The Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster Juniors offer a true photograph on their desk.

There it is shown that they still kick their real fathers.

"My jerk can't really use it. Come on, they're gonna do it in no time!

"Please, help me. No! You've been crying!

"Apparently, me, I used to be stronger than a jerk. Come on!

"The Sacred Sword, which I couldn't use because I was a jerk, is ready for easy use. Come on!

The next thing I know, I let them crawl on all fours after stripping my real father naked, looking like they're spanning.

"You can't use it much, so you've already decided to make it a pet!

"But I can't use it because I made it into a pet. Come on, this is how I decided to use it as a leg!

"That's troll again. Come on, you're not going to be buttery and useless right away!

"Yeah, well, that's why your ass is swollen, right? I kicked your ass!

Treat your real father as a bastard after he kicks his ass......!?

It was also conceived of as the bullshit that the brave men were best at, if only to say so.

But only this time, there's even a true picture of the evidence.

That was all around the juniors. The surroundings were shocked like a culture shock.


"That legendary brave man, the disastrous Four Heavens King, is just amazing that he's my dad...!

"I can't believe you treat that legendary brave man like a squire...!

The juniors were at the top of the school karst just to say that they had the disastrous Four Heavenly Kings in their father.

Treating such a fine father in this way is the lowest act of contempt if it is a normal nerve.

But the eggs of the brave men here were different.

Respect for your father is the only thing that makes you think of as a goal to get over when you grow up.

Only that mind is splendid, but after I got over it, I was going to treat him exactly like an animal.

Because for the braves, all existence below themselves is garbage......!

What if you did such an act of envy from among the elementary school students?

The gaze of the surrounding people is more respectful than usual......!

"Shh... it's amazing! That's so awesome!

"How strong was I to treat a legendary brave man as a pet. That will happen!?

"It's not the Four Heavens of Disaster Junior anymore, it's the Four Heavens of Disaster itself!

"Hey guys, check it out, our class leader finally did it for me!

Rumored classmates come together.

All that. Outside the window, students from other classes came together.

The juniors get even better because of the repercussions in addition to the thoughts.

I took more and more true photographs from my nostalgia and arranged them on the table.

That's more like a card game for kids to play during the holidays, though.

Take out the proud strong cards, like beating the previous cards with impact, from next to next.

And finally, the strongest card was cut.

It's the filthy calamity Four Heavenly Kings......!

"... What!? Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

I was so stunned that I thought the whole school had boiled down to this.

"Ugh, you're lying!?

"I can't believe I've done so much damage to the Four Heavenly Kings...!

"No matter how bad a pet you are, you're not going to be like this!

"If a brave man gets caught like this, he can't live anymore!

"I don't think I killed him anymore!

"Oh, parent-killer......! Parent Killer! Parent Killer!

"Parental Killing".

That would be the worst slander, if you think in common sense.

But public common sense is the insanity of the brave.

The 'parent-killer' call, released with applause from the envious eye, was the greatest compliment.

"Parental Killer! Parental killer! One day we'll kill our parents too!

"I can't believe you did that in elementary school, hey, that's a disaster, Lord Four Heavens!

"That's in this class...... no, you have only the leader of this little subdivision!

"No, no, if this thing spreads, why don't they just lay low in the middle section and the higher-upside down too!?

"We wanted to see the Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster play in the swordsmanship tournament, and kill their parents too!

"What do you say, for our sake, recreate what happened then!

"Yeah, I'd love to see it! Where the Four Heavenly Kings of Disaster is going to make the jellyfish look like shit!

The juniors are stood up and left for the school yard.

A bully in his class, he saw the Haytorid boy to his dick and recreated how the swordsmanship tournament looked.

Haytorid is an egg of a brave man who holds a great heavenly (Daten) warrior to his father.

My depressed father and himself were weak, so I was a good fighter.

First they play the role of a slum dog team player and beat him up for wanting to say it with a wooden knife.

That was more of a group lynching than a reproduction of the tournament, but the students were thrilled.

At the end of the day he had been stripped naked and muddy his bruised body.

"Ugh......! Gu! But forgive me already......! Forgive me, guys...!

"I feel sorry for you, so I muddied you instead! Imitate the jerk and get the hell out of here! Otherwise I'm gonna be really fucked up!

"Ugh...! Ugh! Wow, that was bad...! Oh, you're my husband!

"Yes, yes! And then you imitate the pig! Don't take your hands off me! If I lose my hand, I'm all fucked up!

"Ugh......! Buh...! Buhi, no, no, no, no, no!

Haytrid boys are wrapped in mud as well as humiliation and tears, and ridicule.

The juniors are surrounded by students from all over the school and are totally heroic.

This was going to make them grow even more.

"Hey, when you're about us, it's normal to treat your parents like pigs"

"I'm reflecting on whether I've overdone it a little bit."

"But if you don't do this much, he's an idiot, so come on, you don't know who you are."

"Besides, I'm almost in middle school, so think it's time you didn't stand alone."

"Come on guys, Dad...... no, why don't you graduate from stupid?

"So-so! After all, if you don't graduate from an idiot, you can't be a brave man in public!

"Graduation from Stupidity"......

This was a word that was born casually.

At last, it is a lie from the mouth.

But this casual word took this brave elementary school...

No, I'm trying to develop into a big problem that could rock the Kingdom of Sevenlux......

The "Silly Eggs" live in this "Silly Nest"......

I hadn't even dreamed of it yet......!