It was a luxurious, spacious children's room where rich children were born and raised.

Longer hairy legs and fuzzier carpets than the rest of the room are comfortable as if they were on the clouds in conjunction with empty wallpapers.

The playthings that were placed varied.

Trojan horses, slides, cat towers and small homes.

Stuffed animals come in a wide variety, ranging from cute animals to grotesque monsters.

arranged so that they fill the walls.

It was a vast assortment of products as if they had collected all the toys of the world for the children to come.

Plus half of the room is on the inner terrace, allowing you to stay in the room and get plenty of sun.

It was a meadow on one side outside, and there were plenty of playthings there as well.

In the distance, the forest is spreading and the animals can be seen running around.

enough place to affirm that there is no more place in parenting.

The girl in the center of the room nods, um, after looking around at them again.

When I was given a large rucksack from the girl I was holding back behind, I took something out of it and placed it on the carpet.

It was a black hairball.

Small dog size. It was round like an armadillo, but eventually it moves in the first place.

Suddenly, he looks around anxiously because he was brought to a completely different place.

"This is your new home."

Hairy balls that are so colored and rolling that they are called from behind.

At the end of the retrospective, there is a young lady with curly hairs who royally stands and a girl knight with shadowy apple cheeks.

... Shh!

Hairy balls diligently wrinkle their faces and strip their fangs without any.

But such naive intimidation can't even work.

As the curly haired girl crouched, she casually reached for the hairy balls.

...... kapup!

I just laugh with my nose, even if my white fingertips are bitten by hairballs.

"Well, you can't eat me up with that amount of power."

Still, the lady says out cold toward the furry balls that are guzzling.

"You're going to live here today. You have to eat, sleep, play, learn."

...... Gazi......

Hairy balls that stopped him from chewing looked up at the lady with his crushed eyes.

But the eyes of the opposing lady were full of harshness.

"And you grind your fangs......! I killed your parents, to kill me...!

Fontine was secretly bringing home only one surviving Moffmorph child as she escaped from the Moffmorph's nest.

And let's raise them with our own hands in order to make them fight for the vengeance that killed their parents...!

... A strange life begins with the lady and the hairy balls.

The lady picked up all sorts of books about Moffmorph and dealt with the hairy balls as she read them.

"Moffmorph's staple foods are nuts called 'Grissobi fruit', aren't they? It's like a little iguagri or a shelled eel."

Likewise, I look at the massive amount of "Grissobi fruit" I picked up.

As the lady thought, she was actually covered in a tough, sharp toge.

"Well, the book says that the parent Moffmorph shatters this in his mouth to make it easier to eat and give it to the child."

More like a weapon than a nut's. Besides, the lady hesitated for a moment, but threw the fruit into her mouth just to stay.

And shortly after the apple knight who was next door stopped,

... Gali!

With his face in his face, he crushes his mind.

A sharp lizard stabs him in the mouth and blood drips off the edge of his mouth.

"Dear Fontine......!? Nothing, you don't have to do it the same way as a book......!

Fontine mumbled and said with a look she didn't know if she was chewing or hurting herself.

"No, burnup. I am the parent of this child. Kids grow up looking at their parents, right? When this kid grows up and has a baby, it doesn't make sense unless he can do the same thing that Moffmorph's parents raised him to do. And..."

On the way, at the moment of desolation, there was a bloodbath of hemorrhage.

"I need this child to remember the taste of my blood. Sooner or later, this child may rub my blood and eat my flesh."

When the lady hugs the hairball on the floor, she gently approaches her face.

He blocked the mouth of the hairy balls that threatened him with his own lips.

Sent from the lady's mouth were the razor-shattered grizzly fruit and her blood.

Was the hairball hungry, and drank it very much?

Puffiness, and from the lips of the lady with her lips apart, a twist of red, like a thread of fate.

And from the forehead, a single sweat.

"You look like a crisp or a cow, but this actually doesn't taste good. It's as if you're crushing stones and chewing sand... But you look great on me right now."

Her mouth, laughing masochistically, was stained with deep red like her guts had been stripped out.

Even though she says she can't believe it, she goes even further into serious action as a Virgin, a human being.

After I perceived the fullness of the hairy balls, what...

I flipped that body over and put my mouth close to my ass......!

"Become...!? Yikes... what the hell!? Please don't, Master Fontine!

Burnap stopped his cheek like a blue apple,

"Moffmorph's kid can't excrete on his own, so when his parents lick his ass and encourage him to excrete, it's in this book."

"That's true, but you don't have to do anything with your mouth...! Doesn't it say that even wet cloths and the like are substitutable!

"Don't make me say the same thing over and over again, burnup. It doesn't make sense that this child should be raised in the same way that Moffmorph's parents raised him."

That's all the lady says, leaning sober lips on the excretory organs buried in her hair

And I don't hate that, but with a merciful look, like dealing with my child.

The knight of apples fills us with the thought of being torn apart.

It was not Master Fontine who killed this child's parents, but that Bonkla brave man, who filled me with the desire to scream.

But when I said it, surely my Lord would not cease.

Even if you didn't put your hands down directly, you would say that the cause and effect you created took your parents away from this child.

That is my way of life….

That, lady, is the quality...

She will continue to stretch her breasts greatly and continue to crush herself to the beast......!