The showdown will be a one-on-one battle, as Gordon aims.

No, it was technically one-on-two.

Because the "Disaster Four Heavens Juniors" were fighting pairs with their real fathers, as if even military dogs could obey them.

Then the battle from vanguard to vice general was expected to be a struggle, but it did not.

Because the juniors suddenly started rattling and trembling.

Instead of pulling out the holy sword I took from my father, I can't help but take the stand.

He had an inner crotch toe to tighten his buttocks cuddly.

Eventually, like a frog stared at by a snake, he begins to dazzle his sweat with a blue face.

The guests' seats were frightened.

"Hey, what...? I haven't done anything yet, but what happened to the juniors...!?

Sakura lays barely on the ragged audience.

"Ah... that's...! Secret Sword, 'Hip Up'......! Raise your buttocks cuddly to give you the power you need to pull out a knife and make your choice with a katana!

"Oh... yeah! The juniors, like Boncrano, are going to decide in one blow!

At first the audience was convinced and thrived a lot......

Instead of putting their hands on the pattern for as long as they can, the juniors start doing their hands on their butts and stuffing them as they stand......!

If the Numbed Wild Dog Army tries to punch in,

"Ma... stay! Hey, wait a minute! Yes, now, hey, hey...!

Mojimoji with his inner crotch, the end to lag behind......!

"Oh, that's...! Hi, secret sword......! Uh, uh, 'chottmatte'......! Let them wait, they're building up strength!

Sakura's, desperate support is also vain...

At last, the juniors turned their backs with their inner thighs, clawed ahead, and started running away a little...!

Exactly, the audience starts to think it's strange.

"Whoa!? What are you doing? Why are you pushing your ass and running away?!

"I thought I'd see a mattomo fight because of it......! Fight now!?

Even as the curse and garbage poured, the juniors fled in front of their enemies without a problem.

Are you trying to escape the venue as well, straight to the beaten exit.

"So, let me out...! I'm getting you out of here...!

"It's already leaking...! It's about to leak!

"Shit, we're losing! You can lose...!

"Please! Please uuuuuuuuuuu!!

Juniors who beat the exit with a dong and cry too much, like people chased by zombies.

"Ah... that's...! Mysterious Sword 'Makeday Ikara'......! Make it look like you've lost and take down your opponent at once......!

"What the fuck!? Isn't that just deception!? Are you trying to do such a cowardly thing!?

I don't know what's going on, and the seats are more annoying.



And two voices have interrupted.

It's a niche, humid, disgusting voice and...

Dry, cunning voice like a snake's squeal.

Such targeted voices leaked from loudspeakers set up in the venue.

"Shroom...... Tell me, Mr. Stented's true aim. '

"Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...... You've recommended me as a commissioner in the tournament. I think I know who I'm supposed to serve a little, so I'll tell you something special. This is a big operation for me...!

"Shiru, Operation Big......!?

'Well, I can't imagine a little thing like you, a grand operation.

That's when I'm in a park... It starts with meeting an old drug dealer.

The old man kept a bunch of rare medicines, like none on the gorgeous smart.

Medicine that makes power like a giant, medicine that makes skin like steel......

I thought you'd be happy to give this medicine to Boncrano during the sword tournament. '

'Shiru, but the swordsmanship tournament prohibits the use of potions......!?

'Well, then I thought about it. I was wondering if you could give the wild dogs medicine instead of Master Bonclano......!

'Maybe it's an operation to drug them and make them lose out against the rules?

"You can't lose against the rules, you bore me! And since you're going to empower your opponent, you can lose even though Boncrano is temporary! Among the old man's medicines, there was a" super potent drug "...!

"Super powerful, inferior......!?

'Bye! That detergent, made by frying demonic flowers, will not stop until two hours after drinking it, it is hit by powerful diarrhoea… it has put everything out! And at the end of the day, if you drink it, the Virgin's prayer doesn't work either!

"Shiruru!? No way......!?

'Bye! He used the commissioner's position to give the medication to the attendant who brought it in! When examining the "Virgin's Lunch Box," he said to sneak in and...! And I changed the rules of the finals so the wild dogs wouldn't get away with it!

"Shh...!? Shroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!?!?

"Usually you change your face, and you're just amazed! This is a true conspiracy! Come on, the wild dogs should be exposed to ugliness in front of a large crowd...! Don't you call that a sight from this height!

Stented, who was in the VIP room, sees the venue, approximating Wanawana and trembling Srl Boncos.

'Whoa! Looks like the lower agent just started working! Look! You're in pain! To the damned kids of the Four Heavens of Disaster, Master Boncrano... What...!? Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

... Bang!

Stented smashing his face and peeling his eyes with the momentum to break the glass.

"Become...!? Why not!? Why not!? Why, why, what!? The attendant's report said you did put a detergent in the" Virgin's Bento "!?

Well, you've already noticed.

to the fact that it was not the 'Virgin's Bento', but the 'Vengeance Bento', to which the detergent was put.

And that 'Vengeance Bento' is dwelling in the bellies of the braves......!

In chronological order, this is the kind of flow.

In the morning, when he leaves the house, Osama scrapes the Virgin Bento and the Vengeance Bento.

The attendant who arrives at the venue and performs the luggage inspection puts the detergent in the 'Vengeance Bento'

The 'Virgin's Lunchbox' in the backpack stays through

'Vengeance Bento' will be placed on the table in the holding room

Back in the holding room during "Special Match," Kulalalaka stumbled on "Vengeance Lunchbox" because she was hungry

Then Srl Boncos sneaks into the holding room and steals' Vengeance Bento '

Lunch break

What brave men ate, instead of 'Virgin's Bento', it wasn't even 'Vengeance Bento'......!

Suicide Bomb Lunch

The world's dumbest selfie of eating our own poison planted by our people......!

If I thought I lit the fuse line, it was like the bomb was on my back......

Magnificent, Match Pump......!!

No, there's no pump, so 'Match Dynamite'......!

Until the explosion, you waited. Shh...!!