The Sage Festival of the Brave finally welcomes the climax.

... whoa... whoa... whoa... whoa...

A lively hanging voice echoes from the back of the woods.

... Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The Lord of that voice, which grew louder and louder, was a shadow of many.

The shadows are on their shoulders, shaking to festivities.

The reporters, who were interested in hunting for the jellyfish, stopped their hands and watched in the direction of their impending voices.

"What, that...?

"That's a kind of festival in the East. Yeah, I did, I put God on it, and I'm gonna walk the streets."

"That was a long time ago, wasn't it? They used to put a statue of a goddess or something on it, but now they're putting a brave man on it. For God's sake."

"You don't care about that! The question is, why are you here?

A figure who eventually proceeds from the dark woods covered in folding crowns under the light that plunges in.

Its face, which seemed to float, was covered in a mask.

They're all wearing masks, aren't they? That mask, somewhere... "

"Oh, that's," Gold-kun Kiriki Mask "! It's a mask for sale at Slumdog Mart!

"I know! That's the mask the Resistances wore at Gorkon on Greysky Island!?

"Because of that, now in the Dog Leg countries, that mask is a symbol of anti-valor!

"Does that mean they're the anti-brave ones!

"What the hell is a god that the anti-brave guys take up!?

"Funny! Because of this, let's scoop it!

Kick the muddy jerks who were stepping on them, and the reporters set up a true-photo machine.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa!

The gods in charge of the wild dog masks finally go out into the woods and expose themselves to the daytime.

The anti-brave wild dogs were equally responsible for God's......


But he wasn't just a brave man.

Are you sober, brave......!?

But he wasn't just a brave man who was sober.

Graffiti all over my body, is it sooo brave......!?

There were two brave men, trying to be back-to-back over the divine, bound to the great letters.

Now I am more of a sinner than a god.

One of the sinners is a mass-produced oyster type brave man who is crawling at the feet of reporters right now.

The body reads, "Nice Brave," "Heckle," "Stupid," and "In Gankpfl, I was caught with a pervert," among others.

The other is a middle-bodied young man.

The body had written "Fucking Boy," "Heckle," "Stupid," "I'm going to be a Rondowl pervert," etc.

You both cried out loud, just squeezing your dead voice out of your mouth that makes you puff like an oxygen-free carp.

"Ugh... but no more... not yet, forgive me... I'll do it..."

"Take... don't shoot, bong... Pa, tell your dad... I'll do it..."

The reporters quickly figured out who that sinner combo was.

"Ahhh!? Dear Bonclano, aren't you Mr. Stented!?

"Yes, what the hell happened!?

"I can't believe they didn't just strip me, they even graffiti me and expose me...!

And at the same time, surround the divine shrine.

"Mr. Wild Dog Mask! Who the hell are you people!?

"What do you do to a godlike brave man in this world!?

"Besides, it's just a place where you don't even fear God to let Master Boncrano, son of Master Buttaftotta, see you like this!

What we were doing is going up on the shelf and starting a blameworthy interview.

But the wild dogs raved their voices, as they bounced them off.

"I was dumped after the brave men used me!

"It's like garbage, too! I've put up with this all the time, but it's the limit now!

"We don't believe in brave men anymore! We live on our own!

"This is a declaration of war on the brave! All the brave men in this country will shame their lives!

"Watch what we do now! And tell them all over the country!

The wild dog masks march through the broken hedges and down the top of the hill.

And in front of the ramp leading to the city, he lowered the divine shrine.

Shinto is the type of person who has wheels and is independent even if he is not in charge.

That's, oh my...

"Let's go. Whoa! Let it go!

Crap, crap, crap!!

Towards the city at the foot, I pushed away......!!

The two brave men, who were bound by divinity, squeeze the scream out of their throats, which should no longer have died.

"" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Leaving behind remnants like the Doppler effect and grains of tears that disappear all over the wind......

It quickly got smaller.

Shinto descends like a jet coaster and jumps at the foot of the hill.

Land on the city's boulevard and burst out to roll down the ramp.

That's a shocking moment, like the execution of a novice.

The reporters were so shocked that they forgot me...!

"Bo... Bonclano and Stented have been dropped into the city naked!?

"This is definitely a big scoop no matter what the outcome!

"We're going after him! Take pictures of those two in the city, exposed to shame!

"Depending on where you're going, you'll both be dead!

"Seriously!? If you die dressed like that, you'll be a laugher to the last generation!

"If I could leave such a defining moment, it'd be an award mon!

… now and always, the definition of historical scoop is no different.

It is' scandal 'and' death '.

Needless to say, scandals, such as infidelity and corruption, are 'ugly cases'.

"Death" stays the same, dying of incidents, accidents, etc., "unfortunate cases".

People are attracted to cases that are uglier and doubt their character as people, feel justice between bundles, and burn their anger.

Like death, which is more painful and makes people want to turn away, people are blinded, they feel mercy between bundles, and they are heartbroken.

Ideally, a fire occurs across the shore.

Reality enough to get the heat through on the wind, but there's a river in between and I'm absolutely safe......!

For this Sage Festival of the Brave, the elements of the Scandal were cumbersome.

But the brave men were wounded, and there was not a single dead man.

But here, a great bomb was dropped.

There's an oversized bomb named "Sage the Brave"...!

If there was anything like a divine clash against a block wall or something, the brave men on it would definitely be like tomatoes slapped against the wall.


In addition to 'Scandal', an element of 'Death' will be added...!

The brave men ascend pitifully, mocked by the people...

Sublime to the 'perfect scoop' of history...!