In this case, the share of slum dog marts in the small Rondowl countries soared to 50 percent.

Not so long ago, that 'Sage Festival of the Brave' had planted a trauma level impact on Rondowl customers.

And those involved in it, what happened...

First, the bandits who planned this festival.

They were supposedly making the forest nawabari, and after the festival a massive search was carried out by the guards, but it was already a colored cala.

There were sightings of people of very similar stature seeing themselves in charge of divinity as castes in "Slam Doggland" on Greyskay Island, but it didn't get to the point.

Now, then, the victims...

The leaders were the fifty warriors (Seiyusha) who took part in the Moffmorph Crusade.

They don't have a direct relationship with Gorgeous Smart, but warrior braves are eligible for reduction if they fail the quest.

A negative point was the following lapse:

One, I failed while trying for fifty.

Two, I was stripped of myself on my way back.

III. I've been scooped two points above

Regardless of one, two and three are unheard of.

In particular, III is considered to have significantly damaged the position of brave men in the Rondowl, and heavy dispositions are imposed.

It's "Class IV Retreat"......!

Usually, even a pretty big failure, up to two ranks down......

Brave upper management has come to dare to impose severe punishment in view of the recent situation here in the 'dog leg countries'.

Thus, a total of fifty brave men, including the Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster...

Like Mount Baldy who was planted with dynamite, I fell apart......!


● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

Din Din Dingil


Noone Lives Forever

Marie Blood HQ (Harley Queen)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)


Ride Boy Longinus

Ride boy amenosakahoko

Ride Boy Trishura

Ride boy triaina

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)


● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)


● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)

Janjan Bali Bali

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)

Demotion: Firehead, Thunderhead, Stormhead, Ground Quakehead (hereinafter abbreviated)

● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Cosmos, Zangan

Death Dealer Revolve, Sai Crops, Gorgon, Scylla, Ortros

Genocide Daddy, Genocide Fang, Genocide Knuckle

Midnight Shuffler, Diamond Rich Nell, Crimson Teager

Rideboy Lance, Javelin, Speer, Ocustan, Zepuros, Ghizalm, Halbad, Partisan

3817 Unnamed Warriors

Three hundred and forty unnamed champions.

530 Unnamed Braves

310 unnamed brave men.


And at the heart, I was at the top of them, the Two Great Warriors said...

First of all, Stented is a brave man, so he was not questioned about the failure of the quest.

Gorgeous smart's sharply reduced share of failures was not questioned due to a number of factors.

That, a certain factor is….

Yes, Bonclano......!

Should I say Buttaftotta, technically his father?

Bonclano went to Buttaftotta immediately after the quest failed and cried the scoop's coarseness.

Buttaftotta exercised a privilege for my lovely son and to avoid the responsibility of appointing his son as the head of the headquarters of the 'Evantaille Nations'.


"100 Bravery"......!

The official name is:

"The Fallen Brave One Hundred Days Later"......!

This is to send all the lapses of the designated brave men forward on the 100th day.

Once activated, state power, the mass media, even the Virgin's Society and the city's roasting will be subject to its compulsion.

Whatever the crime was, a hundred days won't be guilty, and a hundred days won't be covered in the paper.

Of course, I can ignore it and arrest that brave man or reward the scoop......

Since this system was enacted by Godsmile, breaking it is considered a disobedience to God.

The 'Dog Leg Nation' did not pose a major problem in labeling the anti-brave because Godsmile himself did not show any interest in it.

But if anything breaks this system, you'll definitely buy Godsmile's wrath.

That's why the Rondowl press couldn't make an article about Boncrano's ugliness either.

The posted true photo (shin) is unnaturally cut and only Bonclano looks nowhere.

Neither did it appear in the text, nor in the letter 'Bo' in Bonclano.

It was precisely the "100 Courage" of effects that could be described as the "touch of God," but also weaknesses.

Firstly, that only a 100-day probation is granted, and that sins and scoops are not brought down.

And in a hundred days' time, it will be treated as "Fallen Heaven" at once, rather than "Fourth Class Retreat".

If so, what the hell does this' life extension measure 'mean...

If a brave man with extended life can do just about anything to blow his lethargy out in 100 days......


You can write off all the crimes and scoops that were held in abeyance...!

This is inherently just a remedy for when a 'really good' brave man commits a great lapse by some mistake.

Because if you're a 'really good' brave man, you can get your honor back in 100 days.

Buttaftotta cut this forbidden card for his stupid son.

Of course, when it comes to the son of number two of the Brave Men's Organization, it will be a fallen heaven if you run out of the 100-day limit.

And dumb fathers will be forced to end up ridiculously, making dumb recommendations in cover of fools.

Incidentally, there is a limitation that "only those prior to the issuance of 100 Bravery" can send scoops and crimes forward.

Scoops and crimes committed during the period of 100 bravery shall not be the subject of an advance.

Exactly the same as' probation '.

Why did Buttaftotta make such a decision to thrust my son from the valley of Chihiro...

The Dog Leg countries today were losing the courage of their brave men, making them less powerful and less powerful.

With the power of Buttaftotta, I would have been able to shut him up if he was in the majority of the press.

But in order to completely seal it off, the Dog Leg countries today have been too difficult.

Finally, it can be said that he swung the glory of Godsmile to hide his son's naked graffiti.

And Bonclano at the time, too, embraced '100 Bravery'.

It was a rare broken heart for a heckleboy, but all I wanted to do was avoid that shameful appearance all over the country.

For this reason, Bonclano is at the moment blaming Nasi......!

Everything, to the point that it wasn't......!

"Blah, blah, blah! See this newspaper, Bon! Those brave men who betrayed Bong and ran away first are in terrible shape. Bong! Bon didn't have to expose everyone like this, I'm so glad Bon! I knew justice would win, Bon! With Dad's power, there's nothing to be scared of, Bong! Blah, blah, blah!

Bonclano Fallen Heaven in 99 days.