"... Osama! Ossa Osama Osama!! Ossa Osama!!

Bonclano sobbing with woe, all the more stubborn.

That's spreading dirt water. Completely 'leaked child', combined with a clump.

Happened in the center of the venue. It had attracted the attention of the audience all together.

"Not only the disastrous Four Heavenly Kings, but we even leaked to Master Bonclano!?

"What the hell is going on!?

"Ku...... damn! That boy, seriously, you can't use it!

"What!? What did you just say?

"Yes, no, ah, that's... ku... it's the final depths of Master Bonclano, called 'The Fantasy Boy'!

"Ji... it's a throwaway move where you throw your own filth and you slash them while they're frightened!

"Oh... yeah! Master Bonclano said he defeated Moffmorph with that move!

"What the hell!? Throw the shit at me, monkey in Mount Sal is cool!? Isn't that a real 'cunt' then!

"You can defeat the Holy Beast with shit! I told you just now, you can skip whatever you want!

"Whoa! Throw these guys down to your fucking boy!

"Ya...... stop!? What are you doing!?

Sakura and the others are taken up by the audience and transported to the front row of the upstairs guest seats.

Just out of the VIP room, too, was a stented man being graffitied naked.

"Hey, you guys!? You think you can do this to me, the brave one, and just do it!? If you get serious, just snort, such as third-rate warriors like you...!

It is thrown away with a throwaway dialogue that has become familiar every time.

There was a urine clump directly beneath the Sacraments.

Straight beneath the stained is even worse, loosening up like mudless dirt, the fathers and sons of the end of the century......!

The venue had already presented itself as a living hell.

If you want to compare the upstairs guest seats to the ground, the match venue on the ground floor is at the bottom of Naruto.

There is so much blame everywhere for what evil deeds you do in your lifetime that you will be seen like this.

The only person involved in this one, Srl Boncos, who is on the ground, was at the pole of forgetfulness like a loose shell.

- Oh...!

I can't believe this is happening with just one wrong button hanging......!

Both Operation Stented and Operation Shiru are responding this time......!

Only to Stented was I keeping this' Operation Virgin Bento Get 'to myself......!

Because if he found out about this, I'm sure he'd be putting in a cross spear that wasn't even Loc was visible......!

And Stented also kept the operation of putting a detergent in the Virgin's lunch box to herself and to Master Boncrano...!

I guess he was trying to get out of the carpet and single-handedly...!

Ahhh...! We're supposed to be a team, but we don't trust each other......!

Ignoring each other's collaboration, we just ran to stand play......!

There's been a mishanging of buttons......!

That, just one hanging difference......

I can't believe this whole catastrophe is causing this...!

... he hasn't noticed yet.

No, no one will ever know.

For one thing this time, the power of the shadow is at work.

What they did was definitely just mishang the buttons.

If you can get it in a pretty good way, it's like a husband sold a pocket watch of shapes for his wife's beautiful hair and bought a kushi, and a wife sold her hair for her husband's pocket watch and bought a chain of gold watches.

If it was meant to be, it should have been done with events at the 'Gift of the Wise' level.

But between the couple, only one wild dog got mixed up...

In the box containing the kushi, it turned into dirt, and in the box containing the chain of gold clocks, it turned into dirt.


In no time, to The Gift of the Fool......!

It turned out to be a Pandora's box, like there was only despair left at the bottom of the box...!

... but wasn't there really any 'hope' in that box?

It was actually chocolate clinging to the corner of the box, like, there wasn't even hope of a degree of rest?


The poor god hadn't abandoned them yet......!

It was, after all, in a corner of the venue.

It was indeed part of hell there, too, but it clearly draws a line with other hells that cannot be looked at directly.

I can't breathe enough, Shura Hell......!

Confront me, you two girls......!

Needless to say, they're in the final of the tournament now.

The two stared at each other as if the frenzy around them was not in their ears at all.

He also stops unconscious body movements and focuses all nerves on the opponent's movements.

Because I knew this battle would be decided by one machete, so even blinking would kill me.

And one of them, the machete, was The Last Hope Left Behind.

If Burnap, the general on the brave side here, takes over Charles Lunlot, the general on the wild dog side......

Other members of the Wild Dog Army are the same as the U.N. crowd, so it's easy to exterminate no matter how many opponents you have.

Of course, Gold-kun's threat is out-of-count, but at least he won the primary school battle.

All you have to do is have the power of the brave, and everything can hustle and bustle.

There's nothing more to be done about the brave folks' demerits, including Bonclano, but 'Gorgeous Smart' in the Rondowl small country will be connected by a single neck skin.

And Bonclano is a brave man, so as long as he stays "gorgeous smart", he can manage...

Somehow, it's a fatal wound...!!

The end of the valiant store in this country was entrusted to the girl on the apple cheek.

The first thing I noticed about it was Srl Boncos, but the audience just starts paying attention to the shitty bumps in fighting.

"Oh, hey, look...!

"Ladies over there, yabe...!

"That sign is exactly what" Death "is all about...!

"I don't think he's a kid, he's so powerful...!

"That setup, neither of them is skittish at all......! Definitely, we're both pretty good users......!

"Yes, this......! This is it...! What I wanted to see was...!

"This battle is decided in an instant......! Besides, it's not weird which one wins......!

... Thank you!

and the audience drank solidly.