Junior had never been beaten by his father before.

This is the first violence I've ever been subjected to in my life.

Instead of being filled with love, it didn't make me feel a shred of pity.

Like an orange full of sun grace, full of malice, fruit of hatred.

And the fruit was hard as iron.

What a steel Meriken sack was embedded in my fist.

As you can see from this, this blow is not corporal punishment from parent to child, etc.

It was a complete, murderous blow, unleashed to destroy the hostile.

The gentle father's face is nowhere else.

He stares at my fallen son in the face of the evil brake.

Junior screamed from his curved nose as he bled out his nose like a broken water pipe.

"Hey... what the fuck, you son of a bitch!?

Then, instead of replying,

... bah!

and my hands are waved.

Unexpectedly, Junior, Biku! and shrugged his body.

But it wasn't a further shock that I visited my body.

... Bassa!

It was a newspaper.

There, the ugliness of the disastrous Four Heavenly Kings, which I published to my classmates and gave them, was featured on one side.

One of its scoop subjects, Oyaji, yells with a bright red face like a bomb about to explode.

"This is a true photo you took!? I'm glad this newspaper caught me in censorship, but if it had been published, I would not have been in a fallen place!!

Next to the headline of the newspaper, there is a red stamp for 'Not Issuable'.

"Damn... what is that!? Wouldn't that change a lot of the Koten and Fallen Heaven! Pathetically cling to the throne of the brave! You look like Temehe's got bald hair!

Then a great shadow covered Junior.

My father, who jumped in like a body press, rides his son.


... Gassssssss! Dosssssssss! Gusha! Bucky!

I let the punch rain down.

For every blow, there is hatred.

"You bastard! I took it! This is the real picture! Upper level! To the eyes! We have to touch it! Stay in the Heavenly Class! I can't believe you're here! Almost there! Everything! Stented's! Because of the poison! I can do it! I almost did!!

A brave man is basically beaten and weak.

Junior, who was strong, also immediately overflowed with tears of blood.

"Grr! Damn!? Higi!? Yum, yum, yum! Yuuhi, daddy! Whoa, me...! I'm sorry! Hey, little skinship, it is! I didn't! Ha!?

A brave man is basically weak to hit, too.

Oyaji quickly became butterfly, why did he start breathing on his shoulder?

"Ha, ha, ha...! I'm not your son anymore...! Get out of this house...!

This was an unexpected word for Junior to have blood mixed in his sleeping ears.

"Huh......!? Huh!? Ugh, you're lying, Dad!? When I'm gone, how dare you stay a Hira brave man for the rest of your life?

"Oh I guess so......! So I decided to stop being brave......!

"What...!? Yeahhhhhhhhh!?!?

"I decided to sell you out......! I just found a brave man to buy you...! He wants to make you a squire...! I'm going to use my hand to start doing business...!

"Damn......!? Damn it!? Daddy!? I can't believe I'm selling my real child...! (Dogassu!) Ha...!

"You think I don't know anything! You treat me like an idiot at school! That too, you left out that it was your own money that got me demoted!

"How... how could you do that...!?

"The brave man who bought you off taught me! My son told me!

"Ku...... damn! What the fuck is wrong with you? So, who are you, that brave guy?!?

"That's... when I was a kid, I used to bully you. You're a brave man! If this crocodile threatened me, he would have bought it high!

"Heh... just kidding! You can't be allowed to do that! Shit... help! Help me, Guard. Whoa! Here, there's a crowd out there. Whoa!

"No matter how many guards you call, it's no use! Because this is a clean business practice, in accordance with the judicial process in this country!

"Dj... I can't believe you're allowed to sell your own kids...!?

"The blue ass you grew up with doesn't know! There are a lot of kids in this country who have been sold by their parents! From now on, you're one of them! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Ragged and carriages sidelined in front of the mansion as if to go with high laughter.

It is large and luxurious, and behind the carriage, coloured with goldsmiths, is towed like a cage where animals are put in.

From your seat, two men descended who seemed to be bent.

"Oh, I just picked you up! Hey, it's him! You're taking this fucking kid!

Junior forgets me for treating me like coarse garbage.

"Do...!? Oh no!? No, no, no!? This is a treat for me, and I'm not really gonna sell you out or anything!? Pa, papa! I'm gonna be a good girl! I'll listen to everything you tell my dad! Be a fine brave man and I'll make it easier for you!

"It's too late to pretend you've changed your mind! You're not going to be a brave man, you're going to live as a squire!

Besides, your men had the 'burning mark of slaves' in their hands.

This is the same thing that was once pushed when Goldwolf infiltrated Sevenlux.

And it is a magical burning mark, the same one that Stented was pushed against his cheek during his exile.

red-hot by magic. Seeing it, Oyaji's voice played.

"Oh, apparently you're not a squire, you're used as a slave! Ha, ha, ha! Not a lifetime that suits a fucking kid!

"Do...!? No, no, no!? No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no!

Junior stuck to the gatepost and firmly refused like a child who hated dentists......

Ironically, that was just the right pose for the seal.

As it were, after he tied his hands and legs to the gate post and held his head down,



Slave Engraving, Done......!

Firehead rejoices when he sees my son wandering around in front of the gate so that he can be burned by Hellfire.

He was holding his belly and bursting into laughter, as if he were enjoying a variety of hot water bath shows.

"No, no, no, no! Happy! I've been having so much trouble lately, it hurts so much! I can't stop laughing because I can get rid of the garbage and get paid! Ha, ha, ha, ha! My stomach hurts! My stomach hurts!

But it wasn't just the belly that hurt.