The juniors, with a domestic violence at home collapse level, were reluctantly meant to keep only their own face-to-face.

Of course, part of it was held up by the press at the end of the day, but the one that attracted the most attention was the center of the match venue.

Bonclano and Gordo's stare......!

"Hey, I'm just trying to fight Master Bonclano with that dog's wearing, toy magic hand!

"No matter how much, there's no way you can turn it into a sword of the brave with a magic hand!

"Shit! Even though it has to be an article saying that such a dressing animal was hit by a worn out!

"Yes, yes! I want a scoop of Master Boncrano!

"My last scoop was Nashi in" 100 Bravery, "and I'm so frustrated here!

"It might be interesting if the contents of that dress were dragged off anyway!

"Is that someone in Gordo?!? Well that could be a bit of a scoop......!

"Good luck, Bonclano!

"I can't believe you made such a joke about wild dogs. Huh!

As mentioned earlier, the media in this country has the properties of opportunistic fungi.

The only thing they do justice to is someone who brings a scoop that the newspaper can sell.

Bonclano was exasperating, as if to live up to such expectations.

"If Bon cares about it, there are two wild dogs like you, Bon! But the hobby of slashing crap is Bon not in Bon! If you're surrendering, you can forgive him specially, Bon!

For brave men whose opponents knew or did not condone the weak, it was a rare and special proclamation.

But Gordo doesn't answer, he stays silent and sticky.

"Are you scared and have no voice, Bon!? Then I'll be grounded right now, Bon! Then you can forgive him. Bong!

But there was no response.

It's as if the contents are cancer.

"Huh! Apparently, you're just too scared to speak, and your body's too dull to move, Bon! I can't help dealing with this, Bon!

Bonclano, turn around. Turn right and try to get off the spot.


... Gassi!

And he grabbed my shoulder.

When I look, the white hand of the stretched magic hand rests on my shoulder.

"Let go, Bong! Bong is not hippo enough to deal with weak people like you, Bong!

I shook off one hand and tried to start walking,

... Gassi!

and is grabbed by the collar neck, zuzzled, and dragged back.

Instead of toys, it was a tremendous force.

"Don't jar me, Bon! You made Bon serious, Bon! I'm gonna cut you in two with a bong bite. Bong!

The voice was trembling.

A single sweat falls from his forehead.


"So... but you can't pollute your precious sword, Bon, with the blood of a wild dog! You're in luck, Bon!

Bonclano was not pitying himself on wild dogs out of his enthusiasm for the weak.

The sword carried on his hips is really one machete, enough demon sword to dye the place with wild dog blood.

But it takes a lot of strength to pull it out of the sheath.

That's powerful enough to lift something that weighs about half your weight.

Quite so, but not a lot of calories if you can compete with a single machete.

But now, there's no way I could have even given that power.

Because it 'leaks' into that clap......!

"Slash or not" "Slash or not"......

"Leak it or not" "Do you have to leak it"......

In contrast to the two choices of this hell, Bonclano chose......

"Hey... that's about it for today, I forgive you Bong!

Together with the discarding dialogue, he toes forward and returns the shiatsu and heel.

I tried to get off the front with a little run,

... Gassi! Zzzzzzz!

Again, they drag me back......!

Bonclano looked back with his blue muscles.

"Become...!? What the hell was that from earlier on, Bon!? I'm already mad, Bon! What happens when you piss Bon off......!

But whoa, whoa! And my stomach roared, and my sweat erupted.

"Gu......! Guru...! But I'm in a good mood today, Bon! Especially, miss it......!

... Gassi! Zzzzzzz!

"Ugh! Hey, come on, Bong! The next time I do it, Bon gets really angry, too. Bon!

... Gassi! Zzzzzzz!

"Gu......! Grrrrrr! also, already angry bong! I'll kill you with my help, Bon!

Even if you say so and try to escape,

... Gassi! Zzzzzzz!

Dragged back into position as many times as possible......!

It's in the middle of the game venue, and the upstairs press seat is where you can get the best shot from.

Bonclano shuddered as he felt the true-photography machine shining like the eye of a beast pointed at countless others.

"Oh, no more...! No, Bong!

... Dah!

I already threw away my pride and tried to escape, but the magic hand grabbed my ankle,

... Dobby!

With enough momentum to be slammed to the floor, he gets knocked down by a bluff.

being dragged back with cheats. That was like a herbivore being dragged into a swamp by a crocodile.

"Hih......!? Hiya! Help! Help me, Boo-hoo!

The cry will not reach anyone.

Because his men, Stented, were in the midst of a praiseworthy hoisting, and Srl Boncos was flabbergasted.

Even if you crawl around, you try to escape.

... Gassi! Zzzzzzz!

Treat it like a fish traded on the market, only arranged in the same position......!

I finally realize it's impossible to get away with it, and I finally start to get to the dugout.

"Yu......! Forgive me, Bon! Damn it, Bong! You win, Bon! So I want you to leave Bon alone already, Bon!


... Gassi! Zzzzzzz!

All I'm saying is this is your graveyard, they drag me back...!

... Twitch!

Finally, at the same time as his groin, he began to get wet to his eyes.

"Ugh...! Wow! Bong's not fighting anymore. Bong! So I want you to forgive me already, Bon! Please, Bon! Please, Boo-hoo!!

I just took off my hips sword and slapped him like a wacko toy,

... Gassi! Zzzzzzz!

As if it was a Buddha in the ear of a dog, I didn't have the ear to ask......!

It was the first time in my life for this little one that I didn't think so much of.

"Ahem! Oh, whoa, whoa! Wow! Why aren't you listening to Bong? Bong!? Why are you taking orders from Bong? Bong!? The wild dog Bong used to have, Bong listened to everything Bong said. Bong!

He hasn't noticed.

That the wild dog that I used to own and the person that I am now wrapped in is identical.

My vision is sumptuous in the things that creep me up.

Memories walk through your brain before you die of disgrace.

At the last moment (when), humans say they look at the running lights.

We look back at the memories of the past and try to find a chance for survival in them.

"Moffmorph, this bong will kill you. Bong! Follow me, Bon, Osama!

"Th... Tired Bong! I can't walk another step. Bong! Osama, Bon Bon Bon!

"Wow ahhh!? Osama, help me, Bon! As much as I turned Moffmorph's kid into a soccer ball mess, I got mad at him, Bong!

'Ya... Yay, Bon! You defeated Moffmorph, Bong! This too, Bon alone handles Bon! Osama was just running around. Bong!

"Osama! Let's just bake some meat, Bon! Bong peeling his fur off! Bong slashing his neck off!

'Ugh... muzzy bong! Moffmorph's meat was a mess after all, Bon! Osama, I'm gonna throw it in the trash. Bong! My neck is creepy, so I'll keep it exposed, Bon!

"Ah, the Moffmorph boy is out, Bon! My parents are dead and ringing, Bon! Dammit! Bong!

"Osama, what are you grieving about together, Bon! You don't cry because a monster like this is dead, Bon!

"Then Osama, I'll kill those boys with you, Bon! This is an order from Bon, Bon!

"I'm going home in a refreshing place, Bon! Bon, Osama!


"Osama, Osama...!

"Osama, Osama, Osama... Osama!


"... Osama! Ossa Osama Osama!! Ossa Osama!! Wow! Help Bon! Help me, Bourne!! I want you to come here right now and get rid of the bad wild dog in front of you BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

It's running dirt. I wander around, screaming like a child who's lost his parents, dying his throat.

It's like a child falling into a suction potty, in a place where no one comes.

"Ya...! No, no, no, no, no! Why won't you come, Bon!? Osama stayed by Bon whenever he wanted and he listened to everything Bon!? Bon is already dead Bon!? Are you okay, Bong? Are you okay, Bong? Are you sure, Bong?!?!...... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

And the boy...

I became a real fucking kid.