Stented was demoted to the rank of Great Heaven.

The Great Heavenly Class is the lowest position for a brave man.

He used to be a small heaven, but he would have fallen one step ahead of him.

The Xiaotian class is known in the shadows as the 'Nice Brave' and is almost synonymous with the general public.

But he was more 'nicer' than anyone else.

After the swordsmanship tournament, he is held in custody by the gendarmerie bureau of a small Rondcrow country and is brought to justice.

At this time, all the sins for which he was charged were considered.

The first is that poison was used against humans.

Technically, it is a detergent, but it was used as a venomous use against humans, so it was treated as poison.

Moreover, even possession is originally forbidden, if it is also a medicine using the 'Demon World Flower', severe punishment is imperative.

And the second is that he blasted the city of a small Rondowl country naked with a wheeled 'cobbler', causing a lot of damage.


He's either a victim, but at some point he was tailored as the mastermind of The Sage Festival of the Brave...!

By the way, Mitsumomo's sin is obscenity.

By the way, when you think about it in the light of the common sense of the world, those sins were inherently not to be charged by the brave.

Only brave organizations are considered capable of punishing the brave.

Every country, no matter what evil brave man is against, only sentences poses.

Stented knew about it, so it was truly transgressive in the trial.

"I'm not a brave man! Don't you have the courage to judge a brave man? Punishing me is the same thing as punishing Master Godsmile! What do you say, Your Honor? Your power is no more than a piece of paper to wipe your ass in front of this eagle! If I find out, why don't I show you the sincerity you deserve!

He crossed the line like he'd heard somewhere before, he didn't know.

The land where this oyster is no longer an extraterritorial right for the brave.

no longer replace his words, such as the Brave Brand, and let him say,

... Below the paper after wiping my ass...!

What is the verdict the Your Honor handed down on that ass paper......

"Super/Heavy Exile" eh......!

This is the same thing that was also given down in the earlier Gankpflu small countries.

It is the heaviest 'deportation sentence': an indefinite ban on entry into the Rondowski small country.

Finally all he did was improve the stool of the brave, so in a way it's a good job......

If you make a mistake, the damage could have been done to the Holly Doll family Virgin, whose favorite is Gold Bear, Queen of Rondowl.

In the meantime, Stented used 'poison' for the second time following the passage potion of the Gankpflu small country.

If it were to be a recidivism, there was no room for extenuating circumstances, so a heavy sentence was to be handed down.

Stented, who has again been sentenced to 'super/heavy deportation', is given an immediate, deported certificate.

This was a measure to prevent readmission, as was the case in the small Gankpflu States.

That, what is the proof….

From the person's side, a magic burn mark around the right cheek.

By way of example, in the execution of this burning sentence, Stented stormed and resisted to the end.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You're not a brave man, are you? I will not forgive you, nor will God ever forgive you, for defiling the noble body of a brave man, the eagle!

But the inmates laugh at me with their noses.

"Hey, fuck you! You've been lacking in body, but you lackey brave man!

"Gu......!? Guuuuuuuu!? Oh, I'm skinning with the lower bitches! If you turn it off, it'll fall. If you're a lackey, it's still fine, but the baking marks will stay on the trail for life! If you put that on my body, you'll regret it for the rest of your lives!

"Hey, fuck you! You already have a burn mark on your face for Gankpuffle's exile!

"This... is a testament to the crimes they've committed! Proof of immobility that you've got your hands on a brave man's eagle! Master Godsmile will be on the move soon! That way, Gunkpfr instantly turns into scorched earth! After you see that, it's too late to regret pressing the baking mark on the eagle, you idiot! Call the queen here right now and get the dungeon......!

Woohoo (oh) …….

He is still unaware of this period...

The silk flag "Brave Man" is no longer the same as used toilet paper in this country...!

And he was still clinging...

Like a weathered pile of shit, falling apart, into an organization called 'The Brave'......!

What he realized about it was the moment he felt the burning heat of the burning mark on his skin.

"Do it...! Stop. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This is your last chance!? Or, if you stop, let's do anything! Whether it's money or woman, I just like it......! And I'll let you do anything! Shh, I'm going to rack up on my body as much as I want! Don't you want to be as lucky as you like to be a raccoon brave man!? And besides, don't drop me what I wrote for three days, so I'll even be a note replacement! Yes, no, a week...... no, no, I'm not dropping a month! I promise! Uggh, I... for life! I won't drop it for the rest of my life! Because I won't drop it for the rest of my life! So...!



By the way, the baking letter pressed is' SE '.

"Turn your back (●) and live," but in his case, the meaning was different.

Because Stented has already been stamped with a 'II' burning mark when he was deported from the Gankpflu small country.

The additional baking mark was pressed right next to it, so if you match it......

In the letter 'Nice'......!

Stented has become a crooked thing, both in fame...!

For the record, this was not the end of his disaster.

Stented was once a Negative, but is now a Great Heaven.

Neither did the brave men around.

When "Gorgeous Smart" physically withdrew from the small Rondo Crow country, the storefront brave people took great advantage of it.

Gorgeous smarts in the country were already abhorred by the citizens, so it was visible that they would be stone-throwed by the citizens when they ran away in a carriage after shopping.

So they reuse the gods that were so active in the former "Sage Festival of the Brave".

As if to recreate the festival then, I tied the stented naked on the roof of the divine shrine and led the whole city around.

Stented, who kept the Rondowl newspapers busy day after day, is no longer recognized as the great enemy of the citizens.

Gorgeous smart and stented......

If there are two ugly things, it would be human to attack the uglier ones.

While a brave man covered with humiliating graffiti all over his body is being troubled by the rain of stone throwing......

The gorgeous smart brave ones got away with it...!