Ten minutes passed since the Admirals first glanced at each other.

But we don't make each other microscopic.

A short distance away are the teammates of the Wild Dog Army.

Their original opponents, the disastrous Four Heavens Juniors, began a bone meat dispute with their real father, so they rushed to support the Admiral.

But my people couldn't help it.

Not so long ago, there was a killer between the two of them.

Stop by and I'll kill you...!

Charles Lunlot holds the pattern of a sword he could carry on his hips and looks out for the person in front of him.

In my head, I was rebelling against the words of a certain person.

"... Chalkan Blade is a sword of fire attributes that turns the user's emotions into flames and releases them. The higher the user's emotions, the hotter the flame, and at the same time, the higher the sword pressure."

"Hey, you mean an angry, simple, silly sword, right?" "Perfect for number one."

"When you fight, your emotions are expensive, so even in that sense, Chalkan Blade is powerful. So, do you know when your emotions get the most expensive?

"Come on? Atashi, the captain of the regiment, is always calm......" "This one" "Hiha!? It tickles!?

"I'm not playing with people's hair. Yikes! I'll kill you. Yikes!?

"That's right. The most expensive emotion is in the beginning of anger. The moment you feel the anger that can't contain your emotions, as there is a word for 'beautiful', is when the power of the Chalkan Blade will be maximized."

"Phew, so you don't have to piss off that apple cheek? But he always looks grumpy. He looks just like number one.

"No, the other way around. You just have to piss me off. Anger reaches its pinnacle in an instant, but once you feel it, even if anger continues after that, you'll be calm somewhere, won't you?

"At last, once you piss me off, you mean the anger from the next is no big deal. But what would you do if you attacked me during that first rage?

"Then you won't have a winner. But unless Mr. Charles Lunlotte attacks, Mr. Burnap will never attack you."

"How can you say all that?

"That's where the biggest weakness of the Chalkan Blade is."

- It's just what Goldwolf said...

That apple cheek, no matter how much you wait, will never punch in from you.

That means, after all...

'That weakness' is true...!

Whenever Charles Lunlot was so sure, he was moving his lips.

"Apple cheeks, pull them out now! Atashi was first last time, so I'll give you the lead this time! Or is your lower back sword a decoration!? Is it a fruit knife that only cuts apples!?

But Burnap stays frown root and doesn't even move with Pickle.

- Ugh! These apple cheeks are harder to understand emotions than number two......!

No matter how provocative you are, you remain a mucky look all the time......!

Charles Lunlot's aim was to piss off Burnap.

Believe in Goldwolf's words: 'Burnap will never pull out first', although it could make the biggest Chalkan blade fly when it pisses you off.

But Burnap is only a rare face from time to time, so I didn't know if he was angry.

At last, Charles Lunlot cuts the paralysis first.

- Yeah, no more!

I can't believe you're waiting for them to move first. It doesn't fit the sex of an athlete!

Atashi must be the first to win at all times......!

If this happens, plan b......!

We just have to get 'The Hand' out. Yikes!!

Decisions are quick, but the girl acted fast.

"If you're not coming, I'm going this way. Yikes!

...... cu!

and Charles Lunlot, who rings the floorboard and rushes out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Horizontal twin tail with golden twine, rushing forward.

Burnap, who remained stationary until then, twisted his hips so as to gather strength and took the stand of a knife puller.

Instant turns, the world mutes.

The audience's yaj, the bone meat feud, the cries of the fucking boy, all the sounds disappeared.

All there is is is the sound of the passion that one girl wants to have, burning quietly.

And another girl unleashes her passion, only that roar.

"I got it. Ahhhhhh!

What once happened at Kendo Yard, flying as if to reproduce it exactly as it is.

Swinging down slaughter from the super and large upper stages, with no different dimensions.

What was different was the orange glow, created by the western sun as it plugged through the window to decide.

It illuminates the girl, becoming a light as if the sunset sun had risen again.

To that majestic glow, everyone who was on the spot said, "It's decided...! I thought."

Except the two of you.

No, including Charles Lunlot, who's slashed, the three of us.

No, no, far-winded, including a wild dog with stitched black eyes, three and one.

"No, no, no, no, no!

It wasn't the sound of smashing Mana Shield that was created by the blow of his shaken down body.

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

It sounds like an absurd, rejecting all things......!

The audience breathed, "Ah."

"... Ugh, you're lying!? I can't believe you took that blow and didn't have one crack in your mana shield......!

Srl Boncos screams pleasant.

"Or... I won...! Now only Master Bonclano's worst demerits have managed......!

Charles Lunlot bites his teeth with his sword held back by the mana shield in a critical manner.

In those eyes, two apples were floating.

Even though her body is small, she doesn't move like a great tree, and she wants to burn the fierceness she holds inside, the girl's bright red eyes......!

Even this period, it should be noted, the girl never exposed her emotions.

Even in front of the Great Fire, just like the fruit swinging in the wind, insignificant......

Just like that (●) time, only releasing.


...... GO......!!

In the sky, a big flag flies.

It was a big red lotus flag, like letting the world know the triumph of the brave.