Slumdog Mart and I tried to calm down the storm beautifully. Gorgeous smart that has sent that forward.

The difference between the two stores in the small Rondowl countries was clear, but as a share, it was still five fifths.

In the "Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters", the impersonation of responsibility continued today.

"Not at all! If you had truly photographed Boncrano's bravery during your quest, this would not have happened! If only there was any evidence left of the Moffmorph Crusade, the quest battle would have been our victory and we could have kicked Slumdog Mart out by now!

"Shrub. What are you talking about, wasn't it Mr. Stented who offered the photographer"

"You, are willing to answer to me, the brave man!? I thought I gave you a proper order! Master Boncrano says everything is a shutter chance, so don't let go of the True Photographer for a while! If this is the case, I should have done it. Wow!

Even when it comes to impersonating responsibility, it's like a monkey in a zoo that throws huns around, and the stented are just scattered unilaterally......

The spearhead, naturally, is also suitable for the lady.

"Whoa, woman! Especially if you didn't do anything! Even if it's a battle with Moffmorph, just pass out! What a hybrid saint! Isn't that the mistake of the Bligh Virgin! If you find out, go home and shit yourself!

Fontine was no longer willing to properly interact with this man.

Only protrude the pieces of paper removed from your pockets to prevent spit from flying.

It was a newspaper cut.

Stented crying in naked graffiti is pictured as big.

Only then did Stented turn red like an octopus thrown inside a magma.

"Grungy......! Ki...! Kisama ah!"

"The next time you do something to me, I'll poke you out the window of this building onto the main street outside. Do you know what the world calls you right now?" The Raccoon Brave "and…"

It was that little boy with a few extra lives who tore through the one-touch, immediate air.

"Both of you, no more bongs! Not if I'm one of you now, Bon! Come on, think about the idea of writing off Bong's lapse. Bong! Otherwise, Bong will be made to fall. Bong!

Bonclano was initially "a fallen brave man in a hundred days" when he could afford it, either out of the joy of being escaped from the scoop or like a child whose summer vacation had just begun.

But heckling, he quickly heckled in a few days or so, and summoned his usual faces with a blue face.

I recruit frustration among men as well.

Because if Bonclano is corrupted at any rate, he will definitely fall together.

But where does Fontine blow the wind that is only connected with the brave in a profit relationship.

I snort with plenty of room, like an honor student who finished her summer homework in the first week.

"Huhun, don't worry about that. I already have a plan for returning Boncrano's stigma and slamming Slumdog Mart."

"What!? You have such an amazing idea, bong!?

"Fushiyuru......! That's Dear Fontine......!

"Hung! I've decided there's nothing I can do about it, like I thought about it with my hip!

A new operation (plan) announced by the lady's mouth…….

That was exactly one stone, two birds, one worth, one proposal...!

Of course we are talking about 'if we succeed', but this time he was an overwhelmingly easier opponent than the Crusade of the Holy Beast.

In common sense, you can call it an unbeatable battle.

And who is he?

Elementary school students......!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A store with Slumdog Mart, in Rondcrow.

Children were encouraged to practice swordsmanship day after day in this shop, which has a wide swordsmanship dojo.

Legion of elementary school students headed by Charles Lunlotte.

They have no hesitation in making the final adjustments toward the 'Selection of Evantaille Country Delegates for the Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games', which they refrained from a few days later.

The athletes' fat muscles were sharp enough to be able to aim for the win, but one troubled child.

"Phew, phew, phew. Also, no more, no more, uh-huh."

Yes, the advisor's teacher.

She is in the role of putting a mana shield on the children who are athletes, but she was snagged before anyone else.

"Wow!? The mana shield is broken!?

"Hey Glass Palin, Chesna's out of control!

"Shh, I'm sorry, I'm so hungry, I really..."

"Oh well, that's a little early then, shall we have lunch? I've been making lunch all over today, so hey. Ha, come on!

"Hagu, mogu. Ugh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!"

"What's one unbearable world?"

Refrain from the swordsmanship tournament at present, and Mother buys a dietitian to leave.

Every day for the kids, I've been making a bunch of lunches that I wonder if I ordered from a vendor.

They were all handmade and had a strange lunch box that was not only delicious, but also powerful enough to eat.

After you finish making your lunch, there's a secret, and Mother turns to the lunches and says, "Delicious, delicious,"

After delicious, a lunch box with potion-like power effects......

For the brave, it's just the long-awaited food of 'phantom yakitori buckwheat bread' in the school's purchasing department.

But as for who, the brave man says, he has never spoken of it.

And that lunch box adds further power.


"From today on, I'm going to help you make your sister's lunch. Good luck and let me make you a good lunch."

"Yeah, you guys are a lot of arrogant sisters, but only cooking is mattomo, so good luck at best"

"Wow! Megami's rice balls make us stronger!

"Ha! Plus, if you eat all over here, you're only a little hungry and helpful at night!

"It's no longer a complete grain crush."

In the soothing air, uh, visitors visit.

It is a pair, one blind as light, one inconspicuous as a shadow.

But he was impacting those who were there, as if the sun and the moon had appeared at the same time.