Suddenly, a baking mark was stamped on the face of the jerk as well.



That was plain as an Atsuatsu Oden, so instead of reacting, Oyaji hits and falls more and more.

"Hot hot hot hot go!? Hot, no, no, no, no, no, no. Huh!? What are you doing all of a sudden?

But the men who planted the Atsuatsu baking mark answer nothing.

As silent as a Kingsguard, he stared down at a crawling oaf.

Incidentally, a magical burning mark confers a magical compulsion on those who are pressed.

This can also be the original form of magic techniques such as magic wax marks (tarps) and magic brushes (zains) used in business transactions.

A person who is marked with a burning mark is subjected to coercion, such as making it irresistible to the master who was registered with the burning mark, causing no harm to the master, etc.

But that's why no matter who pushes him, the magic effect doesn't work.

Firstly, the magic burning mark itself cannot be issued to the public, and it is necessary to apply to the national slave service and have it issued by the State.

Furthermore, inside the magical burning mark, the names of the master and the slave are registered in pairs, and if that relationship is not established, the effect of compulsion by magic will not be exerted.

I just stamped it against a person who wasn't registered for baking, so I just hit the baked iron.

In this case, the crime of injury shall apply to the side pressed.

Firehead knew about it too, so he was absurd in his voice.

"Are you going to do this to me, the brave man, and just assume that I will!? Don't just sit in the dungeon! You guys are gonna enslave me like this fucking kid!? Whoa, why don't you say something! Prepare yourselves!

Then a voice returns from a place where thoughts don't even stop.

"Their master, I zazu"

The voice came from a luxurious carriage.

Seeing, there...

Mrs Firehead...!

"O...... you!? Why are you here?

As the firehead raised her voice around the sky, Ms. distorted the white painted face like a plaster wall, uncomfortably.

"A slave like you will not be called by you."

"Heh... what!? This is your money!?

"That's right. You've been sold to me. Besides, I sold the mansion you lived in."

"Ugh, sold......!? I sold this weasel, who is a brave man, and this mansion, which is the property of this weasel, then...!? That can't be forgiven! Shit... help! Help me, Guard. Whoa! Here, there's a crowd out there. Whoa!

"No matter how many guards you call, it's no use. Because this is a clean business practice, in accordance with the procedures of this country's judicial and brave organizations."

Basically, a brave man is not subject to human trafficking.

In this Sevenlux kingdom, which particularly generously protects the brave, trafficking in human beings, as well as abridgement and kidnapping of the brave, is a serious crime.

However, the rank is greater than or equal to the Great Heaven rank.

Even in the case of the Xiaotian class, it is also subject to protection, but there was only one way out that could be freely bought and sold.

That is if a brave man who becomes a slaver makes an application to the brave upper management and is recognized.

Of course, the scrutiny is rigorous and in most cases dismissed.

Otherwise, Koten brave men will be full of slaves.

A brave man of Xiaotian class must not be a public slave.

It has to be an elephant chained to an invisible collar that won't escape without a cage.

But this time, Firehead's application for slavery was granted.

There were several reasons for that.

Firstly, that the firehead himself had been so disoriented that it was no longer weird in fallen heaven.

And that the First Lady of Firehead had requested a divorce.

These events overlapped and the brave upper management issued a go sign......!

The firehead also seemed to finally realize that.

"No way you......!? Break up with this washi, with another brave man......!?

"That's right. I'm Haytorid's harem."

"" Become... what, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

Not only was he a jerk to this, but Junior also turned upside down.

Hettorid is the name of the brave man Junior has been bullying a lot at school......

And Oyaji was also the name of a brave man who had bullied me a lot when I was a kid......!


More than anything, this father and son were sold to the brave men who were bullying them all...!

Then Firehead and Junior were put in a cage and were to live as slaves to the Haytrid family.

No, on the contrary, all the fathers and sons of the disastrous Four Heavens had become slaves to the Haytrid family.

My husband was once a bully, but he is not allowed to defy more than he has a slave burning mark.

The oysters were treated like livestock, and the juniors became the followers of the Haytrid boy.

The next day, when the Haytrid boy attends Brave Men's School, the whole school becomes fussy.

"Oh, hey, look...! Haytorid's taking the pet......!

"What!? Isn't that the disastrous Four Heavens King Jr!?

"Why are they being bullied by school bullies when they were simmering this school...!?

"And seriously, you're crawling around on all fours without even putting your clothes on!

The palm return of the children was faster than light.

"Shh, wow...! Awesome, Haytorid! No, Mr. Haytorid!

"I've never seen a pet that looks like it's worth playing with! Hey, let us play too!

"With his fingers, let's do 'It's Dauntless'!

"Breast of hearts" is a dangerous play of opening your hand on a desk or something and stabbing it with a knife quickly between its fingers.

Usually I do it with my own hands, but for the brave eggs, it was standard to do it with my pet hands.