that, so she would never have broken it, if she were normal......

Running a sparkling light on the lens,

"... but only this time it's special. Because the brave man was to protect himself, but the primula is trying to protect others. For me, I've never been covered like this before. But only this time. Only this time, I will erase the true photo that the unicorn is taking."

"To it," she continued, watching......

It was the face of my real sister, who filled the glass with tears.

"If I say no here, I don't know what's gonna happen to your sister."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stone! Thank you, thank you ~! You're such a good girl ~! Sister, I'm happy ~! I'm happy, I'm happy! I'm so glad!"

As if she were a real daughter, a sister who hugs her sister, nods her face to her chest and cries hard.

Glassstone, who never changed one expression so far, gave me my first troubled smile here.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then Primla and the others had a few true photographs of their bodies that they could not find a unicorn.

He also dropped his shoulder disappointingly when he was out of the woods and appealed with regret that this was still the case.

It seeped remorse in the press waiting outside the woods.

Primla, who has never lied, was a lot of things, but the rest of us cover it.

"My moms retreated from the woods and there were no unicorns! You must have been lying! To the kid who lied, I'm gonna meh!

"Uh, I'm not trying! My leg's turned into a stick! Where are you going? I can't believe he's got a unicorn. Who blew the hora!

"I already bet on this quest until I canceled my Ah Shira job, but it's impossible not to be there. No!?

"Hmm, you feel bad"

"Gathering the total strength of my Wow Knights, I couldn't find a unicorn! Then there will never be a unicorn in that forest!

"The captain assured me with the thought of a severance. This is absolutely true."

"Wow! The woods were full of horses! Someone mistook it for a unicorn!

"Eh, that... erm... Oh, I'm starving!

"Everybody's right, there was no unicorn! Nowhere! It would have been decided this I would have defeated!

"I accompanied him as an interview, and I couldn't confirm what a unicorn looked like. The pattern of the quest is in a true photograph, so we will send it to each newspaper later."