"Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Competition Selection of Evantaille Country Delegates".

That, if usual, was to be held in the Kingdom of Sevenlux.

But as things stand, Sevenlux and the 'Dog Leg countries' are cut off from national traffic.

Travel between the two countries has become very demanding.

Still, if only the School of the Brave were to participate in the swordsmanship tournament, only the participating athletes could be invited to Sevenlux to hold it, but this time it was different than usual.

Yes, foreign objects have been mixed up in competitions that have always been won only by the School of the Brave.

Its name is also "Slumdog Mart with Nights of the Round Seven"......!

Even though the fact that junior elementary schools come out is already a two-strike in itself, even if the team is named 'Slumdog Mart' or something like that, it is no longer a three-out level possibility.

We cannot invite such a dangerous molecule to the Kingdom of Sevenlux, so this time it was exceptionally to be held in a small Rondowl country.

Incidentally, the Brave Men's Organization is on the same footing as the Kingdom of Sevenlux and does not recognise 'dog leg countries'.

For this reason, the title of the tournament also uses a name that includes five countries, "Selection of Evantaille Countries".

That, the land of the showdown filled with all sorts of thoughts, is said to be the largest of the Rondcrow small nations, a swordsmanship hall.

Earlier in the country, the "Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games Rondowl Small Country Representative Selection" was held.

Even then, it was quite a festival, but this time the public's enthusiasm was considerable, as there was to be an even higher tournament of it.

Newspapers do their usual quest information in the corner and perform day after day, battle force analysis of the schools in which they compete, etc.

The people secretly bookmarked and so on, so newspapers at this time bought other than warriors and showed more sales than usual.

It was still that team that expected each newspaper to be a winning candidate.

"Gorgeous Smart With Bonclano Gorgeous"

It is an elementary school formerly represented by the Kingdom of Sevenlux, but the Boncranos took over and renamed the team from the elementary school name.

He also replaced players with Bonclano's power, forming the following formations:

Pioneer: Firehead Jr. - Gorgeous

Next Strike: Thunderhead Jr. - Gorgeous

Medium: Stormhead Jr. - Gorgeous

Deputy General: Earthquakehead Jr. - Gorgeous

Admiral: Burn Apple Passion Flower

Commander: Bonclano Gorgestis

Protection Squad, Ambulance Squad: Fontine Passion Flower (concurrent)

"Commander" refers to the Adult Frame added this time.

In addition to teaching each player maneuvers and giving instructions, he acts like a pawn in chess, being able to compete in whatever order he likes for each match.

"Protective Squad" is a role that stretches the mana shield, while rescue squad is a role that treats you when you are injured.

And here's the slam dog mart formation against:

Pioneer: Coconto Toconto

Next Strike: Pointe Pointe Setia

Medium: Null Boncos

Deputy General: Gacky Gerald

Admiral: Charles Lunlot Nights of the Round Seven

Commander: Coolaraka Passion Flower

Protection Squad: Glasparene Short Site, Midnight Sugar Gorgeous

Ambulance Squad: Primla Hollydoll, Reincarnation Hollydoll

Alternate: Gold-kun

As for his alternate, Goldwolf, he was registered under that name because he was the head of the support group dressed as the image character of the store.

And now I'm the MC facilitator of the tournament, what a...!


Now we will be hosting the Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Competition - Selection of Evantaille Representatives!


If it is normal, the great Boncrano will be commissioner of this tournament, but this time he is participating as an athlete!

For this reason, this Washi, the right arm of the great Boncrano and Honorable Throne Heavenly... Stented has taken his place!

This doesn't mean I've been recognized for my competence! Ha, ha, ha, ha!


Thanks for getting your sputum involved lately!

As I said earlier, this time the great Boncrano is also participating as an athlete, so let's all fight in the mood!

Besides, it looks like there are some brave Nise kids like "The Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster" with their skin peeled off!

Because you picked it up by the great Boncrano, like you're willing to fight for it!

And, needless to say...

Whatever you punch into the great Master Bonclano, be prepared, because this eagle will strike you in the neck!

No, no, no, no, no! Huh? Huh! Pep!! '

Stented scattering unpleasant noise, which I don't think is an opening statement.

The offense index between the audience and the participating players was Max from the beginning, but this was about the sum of Srl Boncos.

- Shroom, shhroom.

This time Mr Fontine's plan is a stone's throw, but it will not alarm you.

About two, I have a suspension proposal.

One of them is that nymphomaniac brave...!

But yeah, if you do it and keep it as a mountain general, you'll be making a big deal of it.

And if we get rid of the other suspicion...

Slumdog Mart no longer has a chance of winning one in 10,000......!

Shroom, shhroom......!

... This swordsmanship tournament will be contested by five schools selected from various countries, as well as the last winning Seed school.

Firstly, there will be a total win by five schools, the first of which will fight Seed schools at the end.

For that reason, you shouldn't play four games to get to the finals, but there's a terrible deal that seed schools can play one game.

And Needless to say, the Seed school is Bonclano's team.

Finally, the Bonclano team can study other teams all they want, whereas the Bonclano team doesn't need to show their hands.

It was also around here that Fontine went all the way to Slumdog Mart for a practice game.

Either way, the two are no longer in a state of waiting.

The curtain of battle between Slumdog Mart and Gorgeous Mart in the Rondowl Small States is now cut and dropped...!