The girls thought it would be a hundred manpower if Osama came out as an athlete.

However, what was offered as an exchange condition is not much to say.

It is more likely that they will not compete, such as enrolling as alternate personnel.

Besides, when it comes to fighting with the same weapon, this means, in short, that it is no different than before.

The first objection to that was still Charles Lunlot, the team leader.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean!? There's no point in alternating! Plus, I'm sure every brave school will bring out a powerful Magic Weapon! Yet......!

So she says.

I didn't feel comfortable with the weapon that Goldwolf built for me.

"Oh, the weapon you made for me, it's shoddy, but it's not bad... I don't think we're gonna lose some kind of weapon to a brave man... What if a great weapon comes out..."

"It doesn't seem like it," he says, blurry scratches.

"Usually, with Goldwolf's sword, even the Holy Sword would break."

"Ugh... shut up! Atashi thinks for the team......!

"Burnap hit me with a blow, I'm cowering."

"Oh no... that's not it. Yikes!? I can't believe Atashi freaked out at such an apple cheeky woman...!

"Please calm down, both of you. That's where you get your chance."

To Goldwolf's arbitration, he said, "Huh?" "Nope?" and two girls turning around.

"By the time the rule amendments are communicated, all other representative schools will be introducing powerful Magic Weapon. But we only have a few days before the tournament takes place. What do you think would happen if we introduced new weapons at that time?

"It's an unfamiliar weapon, to fight......" twinkles Charles Lunlot.

"It's what Goldwolf said in class, and it's something you shouldn't do," said Midnight Sugar.

"That's right. Except when it's inevitable, weapons are the best things you're used to. It can also be a powerful magic wapon, like being swept away by a sword."

The kids were convinced with it, but the coolaraka that was behind them came pinching their mouth.

"That would still be good for the other players. But what are we gonna do with Burnap? Holy Sabre is a combination of Chalkan Blade and Kenshin. Isn't this a good example of me?"

"That's true. But if you narrow your opponent down to the Holy Sabre, it's not hard to get a countermeasure by the tournament."

"... what!? You, the most powerful knight in the world, are willing to fool Holy Sabre!?

"It's not like that. When humans see a powerful weapon, they assume 'they can't win'. And that psychological effect is also the greatest aim of those with powerful weapons. If rumors spread that you possess a powerful weapon, you can discredit them."

"That would be so! In Puget, there's a Holy Sabre. The four kilometers are gone!

"And that, on the contrary, is supposed to give those with the Chalkan Blade a great deal of chronic heart. There's a gap in there."

"Become... what the heck!? Just now, let me tell you! If you say so much, you say you can break the Chalkan Blade!? Then compete with me! Knock that big mouth out, and I won't let you tell me you can't!

"Yes. To tell you the truth, I was going to ask Mr. Kulalalaka to be a practice bench and teach you all what to do about the Chalkan blade. Except"

Goldwolf suddenly got a serious look, so the air on the field stuck.

Even Kulalalaka, who was about to be beaten right now, so much so that she was cut off from her temper.

"... What I'm about to teach you about anti-chalkan blades is that you have to throw away all your pride as a swordsman. That can be called the essence of the wild dog sword method. If you're not prepared to eat grass and mud, you'll never get it."

And with wolf-like eyes, looking at Charles Lunlot,

"Are you ready for that?

Charles Lunlotte was going to ask for help and pushed him to the office where Goldwolf was.

But what came back was a response that pushed him away.

Besides, the tip of the thrust was the valley of Chihiro......!

But she's already, a young lion......

No, he was a demon wolf boy, stripping his teeth as soon as he was young...!

Charles Lunlotte exhaled in the momentum of reddening his face and inflating his nose.

"Ah... who do you think Atashi is!? Nights of the Round Seven, the world's seventh most prestigious knight......! No, the best knights in the world, by the head of the 'Wow Knights'! Holy Sabre!

"Become...!? How dare you fool Holy Sabre? Besides, the best knights in the world are in my" Wow Crusaders "......!

"It belongs to the lower organization of the Knights of Wow."

"Wow! Wow, that's what I thought!

"Ahhh, I'm kind of dying for turnips!"

"Oh, well, then, tonight, let's make it a stew full of turnips"

"Stew later! Go to the dojo more than that! I need Goldwolf to teach me 'Chalkan Blade Breaking'! Kulalalaka, come with me!

"I was just hoping! My Chalkan Blade, break what you can!

Legion of girls pulling Osama and embarking on an awesome trip.

The 'Chalkan Blade Break', which was then presented inside a semi-destructed dojo, was outrageous......

Nevertheless, the month quickly passed, on the day of the "Selection of Evantaille Delegates for the Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School Student Against Swordsmanship Games".