"Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Competition Selection of Evantaille Country Delegates" is now entering the final game, which is a good environment.

Led by Kulalalaka, Slumdog Mart WITH Nights of the Round Seven.

And led by Bonclano, "Gorgeous Smart With Bonclano Gorgeous".

Both of those schools were to wager the seat of the 'Evantaille Representatives' to fight.

And this, as both team names stand for, was also the final battle for hegemony of the Adventurer's Shop in this small Rondcrow country.

The whole country is watching this swordsmanship tournament.

The store that wins will be more promotional than this, and the one that loses will be a negative image of the retreat level.

Both teams stomped together in a quiet setting, scattering sparks of stare.

Finally, the last battle lid was about to be cut off just now......!

and before that......

Let's take a brief look back at our battle so far.

As much as one would expect, other schools of bravery had been pulling away the finest magic wepons of 'Gorgeous Smart'.

But as Goldwolf expected, they were unfamiliar with new weapons.

And to the weapon of great fire, the brave men, who were still supposed to be eggs, were chronic as if they had also become phoenix.

In contrast, we are accustomed to using weapons like parts of our bodies and the same swordsmanship.

If they bump into each other, it will be more obvious what the consequences will be than looking at the fire.

Rather than a swordsmanship tournament gathered by those of the same strength...

Just a public lynch......!

Weapon that doesn't fit your height rather wields the eggs of the brave as a spin egg and doesn't hit you at all.

He who is easily swayed and punched into

On the contrary, he who destroys his own mana shield.

The worst part was showing up to those who didn't know how to pull out their swords in the first place and lost without being able to do so.

The audience finally got pretty, too, because the opponents were just too arrogant a game, even though they were in elementary school.

"Whoa, what are you doing!?

"Yours is not swordsmanship! Chamberlain!

"No, Chamberlain, it's less than a mess! Even our four-year-old son can beat you guys!

"I'm not here to watch the kid play, dude! Do better than that!

Almost all games, trash flew to the brave side, making sure they were chased and fleeing to the holding room became a perfectly natural sight.

In the end, the wolves are unable to demonstrate what seems to be the fruit of the special training….

Instead, it was lighter than the last swordsmanship tournament and was able to make it to the final.

Well, this is about the farce retrospective...

Finally, it's a bee fight, the finals......!

and before that......

The example array has interrupted so as to ruin the showdown mood because of it.

"Uh, whoa! Now before the finals, make a special match!

Proposed by Stented was The Loser's Resurrection.

This means that all the players in the losing school will fight against one Bonclano.

There are four losing schools, each with six players, including 'Commander', so finally...

Bonclano vs 24 fights......!?

And it's surprising because it's not about one person at a time, it's about dealing with 24 people at the top.

The rule that the school of the first person to shower a machete in Boncrano will be the resurrection of the loser.

... Now, needless to say, this is a complete 'yarase'.

It was a farce planned for the surrounding area, though it created an atmosphere that was determined quickly.

Because, even if I say so, they're elementary school students.

When Boncrano, an adult, beat it up, he thought he wouldn't get a lot of dignity.

But if 20 elementary school students and 4 adults are with their opponents, the story will be different.

If Bonclano trumps this into a one-off one, there's no doubt about applause......!

Of course, the students of the School of Bravery include plenty of cause and effect beforehand.

And the 'special match' that started.

Bonclano hit through all the courts at the match venue and stood almost in the middle.

He stares at as many as 24 surrounded opponents as an ugly duck child to his heart.

Only then did the children bluish and faint.

And shout out loud enough to reach the guest seat.

"Shh...! Awesome eye......!

"Hih, just one stare and you can't move like a frog stared at by a snake!?

"And that stand...! I don't have a ski at all!

"Yeah, don't be cowardly! He's a brave man! There's no way we're going after the warriors!

"How dare you!

From all directions of Bonclano, he said, "Whoa!" and the children, who stood in the upper part of the building, are attacked.

But Bonclano was not at all,

...... kakieeeeeeeee!!

And he struck the sword on his hips, and struck with his armor high.


"Wow, whoa!?

All the enemies around him flipped like flowers blossomed.

"Oh, they totally did -!

"I just couldn't see the fat muscles -!

"Oh, my God, I can't believe you were a master of live-in slaughter!

"Is Bonclano really a brave man?"

"Then we're just reviving the loser, and we'll lose again soon, won't we? - Huh!?

After the children roll on the floor alone, they get up and sit down in the ground with a shuba.

"Ma... I'm so sorry!!!!

Shin...... and in a quiet place.

Of course Bonclano is not a master of abode slaughter or anything like that, he hasn't even pulled a knife in the first place.

I just pulled out my sword for a moment and put it right back, signaling the sound of the squirrel hitting my sheath, and the people around me just flipped over.

So I just made it look as if I'd finished slashing it in a flash...

If you're a decent person, there's no way you can get caught up in a trick like this below deception.

But this is a warrior country, Rondowl, a country full of brain muscles.

If you let a few Sakura sneak into the passenger seat, it will be easy to guide them.

"Shh... wow! Awesome, wow!

"Bo... Master Bonclano was a master of habitation slaughter while he was a brave one. Uh-huh!

"You know what!? The truth is, Master Bonclano was defeating Moffmorph! But Spirit Soldier (Pointman) and Virgin, who were recorders, said they weren't taking a true photo!!

"With that awesome sword judgment, even Moffmorph would be a dick! Definitely! Master Bonclano is the strongest bravest. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

"Damn, I look forward to the finals! Those filthy, wild-dog kids like Slumdog Mart can be seen getting hit by Cotempan. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

Now the best applause of the tournament surrounded the venue, no, lying little shit.