Outside the woods, where unicorns are, the press were waiting.

When the nagging primulas came out, I immediately surrounded them and attacked them with questions, but I knew it was a quest failure, and the tide was pulling away.

When everyone leaves, leave a throwaway dialogue.

"Ah, you failed your quest after all."

"And you suck at failing without finding a unicorn."

"At least if you missed the unicorn, it would still be an article."

"I've been waiting for you all morning, and you've been totally wasted."

"I was hoping the Holly Dolls, the famous Virgin, would challenge the unicorns."

"Maybe those Virgin Samas aren't softer looking, either?

"When this happens, we'll just have to make it an article on that side, like, 'Sama, the Virgin of Unicorn all over'!

Primla keeps her head down, turning a reprehensible gaze and telling hissohisso stories to reporters.

Mother didn't seem to care, and kept waving at Nico.

The reporters' pussies don't stop.

"All that buzzing around, this body... this battle is a gorgeous smart victory!

"That's right, 'cause there's no way you're gonna fail over there! Oh, my God, there are fifty brave men's parties!

"Besides, if we're all in the Lord's Heaven class, we've got a lot of work to do, so I guess Moffmorphs aren't your eyes either!

"Well, why don't we go and interview Master Boncrano now?

"Right, let's go before the rest of them steal the scoop!

"Damn, I expected us to be stupid from Sama, the Virgin who just looked like this!

This time, each newspaper mobilized reporters to cover both stores.

As for staffing, it was half of the time, but the quest on the Slumdog Mart side was a failure, so no more coverage makes sense.

Everyone hurries into the carriage and leaves with the momentum to dust the slum dog mart women with their hind legs.

At this point, everyone in the interview was convinced of Gorgeous Smart's victory.

But it will no longer be necessary to say.

That means, 'That's never happening'...

But the interviewers wouldn't have stopped going to the interview, even if they'd heard 'the quest on the gorgeous smart side failed too'.

Because their consciousness just shifts like this.

'What? Not only Slam Dogmart, but Gorgeous Smart's quest failed?

'Still, it would be worth more than this one to go to the interview!

'Yes, yes! Whatever it is, it's impossible to fail worse than Slumdog Mart!

'Oh, my God, there are fifty brave men! There's no way a brave man would fall for free!

'Yes, yes! I'm sure you'll bring us reporters great discoveries and new special danes!

Their thoughts were half hit and half hazy.

So... it's time...

Let's take a look at the final backdrop of the brave men who challenged Moffmorph...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Fifty groups of brave men from the advance team, who challenged the cave with Moffmorphs, had been hit and retreated by traps and monsters on the road without even seeing the shadow of Moffmorphs.

When they crawl out of the cave with their lives, they begin to return on a ride with us.

I don't know about Bonclano anymore, all I have in mind is that I run away.

"Run first if you fail" was one of their wisdom to survive in a brave organization.

Because if we stay together until the end, we may be able to impersonate the blame for the failure.

They were also 'veteran braves' in the sense around them, so they were quick to cut them off.

The decision was supposed to be an English break, which would minimize the damage...

All this time, I went behind my back.

They were going back the same route to the cave in the morning, trying to get back to the city...

How dare you run into a bunch of bandits in the woods along the way...!

Besides, the bandits' mentes are just familiars......!

Yes, on the way, disposable squire......!

"How dare you treat us like garbage!

"I've put up with it so far, but I won't forgive you anymore!

"Tortured grudges so far, let me clear them all up here!

At first, the brave men did not yield to their threats, but behaved intimidating.

"What are you! You do this to me, the brave man, and you think I'm just gonna suck!

Usually, if you show them the big parts of the organization, most of them will grow up...

They no longer had anything to fear, they had become 'invincible'.

When the brand doesn't work, the braves turn around.

Become a middle-aged bald fat pussy hunter.

"Wah...! I was sorry! I'll hire you again, forgive me!

"I'll do anything you want! Money, see, take as much as you like!

"Does this all mean it's still not enough!? Knock...! Nah... then let's do a woman too! Look, take whatever you want! Which one do you prefer, the Virgin or the Wizard?

Finally, even a jerk selling his wife who was letting him accompany him......!

"Yu...... brave man!? Oh my god!? I can't believe you're giving us away like things!

"Not really! I've served with one brave man before!

"Shut up, shut up! I'm tired of you guys already! Hold on, get over there!

In the end, the Virgin and the Wizard are denied even from the burglars, and they taste the indescribable humiliation of not being dealt with by either man.

And the brave men, they were made to look outrageous.

Around that time, the interviewers, not even knowing there was a burglar in the woods, waited outside the woods to leave.

On the terrain, the forest is situated on a small high hill.

From this hill, going behind the forest leads to the mountain where the moffmorph is located, and out of the forest and down the hill it becomes a city.

For this reason, the hilltop was busy with quite a few people.

The reporters, who were going to Slumdog Mart to interview, also joined, and their numbers swelled and swelled.

All the press in this country had gathered to show the great bustle of visiting global stars.

Everyone set up a true-photo machine towards the back of the woods in an effort to put the bravery of the triumphant brave first...

What their finder was capturing was an incredible sight.

Holy shit......

Is it sooo much, a bunch of jerks......!?