The farce is a cliché to a swordsmanship tournament hosted by the brave.

No, rather, there is a farce where the brave go, and it is no exaggeration.

But this farce is beyond degrees.

It was a super fucking farce......!

But at last, 'The Production' is coming.

The team in the final stomped together in a quiet setting, scattering sparks of stare.

Finally, the lid of the last battle was about to be truly, truly cut off this time...!

but before that......

Once again, the example array has interrupted so as to ruin the showdown mood because of it.

"Uh, whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm going into more lunch breaks than this!

Everyone, have lunch as you please!

However, it is forbidden to bring a viewer's lunch box!

Nevertheless, like buying and eating lunches at a gorgeous smart store!

If anyone eats a lunch box to bring in a costume, I'll knock it out right away!

And vice versa for tournament participants, just like eating pre-tested brought in lunches!

Use of the store will be disqualified, so be careful!

And the finals start in two hours!

Those who lag behind will be considered disqualified, so don't delay!

Now disperse!!

Lunch break and the prestigious announcement.

By the way, you should not eat or drink anything other than what was brought in by participants in the tournament to prevent fraud.

There are those who try to mix potions with drinks and lunches to dope them, so to prevent them.

Conversely, it is forbidden to bring in audience lunches because of commerce.

It was simply a dirty commercial soul, trying to sell expensive lunches to a large number of customers.

If the audience is dissatisfied with being watered down by the final mood.

But for the Legion of Wild Dogs, this was a help ship.

Because Glass Palin, the 'protection squad', was the limit because of hunger.

She was, as you know, the 'I can't help myself when I'm hungry' type.

The girls, the participating players, had taken them back to the holding room, but because Glasparine was no longer able to stand on an empty stomach, Osama was carrying the princess.

By the way, Osama has been wearing the 'Gold-kun' attire all morning and serves as the head of the support group.

In Gold-kun's arms, the girl in the advisor was gasping, who should have to be firmer than anyone else.

"Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha... Sooo... sorry..."

"You've done almost nothing today, though. Why are you so flirtatious?"

"You don't have to do anything... your stomach is dull..."

"The last time I went on an adventure with you, Glasstone was a snack, and you didn't have to eat anything to look fine, did you? Not at all, not quite the same as the sisters."

"Shh... Stone split me dinner from a young age... So, he said he didn't have to eat much, he was fine..."

"What, you even ate your sister's dinner!?

"I'm here because of a woman who pulled glassstone from glassstone."

Waiting for such girls was an unbelievable reality.

Especially for Glasparine.

Oh, my God, the lunch boxes I was supposed to have on the table in the pantry, every container, was gone clean and refreshing...!

"Oh well!? Lunchbox, I did leave it here!

"Has anyone taken it?

"No, someone stole it! To harass the Atasis!

"Wow!? But this room must have been locked!

"Um, the windows are closed, and there's no sign of a broken key... So you unlocked it and went in."

"The only key we have is the Commander."

"What!? You mean doubt me!? I did come back to this holding room once! That was before the" special match, "but then, yes, there was a lunch box!

"Mi...... not if you guys are looking for the killer! More than that, Mr. Glasparine is going to die now!

"Too much fuel."

"Oh well! Mom, I'm going back to your house in a hurry, and I'm going to make you lunch!

"You can't possibly make it to that! I regret it but I have to buy something at the store......!

My women.

No matter what has happened so far, one person who has persisted in his position of watching has finally moved.

"Gentlemen, please calm down. Bringing in food and beverages from outside is now prohibited as a rule of the Games"

"So what do you want me to do?!? You want me to fight like I'm hungry?

"No, it's not"

The person walks to the corner of the room where the luggage is stored.

And I took something out of the backpack.

"If it's lunch, it's here"

What a wild dog stamped lunchbox that is......!

"When I left home, I thought I'd replace the lunch box I had in my carriage's luggage with something I made."

"Wow...! Wowwwwwww!

Osama was wrapped in cheer and flesh.

And visit, happy lunchtime.

"Yeah, that's not bad! That's a handful of lunches to convince Atashi's tongue there!

"Wow! Megami's aunt is always like this!

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!"

"Whatever you eat, you only say the same thing."

"I thought it was crazy! For Mother's lunch, she was too different!

"Oh? Sister, I don't seem to be feeling well..."

"'Cause instead of your moms lunch getting nailed, Gol's lunch got nailed!? Ahhh! Mom, Gol's lunch would have been better. No!

Luncheons made by Mother and Primla waking up early are well received besides Mother.

Just around that time, the Boncranos were also back in the holding room.

And they also had an incredible reality ahead of them.

Especially for the brave, including Bonclano.

Far from luxury and far from glamour, the almost gray-colored lunches lined up...!

"Holy crap... this is...!? What the fuck, Bong!?

"Shroom, shhroom. Don't be surprised to hear it. This is a lunch box made by Mother Reincarnation and Primla. We used the Shiruru key to sneak into the holding room and steal it out. Eating this will make Boncrano's victory even more unwavering."

Eating the Holly Doll family lunches empowers them as if they drank potion.

Besides, I'm not actually mixing potions, so I'm also not caught up in the carry-on inspection.

So to speak, this is legal doping......!

And this is the last suspension Srl Boncos had.

An unpredictable joker, the only one in the deserted Wild Dog Army and definitely not in too many brave armies.

That's "Holy Lunch" …!

Then I thought I should take it away from you.

Yes, further power downs are inevitable when the Wild Dog Army is unable to eat the 'Virgin's Lunchbox'.

And if the Brave Army can put 'Virgin's Bento' in its mouth, it can be expected to be further empowered......!

It was a one-stone, two-bird proposal that could sage the enemy army at the same time.

… of course, if the lunch box is' real '.