It was Fontine and Burnap, nothing else, who appeared at the Swordsmanship Dojo.

"Hello, Mr. Primla. I came to say hello today. Yes, this is a treat for the plug."

When Fontine signals with her eyes, the burnup she had refrained from behind puts more and more Madeleine piled up in the flower basket.

"Oh well! It's been a while, Fontine!

Mother tried to hug me exactly, but the burnup cracks in between.

With a small but sharp eye, he stared at the werewolf.

It was an eye that would make your body dull if you were a regular person, but it doesn't work for the Great Virgin, who even a tiger can handle.

"Oh, you're the burnup! Nice to meet you, I'm your mom!

"Become...!? Muggy!?

A bumpy burnup held up as if taken in.

But there was only one thing Fontine looked forward to, and it was primula.

Primla is just barely pressured by the overwhelming aura of even more ladies than before.

"Hello, Mr. Fontine. Thank you for taking the time to step in. Um... so, what do you mean," hello "?

"Once again, I have become Mr. Primla's rival. I didn't think it was fair to hide it, so I came to the announcement."

"What? Again...? Competitors......?

Primla, who has no hostility whatsoever towards Fontine or against anyone at all, is just to be Kyoton.

"At the recently held Primary School Swordsmanship Competition, I joined Burnap as an athlete as an advisor to the Mana Shield."

"Oh, you did"

"That's not all I want to tell you. There was a rule amendment at this tournament, so I wanted to tell you about it."

Primla carefully tried to strike a correlation, but was blocked by the fist that Fontine had protruded.

The lady has a challenging grin and a picky little finger.

"One first. of magically trained weapons...... a total ban on the so-called 'Magic Weapon'. Until now, only auxiliary magic training has been authorized, but from this time on, it has also been allowed to train offensive magic."

The lifting of the weapon of magic training in the attacking system means that that's all the more power in sword moves.

You may be more likely to get hurt even if you have a mana shield.

It was a serious deterioration in elementary school competitions.

Sooner than Primla said "that," the lady's middle finger just stood unquestioned.

"And the lid. You can have as many adults as you want."

This one was an even more incredible improvement.

Because at the time an adult participates alone, it is no longer a 'Primary Sword Arts Competition'.

More than that, on the day when the unreadable brave man of the air and others participated, the dead might come out if they did poorly.


Primla wasn't the only one surprised by this.

The children behind him push at random.

The first thing that stuffed me was still Charles Lunlot.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?

"There's nothing like it. I negotiated with Games headquarters to change the rules."

"Why would you do that?!? Whatever the ban on Magic Weapon, it's weird how adults squeak out for elementary school games!?

"Alas, the burnup that serves me is about your age... Four or five adults, one of them will sink with a machete, right? Hey, burnup?

The burnup, which is still hugged, says, "FUGGI! Answer."

The lady had been staring at Primla for a long time, but for the first time here, she turned her attention, of course, to Charles Lunlot.

"If you're afraid to deal with a burnup like that, why don't you abstain? You guys look great playing with the filthy Virgin's squire (Holly Saver) and the chamberlain."

If it's always the case, there's a coolaraka in the dojo that teaches swordsmanship...

I accidentally overlapped my work today and I wasn't here.

But there's no way Charles Lunlot, who hates losing more than Kulalalaka, would shut up and back off when he says this.

"I'm not kidding! I don't know if it's burnup or cleanup, but don't let Atashi beat that little one!? You don't have to wait till the tournament! I can't compete with you right now!!

... This is, of course, a lady's operation.

If you push where you're practicing and provoke him, it's bound to be a stream of practice matches.

Primla and her friends stopped what they would do if they were injured before the tournament, but Charles Lunlotte was supposed to ask.

Indeed, given the pattern of brave men so far......

I would have used my cowardly hands here to aim to get Charles Lunlot hurt.

But the lady wasn't.

By showing an overwhelming difference in strength here, he was trying to discredit the children of Slumdog Mart representatives.


With her strength, she was about to break Charles Lott's Kiva......!

Finally, there will be a one-on-one match between Charlotte and Burnap.

Tension of the mana shield is glass-parine on the Charles Lunlot side and Fontine on the burnup side.

The difference in strength between the two factions became apparent in the first few seconds.

"Un du trois!"

Fontine specializes in "Trois Shield," along with suddenly losing her liver.

"Of a triple mana shield."

"Wow!? This is the first time I've seen Mitsu Mana Shield!

Charles Lunlotte also wants to flinch for a moment, but when he bites his lips cool,

"Ha... Ha ha! Anyway, you must be weak like Monaca, where every single one is goldfish suck!?

Pull through Goldwolf's special long knife and take on the challenge.

Burnap did not even try to take the stand, but remained standing on the bar.