The 'Slam Dogmart' and 'Gorgeous Smart' share feud in the Dog Leg countries.

The battle in a small Rondowl country, also known as the third round, saw the legendary quest challenge, as well as the swordsmanship tournament, once again raising arms to the Wild Dog Army.

It goes without saying that Slumdog Mart is a personal store, but it is normal to do business in one country as a personal store in this world.

But this victory finally led the store to dominate three countries.

It can be described as an unprecedented feat in the past, but the winning wild dogs remain the same.

At the end of the settled swordsmanship tournament at Rondcrow, he was back to his usual routine.

However, there was only a commemorative party to celebrate the success of the Rondo Crow store opening.

This is done in two parts: in public (snacks), where all Slam Dogmart officials are invited, and in private, where only key staff members are involved.

By the way, all participants wear bikini armor for private parties.

It was similar to the Festival of Wonders when it came to searching for a worn Gordon with horns in the mansion that looked out into the woods.

And speaking of odd festivals, what are the brave armies that once crowded the world with 'Sage Festival of the Brave' and so on...

The foursome, arguably its leader, was completely torn apart.

First, Stented was downgraded to the Great Heaven class.

He is now dull as the manager of a store at the end of the day, in a small Killyland country, the land of the Virgin.

Still, he pushed over to a branch in Sevenlux, trying to get to the headquarters director's office, as he once did, but every day he tries to pay the front door at the reception.

Then Fontine, who was the chief producer.

She was too obsessed with raising her children, and now she doesn't even show her face in the General Manager's office.

Bonclano, who was their leader in nominal terms, still sleeps in the Seven-Lux mansion.

Outside that bedroom, there's a sur boncos figure, like a mother worrying about her drawstring son.

What about the 'headquarters of the Gorgeous Smart Evantailles' where they were kneeling like a streak of days...

There, he said, once the noise is quiet as a lie.

Conversely, Slumdog Mart's office was flooded with the same smile as usual.

Clear Virgins and Beautiful Wizards, Vibrant Children, and Osama......

The situation between the two factions, which ended the battle, was polar.

... Nevertheless, what is this difference?

Once upon a time, the quest that brought together as many as fifty brave men and challenged them with integrity and stature failed.

At the swordsmanship tournament, he says every one of them stretched his best ruse, but exposes himself to such ugliness that even if he died, he would not be wiped.

Once upon a time, the quest challenged with a picnic sensation failed, but accomplished the feat of coming home from the Holy Beast.

At the swordsmanship tournament, although there was effort on the part of the children, they won with little exertion.

Why is this, everything the braves do doesn't work and everything the wild dogs do works......!?


It's 'love'......!

Even if they were parents and children, in the bond of brave men who didn't even make an appearance, like Hannaxo sticking a nosed tissue together......

There's no blood connected, but you can't call it family already, you can't fathom the ties of the wild dog family...!

But this epic 'Theatre of Love' was also only a small station in this world.

Because at this time, the world was moving a lot.


A great historical twist, called "A Thousand Years of Godsmile's Birth"......

No, there's a great distortion...

Because instead of the present, I was about to sweep the past and the future too......!

It's been 1,000 years since Godsmile was born, the head of the Brave Men's Organization this year, he said.

This world is not threatened by monsters thanks to Godsmile, so it can be called a milestone year of peace.

Of course, this is just a lie, but the brave men's organization was trying to plunge this fact into the people, and into history, with total strength.

For this reason, all public interest not long after the swordsmanship tournament is taken to the topic.

It is also an impossible story.

To celebrate the first millennium of Godsmile's birth, commemorative ceremonies were held in various countries, precisely because it was a global festival.

Still, the Dog Leg countries that declared their break with the brave organizations were quiet, but they could not ignore them altogether.

Because a great announcement had also been made by the Brave Men's Organization.

That was to be announced in several instalments, but the first time I was given a butch......

"Award of neck accessories"......!

All the brave men were given neck decorations, finally chalkers, and were required to wear them.

In this sense, in that the wearer can be seen to be a brave man at a glance.

And the other is the prevention of niceties.

Until then, the 'Nice Brave' was rampant, but to make it easier to understand.

It should be noted that "Nice Brave Men" does not refer to Stented or Koten brave men, but rather to those who accuse themselves of being brave men.

For example, Strongtanisi, who was on the island of Greyskay.

It is considered a felony in every country that something that is not brave names the brave, but the only brand that is common in the world is the brave one, and there is no one left to scam.

With this introduction of the choker, we're going to wipe it out.

It should also be noted that the chalkers range from Quasi-God (Jun Shin) to Koten (Shiten).

Finally, all future brave men will be wearing collars except for Godsmile.

By the way, collar materials vary from class to class.

The lowest Koten level is just an iron ring, but the Datian level is a silver worker.

From Kwon Tian (Kenten) to Chi Tian (Chiten) grades, it is a goldsmith, representing the difference in class depending on the number of embedded gems.

And above the rank of "Shiteng"...

It will soon become apparent.

Either way, the neck decorations were only items that would prove to be brave, and they were made in a pretty temperament.

That was so brilliant that there is a boom winding up among the brave men who receive that they proudly show off their necklaces.

It was reflected in the sight of envy from many human beings and even happened when a folk, who knew once again the glory of the brave, fell down before the necklace.