Even though the showdown has not exchanged the two armies, one Tai Knife...

He says he hasn't even given out one wounded, but he shows off the settlement.

On the contrary, the fallen hunt......

No, even the brave hunt begins.

Besides, by the hands of the audience......!

...... Zubaaaahhhhhhhhh!

The door to the VIP room is kicked and many warriors slip in.

"Become... what are you guys!? This is not a holy place where only brave men are allowed to enter! There's no place for a lowlife like you to trample and vandalize! Get the hell out of here!

The VIP room was completely soundproofed, so Stented doesn't know what their werewolf means.

Only Srl Boncos, who was in the same room, noticed Stented's voice coming from the outside as well.

Ha, it's falling at the feet of Stented, I watched the loud stick.

"Fushiyuru!? Mr. Stented, the loud stick is left in! Our previous conversations have been all over the venue......!

"Become... what!?

Stented in a hurry to pick up the loud stick and switch it off.

But it was too late.

The warriors approach the lackey brave as they pound and bone.

"Temeye......! How rotten can you be if you put a detergent in your lunch box!

"I didn't know it wasn't just my face that was ugly, but even my heart...!

"Until now, the brave man has drunk a lot of boiled water...! Still, we only had respect...! Because you are 'strong'......!

"But I didn't know its strength was built on such an inch......!

"My son, who goes to warrior school, lost to the brave at the swordsmanship tournament and was crying with regret...!

"I'm sorry it's not just lackey, so get ready...!

"Hih......!? Higi, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

A grinding scream rocks the place.

But even that was commonplace in this place today.

At the match venue, there are four times as many screams.

"Hih......!? Higgyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!?!?!?"

The disastrous Four Heavens Juniors are jumping just because they're already at their limit, punching their heads with guns at a closed exit.

And they took, what is the last resort...?

"" "" Pah...! Daddy!!!!

Father, please...!

The juniors softly wet their faces and groins and rush to the haddaka wolves.

What they were leaking was pure bodily fluids that were not false.

From a parent idiot's point of view, it looked as if they were children from a very young age, when it was a cute platter.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Psst... Daddy! Wild dogs bully me! As much as I turned my jeans into soccer balls, I tried to bite them!

"Oh, all right, all right, I'll leave it to my dad. You bad wild dog! Don't go near Junior. No!

... Zubaaa!

"Thanks Dad, for taking out a bad wild dog! Dad is, after all, the mightiest brave man! When I grow up, I'll be a warrior like my dad!

"Oh, well, then let's teach Junior how to use his sword so he can be strong soon,"

"Really!? Yay! Dad, that's great! Love it!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

At that time, the body of the "Four Heavens of Disaster" was still tight, so I was able to lift my son gently as he jumped into his chest.

Now that my child is older and my father's body is bumpy, it feels kind of weird.

But the kids, they weren't.

"Pah......! Dad! But I'm not going to be able to gamble anymore!

"I'm gonna leak it, not like this! It's leaking!

"If you leak or something in front of all these people, I can't live anymore!

"Ha... go to the bathroom, take me to the bathroom!

The fathers nod back with a crisp look.

"It's okay, leave it to your dad"

"I'll never let you leak or anything."

"Come on, lend me your sword"

"Let's buzz through the blocked exit with my dad's big sword moves"

The great sword moves of the brave are genuine when it comes to their power, although activation takes time.

Once released, instead of the exit, it would blow the whole wall away.

I received the Holy Sword from my son, The Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster...

Stand on your back and lift your impatient fighting spirit out of your body.

"My inner flame!" "My inner thunder!" "My inner (hereinafter abbreviated)" "

It was the return of the legendary "Super Sword Technique", once trampled by the Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster.

Four Heavenly Kings unleashed the Great Sword moves at the same time, and said that they returned the dragon, which was causing disaster to a certain kingdom, to ashes with one machete.

If that ever gets released again, it's outrageous......!


"... with God's smile (gasps!) Guuuuuuu!?

A sudden groundhead elbow blow burst into the side of the firehead.

Groundhead continues to chant with a soaked face just because he doesn't know it.

Firehead stepped on his feet thoughtfully, all the way back.

"... with God's smile, be a great power... (Gusha!) Yikes!?

"Hey what are you doing!? Firehead!?"

"Shut up! Speaking of which, you were the first to do it!?

"I didn't mean to! We didn't just hit a beard by chance! If I'm serious, half your face will be gone!

"What the hell!? (gosh!)"

"Around!? You, don't even get caught up in this!?

"Shut up! Let's activate the sword moves first and see what's good in front of my son!?

"Not to help the fucking kid at your place! Do it for Junior!

"What the hell!? I can't forgive you for calling my cute little junior a fucking kid!

Festival, (hereinafter abbreviated) ……!

Gaffbeloha gabebab johaba!!

... The Great Sword moves were powerful enough to destroy the venue walls with one blow.

For this reason, the first father to earn the respect of his son will be the one who released the Great Sword move.

Not if you care about that now, but brave men who only think about letting others out of the ordinary don't.

Until I interrupted the other brave men's activation preparations, I was trying to be the best...!

Hadaka and ugly fathers.

Exactly, my sons are all out of love for this.

But as it is, in front of the public, it is inevitable that we will expose ourselves to great ugliness.

From the press seats upstairs, they are targeted by many true-photo machines.

To this impeccable self, the frog children, what is the matter......

"Holy shit......! You fucking jerk!

"Son of a bitch like you, parent or child. Huh!

"Son of a bitch like you is the real shit that suits you!

"Kura eh! This is our farewell to Fallen Heaven!

Oh my...!

Even if you leak the same, turn to your father......!

If you are also a "● ● brave man all over" you will have a tremendous impact......!

The children had masqueraded the 'ugliness' that they were supposed to suffer...!