Stented and Srl Boncos were in the VIP room on the top of the upstairs passenger seat.

It was glassy and stunning, and made to overlook the game venue on the ground floor.

Stented, during his conversation with Srl Boncos, turns a blind eye to the match venue, of course.

At both ends of the dojo, which has been struck out like a battlefield, both factions await the signal of the start of the match.

The Brave Army said, "Let's do it quick...!" and motivated.

The Wild Dog Army says, "... are you sure you want to do this?" and seems anxious.

At the corner of the venue off it, at the exit, there was a primula.

The girl is searching for gaps in the wooden planks punched with a blue face, wondering if she can manage to get out.

The act of the Holy Girl was to worry about the coularaca that had been tightened out of the venue...

Stented, who saw it, distorts his face with a nit.

When I grabbed the loud stick that was on the table,

"Let's go to the finals, then! Don't ever forgive me! Do it thoroughly until your opponent leaks shit piss in tears!!

The voice is not so much a swordsmanship tournament as a complete start to a fight.

No, it was a signal of a match.

Stented is so excited, he's waving his loud stick up like an ordnance.

But the moment I waved it down, I slipped my hand and the loud stick was tapped to the ground.

... dogashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

A shocking sound rocks the venue like a battle roar.

This hand thing has a highly adaptable army of brave men,

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I just started the march with a barbaric voice.

How dare the Four Heavens Juniors storm their father across horseback.

But the horse was a hell of a waste, so it was quicker to walk.

Behind the back of voice bravery, a legion of brave eggs coming towards Noronoro.

opposing Wild Dog Army had been ataffected like they had been thrown into a death game,

"Guys, hang on. Now listen carefully to me."

and Goldwolf in Gold-kun's attire told me, and they all paid attention to him.

"Just like the usual game format, let's bring it into a one-on-one fight.

The vanguard, Mr. Coconto, took the other vanguard, Mr. Firehead Jr.

Mr. Poimpon, the next sharp, took his opponent, Mr. Thunderhead Jr.

Snipe your opponent for the same order as yourself, for example.

That way it will be a one-on-one battle with nature.

I will hold Mr Bonclano in, but at the same time I will provide your support in case of unforeseen circumstances. "

That was said to be a farewell, so everyone seems to be convinced by surprise.

But Charles Lunlot,

"Hey... wait a minute! Are you going to fight Bonclano alone? And you, what do you do with weapons? Are you gonna do this with your bare hands!?

Asked so, Gold blurts out his puffy body.

Then, at some point, like a trick, a weapon appeared.

But that weapon, what a...

"Gold-kun Magic Hand"......!?

Sold at Slumdog Mart, it was just a toy......!

"Huh... you're kidding me!? That doesn't mean you can beat that hell of a living slaughter! Are you fooling around with swordsmanship?

"I have a brain muscle here too," scratches me from the side, but I get silenced.

Gold shook left and right as he sifted his big head.

"No, it's Mr. Bonclano who's fooling around with swordsmanship. Don't worry about me. More than that, Mr. Burnap is the key to this battle."

Gold turns his face to Charles Lunlot.

It was the hippocampal face of the wearer, and the voice was also out of tune and tall, but the drifting aura was serial.

"It's better to make all your opponents non-combatant in this anomalous final. But you may say that the battle between Mr. Charles Lunlotte and Mr. Burnapp's generals is all about the consequences. That's all Mr. Burnap is, 'special'...... You can call it 'real' for both skill and gear. It's better than Mr. Charles Lunlot in strength."

The strong girl said, "That's why...!" I tried to say it back, "but the stitched black eye sees me, and the words pull me in.

"But with the 'Chalkan Blade Break' I taught you, you could win. It worked well in practice, but this move can be something completely different in real life. Because with so many people watching, we have to throw away our pride as swordsmen."

'... is that all you're ready for, Mr. Charlotte?

That sounds in the girl, as a very heavy word.

If she was a human being, that was all she was going to get away with wrapping her tail around, but she wasn't.

The girl had blue eyes.

But only for a moment, it seemed to glow green, as if the golden colors of the Demon Wolf had mixed together.

"Wow... who do you think I am!? The World's Best Knights' Wow Knights', Captain......!

Charles Lunlot Nights of the Round Seven......!

Slow down,

Charles Lunlot Nights of the Round One......!


Charles Lunlot Nights of the Round One......!

She's gonna be the most powerful knight in the world.

... There's only one thing the best knight should do...!

For generations, supporting the royal family...!

It finds loved ones, gives birth to children, and raises them as knights......!

Serving the monarch, with my family......!

Yes, chivalry is...!

For the monarch, not to die proud on the battlefield......!

Crawl all over the battlefield. But survive...!

Go back to your loved ones...!

It's not a fart to lick a slab floor like this when you eat battlefield dirt. Yikes!!

The squeal of the captain was echoing throughout the venue.

Shin, and a quiet guest seat.

The roar of the brave man "uh-oh" continued, but from the visual that it spanned Hadaka's middle-aged wolf, it is so endlessly manicured.

The Wild Dog Army no longer sees enemies either way.

We gather around Gordo, as if we were united.

"... ok. If that's all you're prepared for, you have nothing more to say from me. Wield the results of your practice so far."


The children thrust up their fists and burst into a howling whistle.

The two armies finally clashed.

The venue is enveloped by so much enthusiasm that it doesn't seem like an elementary school swordsmanship tournament.

Everyone in the audience expected it.

This time, I'm sure, we'll see Beech's serious' game ', and possibly' death '.

But the situation tells the wind clouds suddenly.

No, the crime scene is a farce.

I discovered a hell of a fact...!