Speaking of "Holy Lunch," one of the most famous dishes in the brave neighborhood that you don't know.

The dishes made by the Holy Dolls Virgin are supposed to give great power to the brave.

But those who actually utter it are not alone among the brave.

Of course, not even that Godsmile.

I've never even ridden the tip of that god's tongue, the goddess's lunch box......

Before The Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster Junior, including Bonclano......

Now that's exactly what they brought...!

But the brave men were half-hearted.

Because that lunch box was emitting a smell that obviously didn't seem normal.

Because I had the view that this would be the case if I served the leftovers that were about to rot beautifully.

"Ho... is this really the lunch made by the Holly Dolls Virgin, Bon?

It was so 'heterogeneous' that even that little fucker with zero thinking power kept him in mind.

But Srl Boncos said in terms of unprecedented skill.

"Shrew, check this out. This is the proof above all......!

As for Garson from a fancy restaurant, it finally showed up ahead......

Big fat with discolored plums and the letters' Mother ',' Primla 'and' Pine Pack '......!

Besides, with a heart......!?

"Whoa... whoa whoa whoa whoa!

and simultaneously hammered, Boncrano and Disaster Four Heavenly Kings Jr.

Being single-cell organisms, they have believed in it alone.

"I didn't know even Master Godsmile would get a lunch box he'd never even spoken of...! Ok......! Big Bong! Shr Bonkos! Let's get down to the real photo!

The brave men rejoice and begin commemorative shooting with their lunches back.

And finally, tongue drumming on 'Virgin's Lunchbox'.

It was so fierce that it could be said, 'Ringing'.

"Mogu! Mucha! Ugh......!? Shh... sooo bong...! So, but the sour stuff, it's good for you, Bong!

Bonclano, with a blue face, but forced to drink.

"Gu......! Hey, what the hell, not to mention...!

"Huh, firehead! Oh, you're not usually eating anything loco! Really fancy dishes are aged like this!

"Oh, yeah...! Look at this bone fish! This useless form!

"Guh, guh! Now I'm totally over my dick...!

Four Heavenly Kings Junior also loses and eats up lunch boxes.

Little or no meat or fish, such as where to eat, swallowed whole bones.

The Four Heavenly Kings, who were crawling at their feet, cling to their son's feet.

"Wow, to the eagle, one mouth...! One mouth......! One mouth, divide it No...!

"Damn......! Yes! Eating the Virgin's Lunchbox was my dream!

"Damn, and...! If you can eat one bite, it will be a great feat......!

"Fallen heaven may be avoided! Please, please!

But Ugh Yum got kicked up and said, "Cain!" and the flying oars.

"Shut up - hey, try not to be like a dog!

"Yes, yes! Then you can give it to me!

The real sons tell me that the wolves begin to imitate the dogs at the same time.

"Wow... one!" "Kee-woo, Kee-woo!" "Ha, ha, ha!" "Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Then one of the juniors tossed it in the corner of the room when he pinched the apple skin that was inside the lunch box.

Flying toward the skin at the same time, the dogs.

"Holy... this! Your husband graced me with this skin!

"Nice work, you crocodile! What a waste of 'Virgin's Bento' for a bunch of wasting dogs like you!

"So..." Waste Dog "!? You think this is the same as Osama!?

"That's all I'm asking! There's something called pride in this eagle!

Festival, Mitabi......!

Gaffbeloha gabebab johaba!!

That's already past the festival, and I'm glad to call it 'Hell Painting'.

The brave men cheek their rotten lunches with a blue face on the verge of suffocation, and at their feet the hadaka wolves make a combination.

A short distance away, Fontine, sitting in a chair, was eating her lunch with trembling.

"Ugh...! Ugh...! Ugh......! I have fallen into the Underworld Demon Way......!

Stolen lunch boxes, you talk about them, etc...!

Okay, but...! I couldn't enjoy it......!

I was more 'hungry' than anyone else......!

Ah, it's the goddess Renalilis......!

And a golden smile, almighty, that one...!

To me, sin...!

Please, I beg you, forgive me...!

Next to the young lady, who cries, the burnup is faceless, and then she cries an apple.

This was not what was in the 'Virgin's Bento', but what I brought with me.

Only the girl, no matter what the treat, never spoke of it.

It is all the more so if it is the lunch box of the Holly Doll family, the enemy of the uncluttered heavens.

But the girl didn't know.

No, her lord, and the lady...

And all the brave men who are painting hell, and all those who are staring at it, as one of them.

This lunch is not by the pure maidens either.

"Holy Lunch," which they made with their supple fingertips and their heart and affection, says no.

Just, Osama......!

I don't even want to imagine Osama arranging the plums in a heart-shaped fashion, but they do anyway.

What he picked up in the alley, just stuffed it in a lunchbox without washing his hands.

Leftovers sorted by the eyes of angels, with devilish alien hands......

Along with the thoughts of evil, what was included......!

Yes, 'Vengeance Lunch'......!!

... To describe it that way, I'm likely to ascend just because I said it...

There was no special trick in this lunch box.

It's just 'lunch with leftovers'.

Why is it that no trick has been made......

Because it was decided that it was not necessary.

By the way, Stented hasn't spoken of this lunch.

Or I don't even know what the Boncranos are eating right now.

Because he is now also the General Manager (Commissioner) of the Games, he avoided any contact with the Boncranos in order to avoid being suspected of wrongdoing.

If he had known that Srl Boncos had procured the 'Virgin's Bento', he would have made a leap.

But... Stented still doesn't know how to handle his rivals.

I was eating lunch in the Commissioner's office.

No, they were feeding me.

From the Virgin who surrounds herself as a mistress, a loving lunch box......

The name is "False Love Lunchbox"...!