It wasn't the bravery of the brave who showed up out of the woods...

For some reason, they were naked jellyfish.

He sways the fat around his body with plenty and presses his groin with both hands.

The expression was blue and half crying, like a long-distance runner who had reached his limit.

But what was very different from the athletes was that they were very blunt-footed.

Even the dosdosdos butterflies and footprints are ugly, and some of them are falling to the fore when they talk.

To the emergence of a mysterious group of perverts, the media, who were laying a coverage siege outside the woods, uniformly neck off.

"What the hell are these jerks...?

"Of bald and fat, naked... and so many..."

"Wow, I've never seen these disgusting guys before!

"The pig is running away from the pigshack. Look at that!

"What do we do? Do you want to take a picture?

"Hey, if you put on a bunch of pig jerks that only hold this nausea, you're down dramatically!

And everyone in the reporter was trying to get their faces off the true-photo machine.

"Ma... no! Look at the cheeks of the jerks at that head. Yikes!

"Those flaming tattoos... could they be brave!?

"Definitely! That distinctive tattoo is Dear Brave Firehead!

Brave 'Firehead'.

A warrior who wears a revolving helmet and manipulates a fiery sword technique in a deep red armor.

Fireblade, a great sword mover, says it burns everything down with one machete.

He is the supreme brave man, that any great villain trembles just to hear his name.

I'm not wearing any distinctive gear right now and at first glance I was just a naked jerk......

Thanks to the tattoo I put in when I was younger, I could hardly tell that I was a brave man.

"No, no matter how much, everything's different!? There's no way Master Firehead is such an ugly no-good jerk!

"But look at that! Next door is Master Brave Thunderhead, isn't it!?

Brave 'Thunderhead'.

A warrior who wears a silver armor with a revolving helmet and manipulates a thunderous sword technique.

Thunderblade, a great sword mover, says he attributes everything to ashes with one machete.

He is the ultimate brave man, that any great villain will chip a dick just by asking his name.

"Whoa, behind you, Master Brave Stormhead!

Brave 'Stormhead'.

A warrior who wears a revolving helmet and manipulates the Great Sword of the Storm (Seiyusha) in Aotearoa armor.

Stormblade, a great sword mover, is abbreviated below.

"At the end of the day, even the brave Earthquakehead!?

Brave 'Abbreviated Below Earth'.

"Nah...... why are the brave guys called 'The Four Heavens of Disaster' running bare!?

The four wolves in the lead group are fierce enough to be called the Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster.

They were also aligned and had the hairstyle of stroking thinner hair, the so-called barcode baldness.

There is a trend in the world to like that hairstyle, so much so that some people deliberately shave and imitate it.

But now, the hair is peeled off of my head...

Scuska, like a burnt military flag, and hung vainly.

An indescribable subtle air spreads through the interview team.

"Ya..." The Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster "was such an ugly jerk..."

"I didn't realize it was such a bumpy body because it usually covers my body with a flashy cloak..."

"My son, a fan of The Four Heavens of Disaster, when he found out he was going to cover the quest, he gave me a true picture... and when he found out he was such a jerk, he'd be disillusioned..."

"Such a dick, I can do KO with one bread..."

And at the same time, they came to a conclusion.

"No way, brave man... no, those jerks, they got hunted...!?

"You must be! Must have been stripped by some bandit instead of defeating Moffmorph!

"Does that mean the Gorgeous Smart quest was a huge failure!?

"In the meantime, shoot! Enclose the perimeter! Either way, it's special!

Until now, it was a naked exposure of a jerk with zero value, but as soon as I found out with a brave man, it quickly turned into a scoop with a value of a thousand gold.

The reporters surrounded the stay-born oysters as they cut the shutter on the true-photographer.

"What the hell happened, Master Brave Firehead?!?

"You look amazing!? What happened to the fine armor?

"Did you get a gesture?!?

"The quest failed, didn't it!? It's unprecedented that they take all their gear too!?

The brave men pressed their faces and refused to be photographed.

But then I couldn't hide my groin, on a more dull picture......!

"No, don't, don't shoot! Don't shoot me!

"No comment! No comment!"

"I want to go back to the city! Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

"Wah... I'm a brave man, Earth...! No, it's not a firehead! Do you know what happens when you do this!?

"Whoa, it's Earthhead! Don't fool me with your name! Not only during your adventure, but until this period, you're trying to impersonate me with failure!

"Holy shit! Speaking of which, it's your fault!

"Do it, you!

And the festival begins......!

Gaffbeloha gabebab johaba!!

The 'Kanka Festival' where the Oyazis play a miracle cat that is dirty from anywhere......!

The mass-produced oyster continues to come without a thread, the "Dada Festival"......!

It was the dawn of the most ugly festival of all worlds, worthy exactly of calling it the 'Sage Festival of the Brave'......!

In addition, the reporters' tags come off, shifting toward a fiercer outrage of more varied brave men.

I saw a gap and dragged it around roping at the brave men who tried to escape, or pushed it into the mud that was nearby......

Put a knee kick in the gold all crispy and step further where it's stuffy......

That's a hell of a picture for a brave man, more than when exploring a cave......!

The media in this world has the properties of an opportunistic fungus (Hinamikin).

Hekora and Chiyahoya are the opponents of the highest glory.

But once you find a falling out faulty, turn around......!

Shake the convenient position of "People's Representation" and so on, and knock it off thoroughly......!