From a quest confrontation between Slumdog Mart and Gorgeous Smart, the morning after dawn of the night.

Rondowl small countries always wake up with the lively chirping of hens, but not today......

... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Everywhere, there was a screaming tinge.

The adventurers have breakfast every morning as they glance at the newspaper in the liquor store.

Speaking of adventurers, I have a strong blue-collar impression and the sports newspaper seems to suit me......

Even without weighing in today's newspaper, it was as colourful as the back of a sports newspaper.


The brave ones, with their dull skin tones...!

Each piece of paper covered yesterday's Sage Festival in its entirety...!

Besides, without modification (no mosaic)......!

... Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!

It's not going to be easy.

"Nah...... what the fuck, these disgusting jerks!?

"Why do I have to show such a nasty thing from the morning!?

"These guys are barely fighting, getting muddy, getting dragged around!?

"Is that a new execution landscape!?

"Apparently, these jerks are the brave ones who challenged Moffmorph!

"Does that mean you're failing your quest, buddy, and you're fighting over something!

"What the fuck!? But what we need to know isn't what's going on with the brave ass hole! The results of the legendary challenge are now known!

"Looks like they both failed! Slumdog Mart is better, although it doesn't say it at all!

"What the hell!? Then a newspaper like this, it's worth nothing! It could even be a piece of paper to wipe your ass off. Hey!

The warriors left it to their anger to try to pull off the newspaper, but there,

... Harari.

and a piece of paper fell, as the feathercoat flickered.

That was a folding flyer......

It was not a cheap piece of paper commonly found in flyers, but rather a fine piece of paper with a silky touch.

And the use of color is also soft and calm, not just to make it stand out.

When everyone accidentally picks it up, it smells fluffy and good from the paper.

On the paper at the heart,

"Slumdog Mart Quest Failed Sorry Sale"

And there were pictures of the Virgin who seemed sorry, the Virgin who was tehepero, and the Gale Magic Guide who was scorning the Virgins.

The hearts of the swollen men roar with cum.

And I get stuck.

"On second thought...... Even we fail quests all the time..."

"Oh...... But you're wrong..."

"Gorgeous smart braves have failed their quest and are ugly and contentious..."

"Slumdog Mart Virgins and Wizards are encouraging each other..."

"You failed the same thing, but after that, you're wrong..."

"Me... I used to shop for quests at Gorgeous Smart... today, let's go to Slam Dog Mart..."

"Me too... sounds like we're having a sale"

... yesterday Primla, who failed the quest, returned at an arrowy speed.

The girl who jumped first into the office where Goldwolf was, tried to sliding dugout, but she gets hugged by Osama, who was waiting for her.

Next to that, I want to have myself hugged, and my usual faces, such as Mother and Big Bang Love, slide sideways.

Primla was totally shuddered by her unexpected lucky sketch, in her uncle's arm.

By the way, the definition of 'lucky skebe' for this Holy Girl is very low in hurdles.

With karta play, for example, trying to take the same bills, my hands just touched each other.

- Should I be happy...!

and it's going to blow my nose.

At this rate, it's already tough on the day Osama hugs me.

I haven't noticed that Osama gently took the hair of the unicorn that was on my hair.

Primla relieved herself a little, and returned to me,


But the words I finally uttered were blocked with one finger.

"Mr. Primla. There is no need to report on the results of the quest. What matters is how you deal with your customers with the results. The quest is only a means, and we must not forget its original purpose, 'promotion'. There's still a lot that Primla can do."

"There's still a lot I can do...?

"Yes, even if you fail the quest, don't assume the promotion failed either. That's like grieving that you can't stand anymore because you fell. The important thing is that it doesn't happen for free."

"Doesn't happen for free, feels..."

At the feet of a girl who snaps like that,

"Ahem! Mom, you fell! Until Gol let me tell you something, let me tell you something!

and the look of my sister rolling around like a wacko.

Osama laughs bitterly.

"... I don't know if it's a good example, but try to apprentice that spirit"

That's right.

Primla takes advice from Osama and comes up with 'Slumdog Mart Quest Fails Sorry Sale'.

He made a flyer with a penetration and screwed it into the next day's paper as a flyer.

Besides, I'm not clueless, and to convey the meaning of my apology, hold on to my sincere feelings.

This will have an unexpected effect, thanks to a newspaper full of the ugliness of the braves.

Pretty girls pictured on fine paper with a good smell, on top of newspapers, that were told it was less than toilet paper.

It was still shining, like a tulle flying gracefully over a fat pile...!

This was not a primal aim, but coincidentally it was the best 'extinguishing fire'.

And for the brave side, it will be the worst 'great flame'.

Let's say, by analogy, that there were two groups of idols who committed apathy.

I just scream at the press conference that I'm not bad, that what's bad is around, and don't bow one head......

At the end of the sentence, buddy. The group that started beating each other up how.

The other is a group that not only makes apologies, but also thinks firmly until sin is destroyed.

Plus, buddy, what's up, be polite.

It won't be necessary to compare which one will be more likable......!

That day, Slumdog Mart, a small Rondowl country, was set to see a big boom since its opening.